Worst daughter ever–that’s me!

As most everyone probably knows, I live in the USA, and here we have two holidays in celebration of our parents: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Last month was Mother’s Day and today is Father’s Day, and needless to say, regarding both of my parents, I totally struck out.

For Mother’s Day, I used an online floral company (whose name I’ll begrudgingly withhold) and ordered my mom some flowers and chocolate.

The flowers arrived half dead and flat (and NOTHING like the picture), the chocolate…it wasn’t even there.

Irritated that what I’d paid for didn’t arrive, I contacted the floral company. It was NOT a good conversation. It started with them saying they were sorry I felt this minor inconvenience was something I needed to complain about and only got worse from there. It ended when I told them I wanted a full refund of my money and I wouldn’t use them again. They said I could have a full refund…but they’d have to go back by my mom’s work and pick up the flowers. There is a reason most of my heroines and strong and feisty. They get it from me! Without hesitation, I told the lady that’s perfectly fine. Go pick them up. They never did, nor did I get a single cent refunded. Lesson learned: don’t use [BEEEEEP BEEP] to do business with.

Unfortunately, I still needed to do something for my mom and only had that afternoon to make arrangements as it was the Friday before Mother’s Day. I searched high and low and finally found a place that said they delivered fruit baskets on Saturdays! Perfect. I ordered her one that had a good mix of fruits and a couple small blocks of cheese. On the gift message, I wrote:

The chocolates were missing,
The flowers limp with disease;
I hope the apples counteract the cheese.

Right after I hit the “order”, I was emailed a message saying they wouldn’t be able to deliver it on Saturday, but would deliver it on the follow Wednesday. I just groaned, but it was the best that I could do.

Fast forward a month. My mom never said ANYTHING about the fruit and cheese. That’s very unlike her, so I finally called the place only to be informed that they no longer do those. What?!?! They why advertise it on your website and for goodness sake why send me a confirmation email telling me that it’ll be delivered on Wednesday?? Craziness.

So….today is Father’s Day, or the “Day of the Father” as my husband refers to it. I had a hard time deciding what to send my dad. My parents fall into the category that I really can’t buy them anything they need but couldn’t get themselves, it’s more of a sentimental token or trinket that I think fits them. This requires a lot of thought. I sent my mom flowers and chocolates (at work) because I knew that wasn’t something she received often. My dad was a bit harder. I pondered it for a few weeks.

Then I was on Amazon and I had a brilliant idea!

My dad is part Indian and some relation of his who was more Indian (I want to say his maternal grandmother) gave him an authentic Indian drum. (Don’t ask any more on that, because I don’t know if she actually lived in the tribe or what.) Anyway, growing up, my dad talked on and on about this drum. A few weeks ago, I put in to go to the Antiques Roadshow, not really believing I’d really get tickets. Surprise, surprise, I did! As you can imagine, my dad wanted me and my mom to bring his drum as one of our items.

That’s fine, but nobody knows anything about it. So my brilliant idea was to buy him a book about Indian drums so he could study up on it and give us a few facts when we go. First, let me tell you, there aren’t a lot of books on this topic. But I scanned through several and found one. Feeling awesome and that I had redeemed myself this year, I sat back yesterday and waited for the text that I knew would come.

Then it came:

Dad says thank you for the romance novel.

With the text were two pictures. One of him holding the book closed, with the cover facing the camera; the second he had the book open to one of the pages in the front where a man and a woman were looking at each other and leaning in for a kiss…

So…to keep in MY tradition of sending a romance novel for Father’s Day, I would like to do so again (this time on purpose) and will send one of my Banks Brothers’ Brides books to a random commenter who dares to expose their own gifting blunder.

*Open internationally, winner selected Tuesday, June 18th.

Finally, I want to wish any father, including my own, or father figure out there who might read my blog a Happy Father’s Day!

24 thoughts on “Worst daughter ever–that’s me!”

  1. Oh that is funny. So I have two major gift blunders both that happened to my mom. One year for mother day my brother and I got her a turttle. And then I think it was the same year we got her Home Alone for Christmas. In my defense I was like 6 years old but we still have not lived that down.

    1. I think at six, my brother and I pooled $3 together and bought my mom a bar of soap at Bath & Body. Or maybe we were eight. I don’t think she really holds it against you!

  2. You know you’re going to get emails asking who the florist is, right? LOL I don’t think any of us want to go through what you did.

    I’m dismayed that these companies would act this way.

    Here’s a link to an awesome company. I bought one of their products and it came on time and was in excellent condition:

    BTW, none of this makes you a bad daughter but the title sure pulled me in to read the post. πŸ˜€

  3. LOL So you sent him a romance book in place of the drum one. Why does nothing ever go right for you? He got spirit I tell you, he got spirit. I want to know how your mother felt about that. πŸ˜€

    1. Actually, no. I’d been looking at a few drum books to see which one I wanted to send him. One that I clicked on was a romance novel titled Indian Drum (in my defense, the cover did not look like a romance novel cover). I’d looked at so many that I just assumed I was ordering the right one and oops, not so.

