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Editing Stage 3.5–the husband’s notes…

Way back a year and a half ago, I started posting online what my husband’s thoughts on my books were (pre-editing). He always reads my books before anyone else ever sees them and gives me a man’s input. Here are his thoughts on The Officer and the Bostoner:

  • ?, wait, why is my note pink?
  • Drama, drama, drama…
  • Is the baker a man or a woman? I hope you’re not implying both… (Oops, in one paragraph, I’d said she, in the next he. I did notice, however, he’d managed to change his highlight and note color to blue…)
  • Oh, there’s your Bible reference! (I didn’t realize this at first, but in all of my books I have some sort of biblical reference. At first, it was by coincidence, and then Bob pointed it out to me and I’ve noticed I’ve continued to do it. It’s kind of alike a trademark thing that most people don’t recognize.)
  • Now, Rose, did they just leave her??? In the middle of nowhere?
  • The word is chuckled, not chucked, dear. Personally, though, I prefer guffaw in this situation…
  • Oooh, auburn curls! My dream lady with the face of a certain lady I know of course!
  • Oh my!!! So soon!
  • What’s a shako? And why on earth is there a cock feather in the middle of it… (It’s a hat, dear, get your mind out of the gutter.)
  • She must be a visually impaired Bostoner…
  • Cuts from a needle? What did she do use the point to lop her finger off?
  • The line read: …stink worse than a dead opossum… my husband’s enhancing comments: Worse than the one on the side of our road?
  • Maybe he’s hiding ugly phalanges…
  • Does one contract a spawn like a disease? And how would someone know a brown parcel was a “raincoat”? (Sorry, you’ll have to use your imagination or read the book on this one, my face is too red to explain.)
  • Not the kitty!
  • Tine is what’s on the end of a rake, dahling, not a unit of measurement.
  • Oh, did their pork come with any parasites?
  • Who doesn’t love a good head scratchy?
  • Delete this. NOW!
  • Horses like troughs. Didn’t I mention that last time?
  • This needs fixin’
  • Oooh, a breast-hugging shirt! Maybe it should be a bosom-hugging shirt or maybe the shirt hugged her perky bosom so nicely Wes could see she was quite excited to see him. (And THIS is what you get when a man reads–and tries to write–a romance.)
  • Um, that’s not possible since she’s eight inches shorter than he is, but the thought was nice…
  • This is confusing!
  • Oh, the plot thickens…just like something else.
  • Oh my, more about the phalanges…
  • I thought I told you before it would not be his eyes that would widen during this situation.
  • The same word was written twice, to which he wrote: I believe she’s developed a bit of a stutter.
  • What’s so funny?
  • That must be a really large barrel.
  • This whole scene just became corny.
  • Even more corny.
  • The corniness continues.
  • That’s a new one!
  • This is too much talking about feelings between men.
  • I don’t see it possible to concentrate on riding a horse with a lady in one’s lap.
  • Clarify.
  • Ass. Maybe not as eloquent as you might like, but certainly do not use derriere. How about hiney instead?
  • You misspelled this a few chapters back. I can’t remember where and I don’t want to go looking for it, but you might want to change it.
  • Maybe Wes should stop at the medic and get a Nexium for all the bile he just swallowed.
  • Didn’t he forget something???
  • Swaying curls? Are they the same sausage curls you write about in your Regencies?

I have to say, my husband always keeps me on my toes! He’s very supportive of what I do and always has a great sense of humor about being asked to read my romance novels. I hope you enjoyed his comments as much as I did.

14 thoughts on “Editing Stage 3.5–the husband’s notes…”

  1. Oh this cracked me up! I found myself thinking back to your Banks Brother’s Brides series an wondering what notes my husband would make in those books and I can see they would both be thinking along the same lines. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Your so lucky to have a husband who is soooooooo very supportive and has a great sense of humor!

    1. I am very lucky! Usually, he doesn’t realize that his comments are funny, he just writes them there because he’s serious, which to me makes them even more funny.

  3. Hah! What an adorable husband Bob is. The breast hugging shirt! LOL Sounds just like a true man’s thoughts on reading romances.

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