Happy Independence Day!

Okay, so those of you NOT in the USA probably don’t care so much. But since I’m a US resident and absolutely love this holiday (strange, I know, but this is my favorite holiday), I’m going to say it!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, but don’t forget to remember the sacrifice and determination that the founding fathers of our country had as well as the men, some very strong-willed women, and even children of the time to stand up and fight for our country.

I know that usually, I write books based in England, and I certainly enjoy doing so, but I truly love the US.

Have a blessed and safe holiday!

10 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Thanks, Rose, and the same to you and yours. It was raining here (naturally, it rained while I was out in it), but now it looks like it might be clearing up. Maybe the baseball game will be played after all. Go Red Wolves–I mean Reds–LOL!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes! It was the best 4th in a long time…Great food, fireworks and my youngest (25 yrs old) proposed to his girlfriend and she said Yes! So we are celebrating like crazy around here. Hope you are having a wonderful and safe weekend!

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