A few mid-week updates!

1. Traveler is set to be ready on time–Hopefully.

I spoke to my proofreader earlier today and she think she’ll be done later this week, then I make any last-second changes based on her suggestions, then send it off to the second proofreader. So, it looks like December 13, should be an easy target to make! However, iTunes could be a problem. I put the book in queue on Sunday and hopefully three weeks will be enough time to get it available on Apple, if not, we might have to delay it everywhere else. So fingers crossed.

2. I have titles!

Okay, I personally do not have a title, but with the help of a very patient lady, I have finally selected titles for my new series. (Now, I just need to name the series, but I do have a few ideas…).

*drumroll please*

Secrets of a Viscount

Desires of a Baron

Passions of a Gentleman

Even more exciting, I already have covers and will be posting them soon (I hate to take away the excitement for Traveler so I must refrain).

3. Holiday sale!

For a limited time (until sometime on Monday) the “Mega Book”, as I teasingly refer to it, also known as the Timeless Quills Timeless Collection One is available on Amazon.com for .99! This features Her Reluctant Groom so if you recently read Her Sudden Groom and wondered what happened with Marcus and Emma, this is the way to go!

4. Giveaways and Sales.

I plan to end the year with a few more sales and giveaways, stay tuned for more details.

I’ll be back sometime tomorrow with a new Wicked Wednesday and when Liberty’s involved anything can happen!

10 thoughts on “A few mid-week updates!”

  1. Love the new titles and I can’t wait till they are out…no rush or anything…*wink, wink**I think you should use something like “The Noble(s) Series” or something with “noble” in it because that’s what they all have in common. Although the “gentleman” does not have a title, he is still “noble” because of his actions, well at least he better be if he wants to be a gentleman. But I’m sure even the Viscount and the Baron will be “noble” the same way the gentleman is.. lol. Anyways good luck with the release date and the writing. Can’t wait for Wicked Wednesday, Sample Sunday, and Fun Fact Friday(my fave!).

    1. Yeah, no rush… Ha.

      I thought about Nobles or Honorable Gentleman. The problem with Noble is there’s another author who has a series called the Noble Series, which is why I’m leaning toward honorable, although…one of them isn’t always, so I was think: Gentleman (Gents?) of the Ton. Still pretty torn.

      Glad you’re loving the new line up.

    1. Thanks! I had labored over them for months, finally having an all-nighter session on Facebook messenger with a good friend of mine who helped me figure out a title theme that would work for the whole series.

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