Cover Reveal

Book cover help!

It’s time!

Time to make and approve covers for my print books, that is.

While I’m super excited about this, I need a little help.

With the last set, I used a main color from the front, the “series bar” to make the spine and back cover. This time, I’m thinking to either use the pastel color from the lady’s dress and make the font the color of the tile OR do a red white and blue theme.

I’ve put my less-than-wonderful graphic design skills to the test today and these are what I’ve come up with:

bostoner wraparound with flag corrected

Bostoner option two--pastels

If you’d be so kind as to vote using the poll to stay anonymous and/or leave feedback in the comments section I’d GREATLY appreciate it!


*images are copyright protected

9 thoughts on “Book cover help!”

  1. I love the flag, but it could be muted a bit to make it cohesive with the front…OR add a flag onto the front of the cover to pull the red, white, and blue together. Hope that helps!

  2. I voted for the flag. No one is going to see the red color on the front. It’s just the spine and back. So it doesn’t clash. The red flag on the back could be used on all your back covers in the series because it deals with the military (and will fit with your series theme).

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