Cover Reveal

Cover do-over

First, I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received from comments and emails. Thanks so much! It really helps.

Now, I have more options.

My original plan for the series was to have different  spines on each book: first a red, then white, then blue so the spines will be different. Also, the whole flag thing comes in because this is not only a different series, but a different country. I’d like it to be easy to detect this is an American-set book.

That being said, it doesn’t mean I’m absolutely against using the pastels if that’s what looks best.

I’m uploading two more options. One with a flag that has a blue gradient/haze over it and the other with a white. The white does look a little more “washed out” and might go better with the pastels.

Opinions welcome and I promise not to post any more up (at least not today!).

bostoner wraparound with flag corrected

Original red flag fading into red spine.

Bostoner with blue flag

Blue gradient flag running into a blue spine that matches the blue bar on the front.
Bostoner white grunge

White washed/faded flag that runs into blue spine that matches the blue on the front. This particular flag could be used with a red, white or blue spine.

Bostoner option two--pastelsPastels

Thanks again for anyone with an opinion to share.

24 thoughts on “Cover do-over”

  1. I was worried about the red of the flag clashing with the pink dress, but the blue really looks nice! I like the blue spine with the blue bar in front. It allows the flag to look nice, and make it known it’s an American Novel, and allows the pink dress on the cover to look nice without the clashing. Love it!

  2. i prefer the second model ( blue radiant that match the spine and the blue bar on the cover. the flag is also showing better in that one so if you want the flag i vote for the second model ( but if teh flag is out then the pastel is really romantic)

    i hope it helps^^

  3. Personally I like the blue gradient. It also is easier to read the blurb on the back that way. It’s not as “harsh” a change to the actual front cover as well.

  4. Although, I still like the pastel (ask Anya how picky I am about color), I think the blue gradient works better than the original flag. Than way it doesn’t clash with the front. And I understand why you want the flag, so I voted for the flag fading into the spine. I feel like I will be flogged if I vote for the pastel again. Hahahahahaha,

  5. I didn’t know which one was this one on the poll, so I’ll comment.

    I like the second one you’ve got pictured here. (Blue spine)

  6. I like “Blue gradient flag running into a blue spine that matches the blue bar on the front” best because it’s darker on the back cover (which looks like it will make reading the description easier), and I do think the color on the spine works better with the front cover. But if the blue spine works better on another book in your series, then my vote is still #1 cover with the red spine. Either way, I don’t think the color on the spine is so important since no one forces a paperback open in such a way that they’ll see the whole thing laid out like we are now.

    1. Agreed, nobody will ever see the “whole” of the thing fanned out like this because even if they try to bend it backwards, the spine will be folded in half, thus invisible. Thanks for the input!

    1. ps the reason I noticed is because I dabble in vexillology and touch on trivial matters with my students, one of which is the pattern of stars in the canton of the 50-state flag, which is 1-3-5-7-9-9-7-5-3-1. 😉

      That, and because i’m a geek…

      1. I’m a geek, too, but I’ve never looked at star patterns on the flag from a corner angle, just in rows. In 1845 there were 27 states and four rows of stars: 7-6-7-7.

    2. That’s tough, Jo. THIS BOOK takes place in 1845, the next two in 1846. The flag changed during the short timespan of this series (of course).

      This particular flag is far more modern and my plan was to go back in again and crop it where more stripes are visible and less stars. That’s all I can do. There aren’t any pictures (only animation/vectors) of the correct flag patterns.

      1. I see your point. I never thought of the logistics of even finding the right photo for a back cover! Perhaps you know of someone with photoshop skills who could probably make the stars in the corner of the canton move over a bit…no one would notice especially with a stonewashed look.

        Heck, no one but I would probably even know that’s a fifty-star flag 😉

  7. Well I originally voted for the whitewashed but reading your answers I’m changing my mind to the blue gradient lol. And yes, you can read it better with the blue gradient. Good luck!

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