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Updates! Updates! Updates!

1. The Officer and the Traveler is DONE!

I finished the book early last week and jumped right in with my self edits. It is now with the editor who promises it will be returned to me tonight…no pressure or anything though. LOL I’ve set a tentative release date set for Friday Dec. 13th. Hopefully, that’s an overestimate and things will work out sooner. But on the off chance things take longer than I’d like this gives me a cushion. It also gives me a chance to build interest and give out early copies for giveaways!

2. Admin tasks…

This week (and next???) I will be drowning in a job that has just sort of crept right up on me: formatting ALL of my books for paperbacks again. This takes about 1-2 hours each (including getting the wrap around cover just right) so it will certainly take a few days.

3. This blog…

Here’s the plain and simple truth, I’m TERRIBLE at blogging. Half my posts are about horrifically embarrassing stories that happen in my real life. Who wants to read that? But I don’t know what else to talk about and I hate the feeling that I only mention my books when I have a new one. So, I’ve decided to blast you all with information about my old ones! Each week I’m going to feature a book (going in order of publication) and do a “Sample Sunday” with one of my favorite scenes. “Wicked Wednesday” with a scene (or two) that’s well, a wee bit wicked. I had some great ideas on my Facebook Page about this and finally a “For Real? Friday” where I’ll try to explain something about the book: where I got inspiration for a certain part, how I reacted when this book did blah, blah, etc. Just something fun. We’ll see how it goes!

4. Future Writing Projects!

Traveler was the last book in this series which leads me to starting a new series, but not another Western. To be totally honest, my American-Set books just aren’t hot sellers for me. I have three books out right now that are based in the US and none of the three are very good sellers. The thing is, while writing should be fun and what’s in your heart to write, the fun gets trampled out when you work really hard and have little to no response. For me, writing IS fun, but it’s also a business. I am the sole provider for my family which means that from time to time, I need to step back and take a look at what’s working for me. What’s worked in the past and what I expect to still be my strongest type of books are Regencies. I’ve taken several huge leaps outside of the Regency world and unfortunately, I just can’t continue to “stay” there permanently. Don’t get me wrong, I think some of my best books are in this most recent series, but I think what I’m known best is being Regency Rose so that’ll be my focus for my next series. Which is actually a good thing because I’ve truly missed the Regency era these past seven months while I wrote these other three books. It’ll be good to get back!

So here is a short, incoherent list of my future Regency series plans:

A trilogy with the common theme or tie being a set of three men who know each other in some capacity–not saying they’re all great friends, because two of them certainly aren’t, but they all know each other. The first book in this series I started in 2011 and planned to use it as a stand alone novella set to come out between the Scandalous Sisters and the Groom Series. But it was quickly abandoned because I realized I’d be better off just finishing working on the Groom series instead of wasting time writing a novella to come out in between.

The book stayed in the back of my mind and grew from a standalone novella to a full book, then I brought in a few secondary characters and voila, a trilogy.

At the time I realized it’d become a trilogy (somewhere around the time I was writing Secondhand in late 2011), I’d considered titling the first book Her Sister’s Intended, to which I could follow it up with, His Brother’s Betrothed. But for obvious reasons, I cannot use the second title now, so I need to rethink how to title all three in a way that will tie them all together as a series the way I’ve done with the Grooms, Brides and Officers titles.

So while I keep thinking of that, I have been referring to the book as Sebastian and Isabelle and as of last night have reached 34,000. How long will it be? I don’t know, but it’s already passed the point of being a novella. Another awesome point in this untitled book’s favor is I just had a BRILLIANT idea for the second half of the book (which is good because I was getting a little worried) and need to run and get on writing it out.

With any luck, as soon as I come up with a good title, I’ll start on the cover.  But for now, I need to go tackle the story and hopefully inspiration will hit and the title will take care of itself!

11 thoughts on “Updates! Updates! Updates!”

  1. Sounds good, Rose. I was the main income earner while my dh was sick & am now helping out my parents so I can relate. That’s why the day job is important and I also have to scrap or revisit projects that aren’t working

      1. l guess l am, too. Seth, the hero’s brother in my first book, Tempting Jonah, has had four girlfriends and none of the stories worked. l thought Naomi was the one, but l think he’ll be a late bloomer.

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