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Just a head’s up

A few weeks back when I first started talking about changing the book covers for my first series (Intentions of the Earl, Liberty for Paul, To Win His Wayward Wife), some of you mentioned that if I did make changes to the book covers, you’d like to be given a chance to know this in advance so you could order paperbacks with original covers.

I was scheduled to be released from my print contract on November 15th and assumed it would take a few days past that for the books to be unavailable, but earlier today I received an email from the publisher that he’s already begun “retiring” my book titles and it shouldn’t take long for them to be gone.

I wanted to post this to let anyone here who had interest in ordering them know this. Also, I just looked on Amazon and the paperbacks were still for sale, but I don’t know for how long.

I do have a few on hand if they’re gone before you have a chance. Just let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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