Update on the T-Rex post concerning the call of nature…

I’ve been emailed by no less than a dozen people about if my son went to the bathroom and the answer is yes, but I hate to disappoint anyone. It did NOT happen on stage.

Surprisingly enough, for the first time EVER, my son cried wolf when one wasn’t to be found.

Throughout the ordeal (and yes, it was most certainly an ordeal), I kept casting careful glances at his shorts while simultaneously praying he wouldn’t embarrass himself on stage. Fortunately, he did not and as soon it was over, I whisked him to the family bathroom where he dripped probably four drops and said he was done… My guess? He was tired of waiting around out front, so thinking like a six year old, announced he needed to go to the bathroom in hopes of a change of scenery or something to do for a few minutes. I don’t know. What I do know is that I was more than relieved his excitement on stage didn’t lead to something more awkward than a mother who cannot act like a dinosaur to save her life.

2 thoughts on “Update on the T-Rex post concerning the call of nature…”

  1. Thank you…the suspense was killing me. I have an 8-year-old that still pulls that trick. No matter where we go we have this conversation… “Mom, do they have a bathroom here?” “Yes, Dear.” “Have I ever been there?” “Yes or No, Dear.” After what she feels is a long enough time… “Well, I really have to go to the bathroom!” Grrr… 🙂

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