Officer Series, The Officer and the Southerner

The Officer and the Southerner–Bob’s thoughts

To any of my new readers, please bear with me, this is a tradition in which I reveal my husband’s thoughts, edits, suggestions, etc about my upcoming release.

This is one of my most looked-forward to posts, so while it might frustrate some, it is usually comical.

Red Beauty

Here we go:

  • No, no, nooooo!!!!!!!
  • Is this right?
  • Delete this.
  • What a deceitful little minx!
  • Too spacey (unfortunately, this in an inside jest that only those who found me “right away” when my books first came out can relate to–to the good fortune of everyone else and their sensibilities, what he’s referring to no longer exists)
  • Soon-to-be, you mean?
  • Confusing
  • Snapping, not sapping, dear
  • And here’s trough, in place of through, again. What is this the third book? (At least! It’s a common typo.)
  • Something, not someone.
  • Helpmate? Isn’t what what the Amish call their spouse? (No, I think that’s helpmeet, dear.)
  • Oooh, that’s deep!
  • “At fault?” We men never really do think this of ourselves.
  • More like mutant than unique…
  • Shot the cat!
  • Mrs. Gordon loves a man who shares his pillows! (Yes, I do!)
  • Sounds like you’re referring to liquor.
  • That’s how a little kid says it.
  • OUCH!!!! DId you have to? (Of course I did!)
  • Big knife! Big, sharp knife!
  • I’m feeling faint…
  • This whole conversation is like a couple of chicks bickering… (And see, THIS is why I have him read it before anyone else does. He helps make the men more manly!)
  • Oh, this has to go. One word for you, actually two: Mrs. Cleansweep.
  • Hmm…
  • Such a comment would warrant a punch in the face. (See, more manly.)
  • Yeah, right. He can still get in trouble.
  •  This could be any number of species. (Thank you for the head’s up, Mr. Banks.)
  • No more rounders I beg you!
  • That’s not all she’s going to– (watch it, Mr. Gordon!)
  • Oh my!
  • Corny, corny, corny…
  • …accidental highlight…
  • Sure to become a Rose Gordon quote for the ages!
  • With his tongue…cleaning out her waxy canal. (Gross, just gross. That’s all I’m going to say about that.)
  • Buttocks, not derrière.
  • Your innuendo is unnecessary and unladylike!
  • Of course.
  • OOOh naughty suggestions, I wish you did such…
  • Instant classic!
  • We were just napping dot, dot, dot…

I hope you enjoyed his comments as much as I did!

In case anyone here is interested, on Friday from 2-6pm CST there will be a Release Party on Facebook for The Officer and the Southerner with games and prizes and all sorts of craziness! You’re all invited to come join. I’d love to see you there!!

This is a come and go event so don’t feel that you have to stay for the whole thing.

21 thoughts on “The Officer and the Southerner–Bob’s thoughts”

    1. I actually can’t remember what that comment was about, I’ll go look it up, but I do know it wasn’t on the same level as love musket. Nothing tops that. Nothing.

  1. LOL “With his tongue…cleaning out her waxy canal…” teeheeheee~ I’ll have to remember to look for this part in the book. And you haven’t done those naughty suggestions! I thought you author try them out before to see if they work? 😉

    1. LOL My husband just has to be gross.

      Oh, not everything that our characters do, have we authors done. My story is, only in the dead of night when he moon is behind the trees, my nightgown is buttoned to my neck, and the covers tucked under my chin does my husband creep into my room for…relations. AND it’s only ever happened twice. At least that’s the story I tell my mom!

  2. I’m with Ki on the tongue thing….*waving hand in front of face and saying happy thoughts, happy thoughts* …LOL I really do believe that some of his comments fall under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” category!! *giggles*

      1. Okay, so I looked it up and sadly you’re not going to be overly impressed, it’s a phrase/sentence I use all the time in realtion to something I didn’t like at first but grew to like or at least tolerate. A hint is that it has something to do with fungus.

    1. LOL Sharon. She was upset or something (in the book) and Jack said something soothing in her ear, to which my husband had to add his own ideas on the end of. Men.

  3. Oh my, don’t know whether I should love Bob more than you or not. Don’t get jealous now, Rose. 🙂

    You two, love birds, are really made for each other. Both of you are funny as hell. 🙂

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