A visit from a man who will put Lord Presumptuous to shame!

Good Monday afternoon!

I’ve decided to blog because I need a break from–

Rose? Is that you I hear clicking on the keys?

*finger to lips*

I can still hear you!

*sighs* All right, Sebastian, what do you want?

Eh, so I’m Sebastian still? *lifts eyebrows and stares me down*

For now.

*continues to give me a stare that he thinks will cow me…but it won’t*

Can I help you?

Yes. Open my book back up and keep writing. We were in a good part.

A good part?

Yes. I was just telling that menace Mr. Cole just how it was going  to be and where he could go if he didn’t like it, then you stopped and abandoned the scene for three days. THREE whole days.

It was the weekend. I spend the weekend with my husband and kids.

*pulls a face* I suppose that’s understandable. *crosses arms and narrows his eyes* But now the weekend is over and you have not resumed.

That’s because I planned to go back to the start and write in what’s really going on.

Which is?

You have feelings for Rachel.

*nods* That’s true enough. I have feelings for her.

See! I knew it. You’re in love with Eliza’s cousin.

*chokes* In love? Eliza’s cousin?

Yes and yes.

No and no.

And are you the one writing this story?

No, but I am the one playing to such foolish nonsense in your head, madam.

What foolish nonsense?

First, Rachel is Eliza’s sister, not her cousin. Second–

So, sister, cousin same thing.

No, it’s not because then it eliminates the title you picked.

Her Sister’s Intended? *flicks wrist* I can come up with another title. That one wasn’t so grand anyway.

I’m sorry, madam, but Her Cousin’s Intended doesn’t have the same ring. Besides, that could be taken in a way that you might not mean it, if you take my meaning.

I do, and that will be enough of that. Sebastian, you must understand the titles I had for this series won’t work anyway: Her Sister’s Intend and His Brother’s Betrothed? There could be a major mix up with another of my series of books.

So what, those who can read the series name–or heaven forbid take time to go to your website–won’t be confused. *grins* Besides, your loyal readers will know exactly where these books belong. So leave Rachel as Eliza’s sister and leave the titles alone. You have much more to deal with.

Well, I’ll have you know, not that I have time to be talking with a figment of my imagination, but, my changing Rachel from Eliza’s sister to cousin has nothing to do with the title. See, the way I see it, you’re in love with Rachel.

The devil you say. I have no love for Rachel.

Nor Eliza I’d say. *quirks brow at the infuriating hero of a book I still have not titled who dares to interrupt my blog post* If my memory serves you don’t much care for her, either.

*shrugs carelessly, then crosses his arms* I don’t see the problem here. You’re not even a fifth of the way through the book. If every book had love in the first chapter it’d be boring.

Ah, but see, if you have a deep love for Rachel then it makes things more interesting.

In the words of Alex Banks: Hell’s afire! I am not in love with Rachel.

Yes, you are.

No, I’m not!

There has to be some sort of conflict.

And there is.


As you’ve so eloquently stated for all of your readers: you’re a fifth of the way in, and I don’t like the heroine. Nor her me, if I had to guess.

You’re correct. I think you took care of that quite thoroughly very early on.

*throws hands into the air* Then what’s the problem?

It’s just too much like Marcus and Emma or Elijah and Amelia.

No it’s not. Well, not unless you’re saying that every time you have a ‘friends to lovers’ plot (which makes me cringe at the part of the book that you left me in…where I don’t like the heroine, but I’m sure by the end, I’ll be all about being her lover–I do have faith) you always have a main character whose name starts with an E, which judging by the look on your face, I see that you just discovered that. *chuckles* Otherwise, I see no issue.

*conveniently ignoring the fact that he’s correct about the name thing and making a mental note to consider changing the heroine’s name* Don’t you? Marcus and Emma grew up together and he was engaged to her older sister. Elijah an Amelia grew up together and he wanted nothing to do with her, either. This is just like the two of you: grew up together, she’s crazy about you, you hate her and intended to marry her older sister.

First, let’s establish that my feelings for Rachel is only that of a friend. I have no genuine love for her. She talked me into marrying her and I agreed. I had to keep my word, no matter ho much I might wish I can convince her to cry off.

I do believe Marcus didn’t truly wish to marry Louise, either.

