It seems like forever since I blogged, but even longer since I wrote in my current book, but today, I thought I’d do some catch-up and give some updates:

1. The Officer and The Traveler is coming…

I still can’t give an exact date it’ll be out, but it’s coming. I had to take over three weeks off from writing it in order to attend to “real life” and earlier this week I was able to pick back up on where I was. I’m near the half-way mark and thankfully the story is flowing very well despite my hiatus.

2. Future books:

After I finish Traveler, I’ll be immediately taking a trip back across the pond and a few decades back in time to the Regency Era. A few months back, I had a very unnerving conversation (on here, no less) with a fella named Sebastian who has to be one of my most…er…assertive heroes. I’m roughly 27,000 words into his book, which will be the first in a new series of Regency books that have yet to be titled in a series that hasn’t been named. In addition to these, I do plan to eventually get around to writing Gabriel’s story (Gabriel is Carolina’s older brother from Yankee). I’d originally thought to write his story immediately following the Officer books, but it seems I miss the Regency a little more than I thought I might and I’d like to get back over there. But never fear, Gabriel hasn’t let me forget that he’s still waiting.

3. So what have I been doing instead of writing?

Not much, just the usual for me–ordering the wrong thing on Amazon and crashing parties. Nothing major. I’ll be sure to be blogging about these events soon, but until then, I need to run off to go get caught up with Gray and Michaela!

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