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Here are a few updates on what’s going on:

1. The Officer and the Bostoner is currently with Proofreader #2.

This morning, it came back from the first proofreader and after I accepted her changes and cough, cough made a few modifications to two parts, I sent it off to Proofreader #2. This is crucial as I alway seem to create two typos when fixing one. At this point, when it comes back the only thing I plan to do is fix the formatting. Then I’ll be done touching it.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a book done and ready to go so early, however, I still plan for a late June/early July release. My goal is to have the next one in the series completed by June 30th and into editing in July for a late August/early September release. So putting them out two months apart, rather than three. I’m on track so far with more than 21,000 words. Yesterday, I wrote 3,700 in the book and today 3,200 (so far). So I’m doing good to reach that goal.

2. I’ve picked up another project…

Two years ago, I realized that I was going to have a significant time gap between my first series and my second, so I thought I should write a standalone to go in between the two. I got about 6,000 words in and abandoned ship. It was moving along at first, then completely stalled out. I didn’t  really have time to worry about it since my #1 priority was to get the Groom Series done (there were still only three of them to be written at the time, but only two were done…). After I added Edwina and Wallace’s book, I briefly opened this other up and thought it would be where I picked up. But I wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to do an American book. This is where the Officer series idea came in. I started on it and as you all know, things got in the way, so somewhere in the 15-18,000 word range, I put it away and started on the Banks Brothers’ Brides. Those are now done and out and I finished The Officer and the Bostoner, so on a whim, I opened this other back up and am writing it at the same time as The Officer and the Southerner.

We’ll see how it goes. My daily goal is 2,500 words for each story each day. In the morning, I write about America and in the afternoon, I’m back in England. The first one is a bit further into the story so the writing comes a little easier as I have things pretty well figured out by now. The other one is a little slower. So far I’ve met or come close to my word count goals. If things stay on schedule, this book could be done the first week of July… I caution you though, I’ve tried to write two books at once before and have ended up tossing one over in favor of another. Be warned.

If I’m able to finish them both about the same time, I’m thinking I’ll release them alternately: American, Regency, American, Regency, etc.

This book was originally set to be a standalone, but I’ve found a way to make it into a series, so I’ll probably do that with it. And if not, I guess I can always get halfway and bury it under my bed again. So…until I know without doubt that it won’t go back into storage on my computer, I’ve shied away from a synopsis or cover (that might also be because I cannot decide on a title, but shhh don’t tell anyone).

3. Her Sudden Groom will be my next audiobook. 

There was one final change that will be done this afternoon, then it will be under inspection and made into an Audiobook soon. Jilted will be after that, then Reluctant.

4. Something scandalous is going on…

For those wishing to get their hands on an early copy of The Officer and The Bostoner (or any future books), you might want to consider joining my Scandalous Sisters Street Team on Facebook where you share books and links or do other missions and win prizes. This has been in the early test stages for a while to get it rolling, but we’re now opening it up to more people. If you’d like to join or wish to know more, send an email to rose.gordon.author@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “Updates!”

  1. I am all amazed! You are writing two books simultaneously…Lately I can barely walk and talk! lol
    With them being an ocean apart, too. Waiting patiently…wink, wink…for “The Officer….”

  2. Wow on the word count! I do good to get 2,000 words in for one day. LOL I’m impressed.

    I like your idea of alternating between American and Regency. That’s an awesome idea.

    Good luck on that one you picked up again. I think sometimes our brains tell us to wait because the story isn’t ready yet.

    1. I agree with the waiting–sometimes our brains know when it truly is the right time to write a certain book.

      By the way, 2,000 is still a very impressive word count!

      1. You’re welcome, Rose. I’m back at the day job (for how long, I don’t know) and hard at work on the sequel to the first book I ever sold, “Tempting Jonah.” And I’m trying to finish my holiday novella.

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