Her Sudden Groom, Updates

Exciting News!

This won’t mean a lot to anyone who already reads my books, BUT I am really excited and can’t contain it any longer and now that the digital ink is dry on the contract I can spill the beans!

Her Sudden Groom will be translated into German and available within the early part of next year!

As I said, not overly exciting for anyone but me at this point. That said, I’m super thrilled. I’ve had companies express interest in buying translation rights before, but none that were ever reputable. This one is. Just like this was my first book to make the USA Today, this is also my first book to be translated into a foreign language. Who knew Alex and Caro would be such a hit! (Personally, I’m betting Edward had something to do with it…)

Thanks for letting me share, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

20 thoughts on “Exciting News!”

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Rose! Ich werde eine Kopie wenn man ihn heraus. Ich weiß nicht ob oder nicht bin ich in der Lage sie zu lesen, aber ich habe ein großes Interesse an der Deutschen aufgrund der vielen Deutschen vorfahren. (This was translated through freetranslation.com, so it may or may not be gramatically accurate.)

    1. Thank you, Marlena. I actually considered writing the post in German (getting my translation from the same source) but wasn’t sure how well they’d go over. LOL

      I’m not sure when it’ll come out, but I think sometime in the early spring! I can’t read German, either, however, my family is also German (what a fun coincidence) and my brother-in-law speaks it, so…

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I’m hoping that’s the way it goes. I asked about the others at least in that series, and they just wanted to do one at a time, which is fine. I can understand that. It’s costly to have it translated so I can see it from their side.

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