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A Day in the Life: A First for Everything!

A few weeks ago my mom came to town for a much-needed “girls day”.

In my excitement for this weekend, I didn’t ask too many questions–and for this lapse in judgement, I shall forever bear the following shame…

The month is October AKA Breast Cancer Awareness Month, something we take very seriously in this part of the state. So when my mom said she’d scheduled us to go do one of those paintings I love so much with part of the proceeds to go for Breast Cancer, I didn’t bat an eye.

I did, however, find it odd that where we were going was way, way, way far away from me. But that’s okay, I can do that. The whole while as we drove we chatted it up as if we didn’t have a care in the world.

When we arrived at the place, we found our seats and put on our aprons. Then spotted the food table. I wasn’t overly hungry, but I certainly could use a drink. Oh, and wow, when we got close the strawberries looked delicious! Oh, and look, there’s an eclair!

I know, I know, I’m on a strict diet and shouldn’t be eating anything between meals. But once in a while… Besides, I did limit myself: three strawberries, two cheeses and one two-bite eclair; and a bottle of water. With a plate and water in hand, we go back to the table to sit (and eat) and wait for the class to start.

Then it did.

The artist got up there and asked her usual questions about how many had painted there before and how many it was the first time, blah, blah. Then, she continued on, thanking everyone for coming out to support [Beep] in her fight against cancer.

And at that moment, my entire world was knocked off kilter. “Huh?” I mouthed to my wide-eyed mom.

Oblivious to our own sudden discomfort, the lady continued thanking everyone for coming and how it was good for [Beep] to do something fun with all of those who know and love and support her and raise the money she needs for her treatments.

It was at this point I seriously thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. This wasn’t a general fundraiser for Breast Cancer, it was for a specific person who had it!

It only went from bad to worse, when the guest of honor thanked everyone for coming, told us how much she loved us and we were her friends and invited everyone to eat of the food that had been catered in for her special event today…

Strangely, those strawberries I’d just eaten tasted bitter in my mouth as the full reality had just sank in: I’d crashed a party!

I’d shown up to a private painting party that was to raise money for a specific person, had just been thanked and told I was loved and cherished AND had helped myself to their food and water! Good gracious, I wanted to leave sooo bad. But my mother wouldn’t let me!

Just as we’d given our brushes that final stroke at the end and signed our initials, I insisted it was time to go. The wet paint would dry in the car. There was NO way I wanted my picture taken as part of the group portrait at the end. My mom claims our hasty exit was the most awkward part of the whole ordeal. I disagree. For me, it was far worse during the intermission part when the guest of honor walked around and was hugging everyone, thanking them personally for coming. She looked at us, stood frozen looking at us for a second (and believe me that second felt like forever as I wondered if she was going to give me an awkward hug), then walked on to greet someone she knew.

In all sincerity, I feel very, very bad for crashing this lady’s party! However, on a positive note, I’m sure I’ll use it somewhere in a future book. At least now I know how it feels to show up at the wrong place and stay solely for the purpose of you’d draw more attention to yourself if you left!

19 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: A First for Everything!”

  1. Those things always seem to happen to you Rose. Although I’m looking forward to seeing how you use that in a future book.

      1. Hahahaha I bet! I have crashed a wedding before and a few birthday parties…it never gets old. Of course I was not sober at any of those things so perhaps that makes the difference!

    1. She just was looking for stuff for us to do that weekend and saw there was a painting class that benefited breast cancer… I guess she just missed the part that said who specifically!

      1. One of the awkward thlngs that happens to me sometlmes ls when l see somebody who looks llke somebody l know and l greet them wlth a blg “Hl………..” (lnsert name of person l know here.” They glve me a look of confuslon and l flnd out lt’s not the person l knew at all. For example, l went lnto the grocery store and saw a guy who looked llke my old drlvlng lnstructor.
        “Hl, Jerry!” l say.
        He looks at me wlth a puzzled expresslon and says “l’m sorry?”
        l reallze lt’s not hlm because he doesn’t have a Scottlsh accent (drlvlmg lnstrucor was a short, dark and funny man orlglnally from Scotland).
        l hang my head ln shame and move to another alsle lgnorlng the looks people are glvlng me, especlally the guy who lsn’t Jerry.

      2. They say everybody has a twin so l can see how that happens. l’ve been mistaken for someone at work, but l don’t get all bent out of shape. l just say, “No, l’m not so and so…” smile and let it go.

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