*his hard stare resumes and he clenches his jaw* Neither Marcus nor Elijah hated their heroine as a girl. They might have found her annoying at times and tolerated her, but neither completely disliked her. Plus, they both fell in love when she wasn’t looking. I can tell you without doubt, that didn’t happen to me in those years we were separated.

*Lifts eyebrow in question* Really?

Yes. Now, I do believe that is enough conflict without making me have some blasted tendre for her sister.

But it’s so…common.

And having a love triangle isn’t?

I don’t think you’re understanding. I have no intentions of making the sister do things to thwart your romance with Eliza. More of a “niggle”, if you will, in the back of your mind. What on earth is that grin about?

You just referred to Rachel as Eliza’s sister! You must want to change it back, too.

*re-reads line…* Indeed, I did. But it’s of no account. They’ll be cousins, that way it’s not quite the same where you grew up with them both. Just that you met the cousin, fell in love with her and Eliza merely got in  the way and disrupted your plans of marrying her.

And your readers are going to like this?

Sure. Stop sneering. All ladies love the pining hero. In fact, my most loved hero to this day was one who pined for the heroine for half a decade.

Yes, pined for the heroine–not her cousin.

Pish posh. It gives a new angle.

A stupid angle.

I don’t think it’s stupid–

*sighs so loud it cuts my words off* You wouldn’t. What you need to do before you go changing story lines mid-book is just go back where you left off, delete the contrived paragraph about my longing for Rachel and continue on. We were in a good spot. Eliza was just starting to talk to me again and I was telling her brute of a father to stay out of the way.

Sebastian, it’s not that easy.

Yes, it is. I think doing that is far easier than changing the whole story…then blaming ME for it.

Oh dear, I think it just got a bit hotter in here. *fans face*

Yeah, you didn’t think I’d find out about that, did you?


Have no worry, Mrs. Gordon. Even we figments of your imagination, or perhaps it’s especially those figments of your imagination, know what you post on Facebook.

I can explain. See, when you were speaking to Eliza’s father about your plan to once and for all get rid of her, I thought it would add to the story if–

And that is your problem. I won’t name names, but since you put my book on hold two years ago, I’ve been watching and it seems on the books where YOU decide what is best for your characters, you not only had a harder time writing those books, but you also…well…to be blunt, those are the books with sales in the privy.

Lord Belgrave!

Hey, I’m just telling you the truth. The books where you “let it go” and took cues from your characters have far more passion in them. They might not follow all the rules of a typical romance, but your love of the story is certainly easier to spot. Who cares if you just did a friends-to-lovers plot only two books back?

Good grief. I’m not on the ledge about to jump off the cliff, never to write again.

I know. I just wanted to make sure my book gets written and if having an awkward chat with you means it happens, then it was worth the wait.

And just what makes you think you’ll be who she chooses?

Besides about half the book being in my point of view?

Yes, besides that.

*shrugs* I might not like her and she might be unforgivably angry with me, but as I said earlier, I’ve read your other books. Liberty hated Paul who could barely tolerate her in return; Madison wanted nothing to do with Benjamin; Patrick kept making an arse of himself to Juliet, garnering him the nickname of Lord Presumptuous; John ran from Carolina and her scandalous tongue; Elijah finally came around as did his brother Henry–then of course there is your new book with Wes and Allison, which I just finished. In the end, all of those couples worked out, so I have no doubt I’ll one day find Eliza, who I’d honestly suggest you change her name and not mine, attractive. Mind you that I’m not exactly looking forward to the antics that bring this about, just another reminder that I’ve read the other books, but I’m very certain I’ll enjoy the outcome.

Good grief. You men are all the same.

Can you blame me? You’re the one whose kept this book in an abandoned file on your desktop, condemning me to a very long period of celibacy.

Well then…Uh, I’m not sure what else to say.

That you’ll leave the book as-is, or should I say, “as-was” before you started mucking up the beginning earlier this afternoon.

How about a compromise?

I don’t compromise, madam. You should know that. If I did, there truly wouldn’t be any conflict in this book.

Then you’ll have to continue to be celibate.

Oh, all right, a compromise.

I’ll agree to re-read over what I have before deciding either way. 

Perhaps if you’d just done that to start with instead of just jumping right in where you’d left off, we’d both be a lot happier right now.

I don’t like your attitude, and if you don’t become a bit more pleasant to be around, then I’ll have to call off my deal.

