I need a favor…or 13 to be exact!

For a while now, I’ve been thinking to do memes (those pictures on Facebook that float around all the time that have words/phrases on them) for each of my books. The trouble is, I have too many books that I’d have to re-read in order to make one for each and every book.

Therefore, I have decided to bribe you!

Here are the specifics:

What I need from you:

  1. Pick one book from my blacklist and Facebook message me with your choice.Then read it and send the following back to me:
  2. 2-3 (or more if you wish) quick, fun one-liners. This can be dialogue, description, an inner thought, just a quick, fun, snappy sentence. Example:“You told me to stop thinking with my brain and make my decisions with my—”(Note, I used this previous statement ONLY because it was on the same page as the one I’m about to use in #2, I’d prefer nothing foul or questionable. It’s okay to be IN the book, but probably not a good idea to circulate around on FB.)
  3. 2-3 (or more) sentences or exchanges. Example:Do whatever it takes not to marry that wretched young lady,” Uncle John continued. “Lie, cheat, steal, beg, or barter if you must. Just do whatever it takes so I do not have to share a last name with that awful creature.” 
  4. 2-3 (or more) exchanges between characters. Example: He frowned at her. “Now why would you want me to leave?”
    “Because you’re annoying me.”
    “Am I now?”
    “Yes, and you were before, too.”
    A sharp bark of laughter passed his lips. “We shall rub along nicely, indeed.”
  5. 1-2 short scenes (about a page or so long) that you like.
  6. 1-2 longer scenes (or part of a scene) that you like.

What you get from ME:

  1. A digital copy of the book (if you don’t own it already).
  2. A signed paperback copy of the book with a few extras!*
  3. All the fame and glory that goes along with having your name mentioned on my blog and/or Facebook page when I post it!
  4. An eARC of my next book which isn’t done yet…
  5. My eternal gratefulness.and most importantly…
  6. That eARC a little earlier than it would be otherwise because your generosity of volunteering  will give me more time to be working on Gray’s story!

If interested, please look at the list of book titles below (if you’re reading this in your inbox, click the link that takes you directly to my blog because I’ll be updating the list as titles are chosen) and pick up to three options that you wouldn’t mind reading (or rereading, hopefully) and send me your three choices as a message HERE ON FACEBOOK.

Sending three options does NOT mean you’ll be asked to read three books–just one. However, if by the time I receive your message your first choice is no longer available, it’ll help me to find you another without the chance of losing that one, too.**

Titles Available:

Intentions of the Earl
Liberty for Paul
To Win His Wayward Wife

Her Sudden Groom
Her Reluctant Groom
Her Secondhand Groom
Her Imperfect Groom

His Contract Bride
His Yankee Bride
His Jilted Bride
His Brother’s Bride

The Officer and the Bostoner
The Officer and the Southerner

*Due to the cost of shipping books internationally, if you live outside of the US, a gift card will be substituted for a signed paperback. Sorry for any inconvenience.

**Limit one book per person.

3 thoughts on “I need a favor…or 13 to be exact!”

