Her Sudden Groom, Sale

Her Sudden Groom discounted this month for MS Research

I briefly mentioned this Monday in the updates, but here are more details.

For the month of July, Her Sudden Groom will be on sale for .99 (eBook only, I can’t control prices of audio or paperbacks) with all proceeds from all three formats to be donated to my team that will be riding the MS-150 in September.*

Her Sudden Groom

How much of you purchase goes to MS research?

That depends on where you buy:

Amazon: 35cents

B&N: 40cents

Smashwords: 56cents

Apple: 60cents

Kobo: 45cents

Paperbacks from all outlets, approximately 1.14

Audiobooks vary from .99 to 7.99 depending on where you purchase.

How can that possibly add up?

Last year, excluding any private donations I received a total of 8,623.23 cents was raised in July alone on EBOOKS alone.

Please feel free to share this deal with your friends. As one reviewer who didn’t care for the book stated: at least the money went to a good cause. MS is a GREAT cause and supporting research for it is crucial as so many around the world suffer the effects of MS on a daily basis.**

Ways to help:

  • Buy a copy for yourself
  • Buy a copy for a friend–gifted copies count just the same as long as they’re not returned
  • Share it on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest wherever it is that you share book recommendations

*Last year was my first year riding in the MS-150 and you’re welcome to read about my experience and see pictures here. This year, I am still hopeful to ride, despite a minor accident I had a few weeks back that I plan to blog about early next week.

**I personally have no known ties to MS. It’s just a worthy cause I believe in supporting.

12 thoughts on “Her Sudden Groom discounted this month for MS Research”

  1. Rose, Thank you so much for supporting the research for MS. I myself have MS and appreciate that you are supporting the research as well as putting a spot light on MS. There are so many people affected by MS. It affects the patient as well as their family as well. I know without the support of my family my life would be a major up hill battle. I’m thankful to have a great support system of my Mom, my husband, and my sisters.
    There are also so many people that have no idea what MS is or how it affects a person’s life. A person with MS may look perfectly normal on the outside but they are probably battling some issues of the MS at any given time.

    You have touched on a subject that is close to my heart and I thank you for your support.

    1. Crystal, you are most welcome. I cannot imagine the stress and pain that comes along with such a dreadful disease. It’s so wonderful you have such a strong support system.

  2. Reblogged this on doingsomereading and commented:
    What a great thing author Rose Gordon and her team is doing in support for MS research. For the month of July, Her Sudden Groom will be on sale for .99 (eBook only). Please Help support this research and pass it among friends and family.

  3. Hi Rose!

    I got Her Sudden Groom last July and it was wonderful and in fact I just re-read it! I hope everyone takes advantage of your special pricing and helps support MS which my youngest grandson who is 4 has.

    Thanks to everyone for not only buying a wonderful book but for supporting those supporting MS research!

  4. Reblogged this on BookwormSimi and commented:
    Hey readers, buy this book for a really good cause. The book itself is awesome. I’ve read it earlier and rated it 5 stars on both Smashwords and Goodreads. Be prepared to fall in love with the Banks Family!! 🙂

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