Fine. Re-read it and give it another chance.

*opens file* Is there a reason you’re still here?

Just want to see what you do?

It would go faster if you didn’t stand over my shoulder.

It would also go faster if you quit thinking of how to change the story….and my name.

Who told you that?

I’m not a simpleton, Ms. Gordon. I know everything; including that you’ve already once swapped my name with that of another hero you have.

What is so wrong with a name change? Sebastian is long and easy to misspell when typing fast.

Then slow down. It’s not going to kill you if it takes an extra hour to finish the book. My name is far more important than that.

Is there another reason you don’t want a name change, perhaps?

Yes. The names you’re considering are cast-offs that your husband wouldn’t let you name your children.

So are Andrew, Benjamin, Alexander, Marcus, Elijah and Henry.

But you did name one of your sons Henry.

No, I didn’t.

*arches brow* Do I need to ping back to an older post?

Ha. Just because I’ve named my kids Eddie and Henry on here doesn’t mean that’s their real names. It wouldn’t be the best thing for me to post my children’s real names on the Internet.


Is that all?

I suppose. But remember, if you don’t keep the book how it originally was, I will be back.

So much for my blog post. As you can see from a very opinionated character who has decided to air my dirty laundry that my writing two books at once has been going very well, except that I had a brilliant idea (then tried to give the credit–in a way, to the hero….). I did think the friends-to-lovers plot might be a bit overdone for me. Out of 11 books I have out, two have this theme. I started going back to re-read what I have (something I didn’t do completely before picking it back up; instead, I only read the start of a chapter, not the other three I already had completed). That’s when I got really conflicted about what I wanted to do and decided to do a blog post. But Sebastian, Lord Belgrave one of the most pushy, dominating and infuriating heroes I’ve ever had the pleasure to write about interrupted me. So…for those of you who might have seen my post on Facebook on Friday about a plot suddenly being shaken up by the hero, I have to take part of the fault in that and I am now going back to re-read and re-evaluate. THIS is part of being a writer. 

Now, that I’ve probably scared you all by posting such a conversation, I shall bid you fare-the-well and get back to work!

24 thoughts on “A visit from a man who will put Lord Presumptuous to shame!”

  1. OMG Rose! This was so funny. I loved it. Super cute. Can’t wait to read Sebastian’s ???story.

  2. I quite enjoyed this post and conversation you had with….Sebastian. I find him really likeable and his name match his…..outlandish? pompous? boastful? egocentric? arrogant? …..attitude and personality perfectly. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for him. Good luck!

  3. HOLY COW!!! That was wonderful, if a bit scary…to actually see the inter workings of your mind. LOL I like Sebastian a lot already and can not wait to see what you end up doing with/for him and which of you comes out the victor! You have given me my smile and giggle for the day for which I say…THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :giggles with HUGE smile:

  4. Aww I love character interviews and now I think you will have to finish his book at some point just because all your loyal blog follows will want to know his story.

  5. (Pssst, Lord Belgrave, if it’s just a matter of typing and correctly spelling a long name, tell Ms. Gordon…what’s that? Oh, that. No, I did NOT forget an R…in this era, one may forego the R and address a female as MS. thereby unrelaying her marital status or lack thereof…but I digress. Anyway, tell Ms. Gordon all she has to do is type Sbtn during the rest of he story, and then when finished, do a FIND ALL/REPLACE ALL command…she knows what that means…)

    Ms. Gordon — haHAH! Keep Sbtn, and switch Rachel’s and Eliza’s names. That’ll REALLY confuse Lord Belgrave! Better yet, make Rachel and Eliza the same person. MUWAHAhahahaha!

    Please forgive me, it’s two o’clock in the morning. 😉

    1. Sadly, I’d probably have a harder time with stun (seen my auto correct just changed Stbn to stun) than I would with Sebastian. I goes maybe I could do SS… It’s a thought.Thank you for the suggestion. I originally had Rachel as one of my heroine’s names and changed it to something else. I like the idea… Then, I might be able to use Eliza (the sister) in another book.

  6. Super fun post, Rose! I read it twice. I too am looking forward to reading this book. I’m starting to have a hard time picking my favorite hero these days… And now you’re going to make it worse! Lol

    At least it sounds like you’re having fun with this one… Almost guarantees a winner!

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