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Which couple would you like to read about next?

Okay, today was a HUGE day for me in regards to writing. I have five (yes five) books I’ve started, but haven’t finished. They all range between 700-30,000 words complete.

In my typical RG way, I’ve opened them ALL up and have begun to build interest in them all again… *sigh* So I wanted to ask my readers what their preference is. Here are the three couples who are calling to me the most:

1. Sebastian and Isabelle–A Regency novel I started 2 years ago (originally to be a novella, but it grew…). They’ve known each other almost all of their lives and through a course of events get married, except it isn’t so great. In fact, it’s just plain horrid since they weren’t really supposed to get married in the first place. It was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity on his part and feeling she’d just won her heart’s desire on her part. Sparks that actually sear and cause discontent fly. After an accident on their return trip home, they’re separated for a while and when they see each other again, he wants to make things right for the scandal he’s caused to befall her by trying to help her find a suitable husband… (Poor man just doesn’t yet know it’s him.) By the way, this book is in no way directly tied to the Banks family. There might be one or two references, but that’s about it.

2. Marjorie and Gabriel–United States post Revolutionary War. Can’t say much more than that. I do have a plan for where this will go, a marriage of convenience following another terrible hailstorm that wipes out all of the indigo her family has started to cultivate again. Marriage of convenience grows and they both have to realize that in order to move forward, they must let go of the past. John and Carolina play the meddling in-laws in this book, by the way!

3. Elizabeth Black (Andrew’s mother) and the REAL Thomas Daltry! As a disclaimer so far, the two chapters I have in this book are just simple fun. I’d most definitely say it’s more fun and relaxed like my earlier books with a plethora of witty jabs between Andrew and Benjamin (and Elizabeth!). This is also a Regency, BUT the characters are in or near fifty.

Below I have a poll set up so if you have any ideas of which of these appeals to you the most, go vote! Also, they will all eventually be written–someday.

I’d love to hear your opinions!


20 thoughts on “Which couple would you like to read about next?”

  1. They all sound awesome!! I’m sure they will all materialize at some point:). I can’t wait to see what you choose. I had a very hard time choosing myself.

  2. Since I would love to see what happens next to Elizabeth, I voted for that one, but they all sound pretty interesting. I look forward to the end results of all three.

  3. I for one want Sebastian and Isabella. It was very fun getting to know Sebastian through all those names changes. But I also want the Real Thomas Daltry tooo~

  4. I voted for Other, Rose because honestly I want to read “All of the above + The story of Juliet’s sister of Her Secondhand Groom”.

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