Intentions of the Earl, Liberty for Paul, Scandalous Sisters Series, To Win His Wayward Wife

Facelift time!

Fortunately, I’m still young enough where I don’t need a facelift (yet) but I am speaking of three of my covers!

I haven’t yet uploaded the new covers up at Amazon or any other online retailer, but will the early next week.

Paperbacks will have original covers until early December so if you have a hankering to have a paperback with one of the original covers, you might want to consider ordering it soon.

Without any further ado…here they are!





Intentions of the Earl


Liberty for Paul


To Win His Wayward Wife-1






21 thoughts on “Facelift time!”

      1. I just love your covers, Rose. The trend is very eye-catching. Beautiful dresses, no male and no faces. πŸ™‚

  1. It’s hard to say. I do like the way the series title is now on them along with the book order. It’s really difficult with some books to tell from the outside which one you read first, and the way you have these ones listed now looks very nice. The consistancy of the lettering is very nice.

    Over all they look great. I just miss a few things. I love taglines. You have no idea how much I love taglines, so I miss the one that was on “Intentions of the Earl”. I also miss the beautiful design of the background with “To Win His Wayward Wife,” but I understand why it had to be removed. Since the others do not have such a background, it is easier and makes more sense to remove the background from the one that does have it. Likewise, I understand the reason behind why you removed the tagline. With eBooks especially you must be careful not to have too much writing on the book covers. It affects eBooks more than print books, because with eBooks you must have everything in bigger letters so that you can read it from a thumbnail pic.

    Amusingly, my favorite cover of the three, “Liberty for Paul,” I like all of the changes and have no conflict with saying I like the cover better than the first.

    I do have one question. Where you say “USA Today Best Selling Author” it is not the same as how you write the same phrase on the “Grooms Series” books. Is it supposed to be “Best Selling” or “Bestselling”?

    Again, they look beautiful. I know my response was a bit words, but I wanted to explaing my thoughts on the subject.

    On a different note, I am reareading your books, again. Currently, I am reading “Her Reluctant Groom”.

    1. Marlena, you are SO right. The tagline was small and unreadable, so it had to go to give more space for the title and other text. Also, I couldn’t think of a good tagline for the other two books. LOL

      The lady who made these said the exact same thing about the background on Madison’s book and that’s why she removed it. I’m a goose because it had never occurred to me before then!

      I must admit, your comment made me think and realize the Bestselling/Best Selling issue and I got it fixed immediately. I’ve started the slow process of uploading the correct covers everywhere so yay! Thank you so much for pointing that out.

      Oh, and thanks for re-reading my books. It’s a great thing to have someone read all of your books once, but it’s one of the best compliments to have them all read more than once!

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