  1. I apologize for taking so long.  Here are my choices from To Win His Wayward Wife.   2-3 one liners   1.  Someone had to bring it to your attention that we don’t know each other as well as other married couples, she said dubiously. 2.  Before what?  Before I agreed to dance to your tune like some trained monkey in a traveling circus sideshow? he asked sarcastically 3.  No, his wife seemed to have as much interest in love as he did in hair ribbons, which, just to clarify, wasn’t much. 4. A viper would have been better company.   2-3 sentences or exchanges   1.  This was bad.  This was beyond bad.  This was catastrophic proportions bad.  This was attempting to swim across the ocean back home to New York bad. (Madison’s thoughts) 2.  You just had to see my face, didn’t you, Benjamin drawled tauntingly.  And now, you’ll get to see it every day for the rest of your life. 3.  Why could she trust Townson but not him?  He wasn’t even as scary looking as Townson.  That man was built like a Clydesdale.   2-3 exchanges between characters   1.  You’re a cheeky one, did you know that?      No, he muttered honestly.  Normally people think I’m an ass.      That’s because you usually are, she pointed out dryly.      Thank you.      You’re welcome, she said pertly, making his smile brighten.   2.  Show me to my dungeon, she said fiercely, clutching her blanket for dear life.      He shook his head.  You’re not going to a dungeon.  You’ll stay in my room.      Your room, dungeon, same thing, she said pertly.   3.  Would you like some advice, Townson asked, repositioning Nathan is his arms.      Since the general consensus around here is that you’re the best husband there ever was, please, Benjamin returned somewhat sarcastically.      Townson grinned.  With you as my competition, I’m a certainty.      Thank you for the reminder, Benjamin returned dryly.   4.  Would you just cooperate, she said testily.      He appeared rather irritated.  Well, excuse me, he said sarcastically.  If I had known I was going to be shot at by your lovesick suitor today, I would have dressed accordingly.      Next time, see that you do, she countered sweetly, sliding his coat off his injured arm.   1-2 short scenes   1.  The groom, Benjamin Archer Leopold Charles Robert Collins, Duke of Gateway, swallowed nervously as he stared into the uncertain eyes of the woman who was now repeating her vows to be a faithful and loving wife to him until death do them part.       She was so beautiful, he thought as he watched her pretty pink lips move as she repeated Paul’s words.  Her magnificent blonde hair was piled high atop her head with two sets of ringlet curls spiraling down to rest on either side of her face.  Her gown was a gorgeous shade of sea foam green.  It had capped sleeves, a moderately swooped bodice and long, flowing skirts that swished when she walked down the aisle to him.       That’s right to him!  He was the luckiest man in England.  Today, right now, he was making Madison his wife.  He’d never again have to go to another ball and watch her from the corner of the room as men danced attendance on her.  After today, she’d be his and only his.  He fought to keep the smile off his face as he thought what that meant.  No other man would get to hold her and kiss her.  No other man would get to claim her as his.  She belonged to him; and no matter how many times he and Townson came to blows over that fact, she would still belong to him.   2.  I’m sorry, she said quietly.  I know you thought I wasn’t coming back, but I was.  I was just angry about what happened.        I know, he said, gently pulling her to him.  Look at me, Madison.  He wrapped one arm around the middle of her back to pull her to a standing position and held her close to him.  With the other, he cupped her cheek.  I’m the one who should be sorry.  I shouldn’t have acted that way with you.  To say I wasn’t shocked or even hurt when I saw you that way would be a lie.  But that does not excuse the way I treated you.  As soon as I left your room, I knew I’d done everything wrong.  That’s why I went out.  I went for a ride to think of how to apologize and make things right.  I know we don’t get a second wedding night, but I want you to know I’m sorry for making such a mess of the one we had.           Why were you hurt? she asked, her eyes searching his face.        I’d been looking forward to that night for a long time.  No need to tell her just how long he’d been looking forward to it.  She probably didn’t even remember the scruffy bearded man in pauper’s clothing that she’d barely noticed in America.  But that doesn’t matter.  You deserved better.  That was not very well done of me.  I’ll never do anything like that to you again.  I promise.   1-2 longer scenes   2.  He cocked his head to the side in interest.  You don’t know how to swim?        Madison shook her head.  No.  The only body of water close to us in New York was the Hudson River.  And to be frank, you couldn’t pay me to willingly step foot in that cesspool.        Benjamin gave her a curious look before shaking his head.  Would you like me to teach you to swim?        Would you?  she asked, grinning to him like an idiot.  She’d always wanted to learn to swim.        He grinned in return.  Of course, take off your gown.        Absolutely not, Madison shrieked, scrambling off the embankment they’d been sharing.  If you think after only a handful of conversations and one tender moment with you, I’m going to change my mind and strip naked in front of you, you’re daft.        I didn’t ask you to strip naked, Benjamin countered, getting up to stand next to her.  You can wear your chemise.        She turned eyes up to the sky and let out an exaggerated sigh.  Yes, because that serves as an excellent covering, she said sarcastically.  Once it gets wet, it becomes transparent, she further explained in a way a tutor would speak to his pupil.        You’ll be submerged in water by then, so what will it matter? he countered.  For a woman who wanted to learn to swim, she was sure full of complaints.        And what will you wear?        Nothing. My smalls.  He watched her as she shifted from one foot to the other and made little clicking noises with her nails.  You’ve nothing to fear, I’m not going to do anything to you.        She made eye contact with his chest.  She was obviously struggling with whether or not to trust him.        Madison, he said softly, bending his knees so his head would be lower and he could look into her eyes.        She smiled tentatively at his gesture.  It’s not you. I have a hard time trusting men, she said in a voice that was barely audible.   2.  Lady Algen snorted.  I don’t think so.  I shall escort her to her sister.  Your wife will be in need of a shoulder to cry on when she finds out her husband has been trysting with her sister in the corner of her own gardens, during a ball she’s hosting no less.        Madison gasped, Lady Algen thought she and Andrew were trysting?  Did that mean she hadn’t seen the man in the doorway?  She peeked over to the open door and he was no longer standing there.  The hall was so dark, she couldn’t see if he was even in there or not.  Blast the man.        My wife will not require a should to cry on, Andrew said smoothly.  There is nothing going on between Madison and myself that my wife is not aware of.        So she approves of your activities, then?        There are not “activities”, real or imagined, between us.  Andrew said defensively.        So are you denying that the two of you were trysting in the dark? Lady Algen asked.        Come along, Madison, Andrew said ignoring Lady Algen and offering his arm to Madison.        Wearily, she took his arm and barely made one step when Brooke came running up.  Thank goodness, she said excitedly as she ran to embrace Madison.  Don’t worry, everything’s fine now.       Is that so? Lady Algen asked archly.  Are you aware that your husband and sister have been keeping each other company tonight?        No, they haven’t, Brooke said fiercely putting her hands on her hips.  My husband was disposing of some rubbish, so to speak and Madison was with -.       Me, growled an angry voice that belonged to the unidentified man coming out of the doorway, grabbing Madison’s attention and making her gasp.  Townson asked Madison and me to wait over here until he came to collect us to formally announce our engagement.   I hope you approve of my choices.  I got so engrossed in the book again I would forget to write things down and then would have to go back!   Have a great day, Amanda    


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