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Guest Post: The Love of books and reading ~ Teresa Kelly Jones

Happy Sunday! Today I am excited to say that I have a guest post by Teresa Kelly Jones:

The Love of Books and Reading

When we are children, our parents strive to instill within us the values and traits that they believe will help us the most along life’s journey, and while my mother did her best to teach me the basics that range from being courteous, to flossing your teeth daily, the trait I am most thankful for is the love of reading and books.

Yes you heard me correctly; I classified reading as a trait that is taught and not simply something that we acquire overtime. For me, reading is much more than something that I can do, or something that passes the time when I am bored. Reading is something that has defined me throughout my life that has molded my thoughts and opinions and most importantly, has given depth to my imagination.

Early in my life my mother started working with me and teaching me to read, but it was far past just being able to read the words off the page, no she wouldn’t have that, she wanted me to live the story. She wanted me to fall in love with each character, to find someone that I could relate to and build the described world around them so that as I was reading the words I could see the story coming to life and taking place in my mind.

By teaching me to fall into the story, my mother not only taught me that there are no limits on my imagination, but she also taught me that there is nowhere in the world that a book could not take me. My parents were far from wealthy, and our life in a small coal mining town was not one of luxury, but every week I got to go to the library and get new books, and those books became my greatest adventures.

Books have taken me on adventures that no money can buy and that no regular person can go on. Through books I have witnessed first-hand the greatest points of history, I have met the characters that shaped the countries of the world and have been taken away to worlds full of fantasy, myths and legends that can only exist in the imaginations of the writers and the readers.

My mother might not have been able to teach me everything she had hoped and she might not have been able to give me all the things she wanted to, but through books she gave me the world and for that I will never be able to repay her.

I hope that the next time you pick up a book, you take a moment and relish the smell of the pages and binding, and as you open it up to begin to read, I hope you don’t just read the words…I hope you fall into the world the author created and go on their adventure with them.

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Love of books and reading ~ Teresa Kelly Jones”

  1. OMG My mother did the same thing. She always told me if I read I could be one and go anywhere, I boy have I been on some adventures in these 53 years of mine. Now I am trying to pass this love onto my grandchildren. I have one grandson (age 6) who already has the most vivid imagination it isn’t hard for him to become the character in a story. He just does it, it is a part of him, and I hope he keeps that part for the rest of his life.
    My other grandson on the other hand, we’ll he was born a skeptic. I he can’t see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, it doesn’t exist. He was here last weekend and it just so happened I had a YA book which I had already read. It was KEEPER OF THE BLACK STONES (sorry, can’t recall author’s name) and it was about a group of boys who go on the adventure to end all adventures. It included time-travel, knights, sword fights, horses (which he already loves), and of course plenty of today’s modern items he already knows/owns, like I-pods and bicycles. It’s a fairly large book for an 8 year old, but I really think it is something he will love (finally). He’s very smart, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my grandson, he really is smart. So I handed him the book and told him I thought I’d found the perfect book for him to get lost in. I knew it was long, but I knew he had it in him to read it through. His mother informed me he has to read for 2 hours a day for school, so he could read this between school and when he got home since that was the perfect 2 hour time limit. She isn’t a reader at all, so it’s easier on her to have the teachers encourage him to read than it is for her. I may just call him today and see if he’s enjoying the adventure.

  2. I can totally relate to having a love for books and reading. Both my parents instilled that care and love for books and reading in me from as young as I can remember. To this day it has become one of my strongest coping skills.

  3. Growing up we would have book time before lights out every night. She started out reading to us then as we got older we would take turns reading. She started with the Wizard Of Oz books…all 14 of them. She would read 2 some times 3 chapters, depending on how much we pushed her, and the following night we would take turns recapping the story so far. She would use voices and sound effects to add to our enjoyment of the stories. As the grands came along they would each get books with the grand as the main Character and books were a mainstay as gifts through until she passed in 2006. We found books she had already purchased for several of the grands and had books for the great-grands (twins that were born 10 weeks before she passed and another that was born 6 weeks before she passed). Those books have become even more precious and valued by the grands and now the great-grands. I value the love of reading and the adventures she set us on so very much! Thanks fro bringing back special memories!

  4. Loved this post! I, too, worked hard to instill a love of reading in my son, but even before I started on that, when he was still ever so tiny, my dad would grab him and a book and he’d sit there and read to Mr. T – so for the first weeks and months of his life, before he could do anything, he was being read to by my dad – and that’s a memory I’ll always carry with me! Since then, Mr. T has grown and still has a great love of reading – I’ll say no to a lot of things, but I’ll never say no to a book for him!

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