  4. LOL…thanks for the smiles! I can totally relate. I share Father’s day with my bierthday every so often…this makes being a daughter hard. When they share the date I wanted it to be all about me, after all, I was the daughter. So I would give him things to make “my” day better. One year I got tickets for us to goto the Art museum, while that sounds like a good thing…the museum was over 4 hours away in Denver and he was NOT into art. So the next time we shared the date he bought me tickets to a rock show. I thought in my teenage head- Concert, right? WRONG! It was to the Rock and Gem show, again…in Denver, still over 4 hours away! So I think it is part of being a daughter!!! 8)

    1. My husband and I exchange gifts like that. He’ll buy me a new fly fishing rod and I’ll buy him something for the kitchen.

      By the way, I got a second laugh at your post. When I was a kid, my dad was obsessed with rocks, too. I cannot tell you how many rock shows I had to go to. He’d always tell us to pick a few we wanted to buy and take home. Not my thing, but I went. He still has several 5-gal. buckets filled with rocks from Oregon (he no longer lives there).

  5. People don’t usually tell me if they don’t like their gifts, but I do have one blunder. For this last Christmas my husband and I decided to give his father (my father in law) something nice. My husband found a fancy watch on sale and we consulted with my mother in law and she said he would like it so we took a chance and got it. We give it to him and he was very polite, but then we find out he doesn’t want it and we had to take it back. Since we bought it on a sale site, we couldn’t return it, so we were stuck with a fancy watch that nobody wanted. Very bummer Christmas gift.

    1. I’ve had something like that happen to me before. I normally end up saving it to give someone else, then forget I have it. I hope there were not hard feelings about having to take it back. I’m surprised he didn’t re-gift it. That seems to be the way of things these days.

  6. brought my nan some regency romance books for xmas (she is a book lover like me and enjoys Catherine Cookson and those sorts of books). I have read a book by the author I had selected and thought she would be suitable for my nan as the love scene in the story was very mild. probably should have read the books I had selected as my nan took one to the hairdressers with her and it apparently had her blushing!!!! oppps! i’ll be more careful in future when buying her books…… I wonder if she would enjoy 50 shades of grey? lol

    1. That is TOO funny. Oddly enough, there are some alderwomen who LOVE 50 Shades.

      I jokingly called my dad and told him that I hope nothing in the book scandalizes him too much.

      1. lol. what you need to do is switch the book covers, so he thinks you’ve got him a mundane book but it is actually a romance book when he reads it. xxxx

      1. Sorry I missed the contest, Rose, and also sorry you had to deal with incompetent companies who should have delivered flowers and chocolate to your mom on time!!! I don’t blame you for being upset. This Mother’s Day was bittersweet for me because of my mom and dad being in a nursing home now. My best friend took me out there to visit them on the day before. We stopped at a really good candy place that’s pretty famous around Ohio and I bought my mom some candy
        there and took it out to her. I also bought her lottery tickets and she won $20. And my friend and I stopped at a store and bought her a dozen roses in all different colors. For Father’s Day, I got my dad lottery tickets and one of my other friends drove me out to see them last Friday.

        As for gifting blunders, I didn’t have to deal with any rude or incompetent people. There are certain companies I order from who don’t let me down. But i have ordered T-shirts and baseball caps (personalized) for friends and I have never seen them wear them. I also ordered individually wrapped cookies for a friend who was sick and in the hospital and she never said one word. No “thank you.” Nothing. Those cookies weren’t cheap. I tracked the package to make sure she got it and she did. Oh, well.

        My big problem now with incomptence is the phone company. I have been trying to get a phone installed in my parents’ room at the nursing home for months. They’ve hung up on me twice, disconnected their old phone, and are trying to charge extra $ for nothing since I cancelled the phone service.

        Sorry, that reply is a blog in itself.

      2. I’m a sucker for candy. It is my BIGGEST weakness.

        I hate it when I send people things and I never know if they receive it or not. That always bothers me. Like you, I track packages, though. After my husband and I gave a very expensive wedding gift to a relative ($175 at a time when we had very little money to start with), I was complaining to a friend that there was no thank you card and only a year later she was having a baby and I know she was expecting something “good” from us. I told my friend how I felt about the wedding gift without even a spoken thank you. She put it into perspective for me: Are you giving the gift because you want a thank you card? If so, then you’re giving the gift for the wrong reason. People just aren’t polite anymore. Thank you notes are a thing of the past and if you expect one, then you’ll always be disappointed. I’ve never expected one since and life has been far happier.

        Ick, phone companies are among the worst. Sorry you have to deal with that.

      3. Great adice from your friend, Rose, and I noticed that, too. I guess I won’t expect too much, and I won’t be disappointed. I always send thank you notes. I also notice that people aren’t sending as many cards anymore (I noticed this more when I was in the hospital–there wasn’t a lot to do, so I always looked forward to the mail).
        Yep–I don’t really care for the phone company.

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