Some of you might have noticed my lack of posting last week. Well, the truth is…I was on vacation. It’s rare that I go anywhere on vacation other than a two-week road trip every summer to visit a slew of historical places and events, and frankly with two kids and sleeping in a tent every night, that’s not much of a vacation. This year, we had more of a “staycation” where we didn’t go very far, and we actually stayed in a hotel! Last year on our trip to Charleston and Gettysburg, we did stay in a hotel, but only AFTER our dog became hunted by a cougar. Other than that, ever since I married my husband, we’ve camped everywhere we’ve gone, so this was a nice treat.

We’re only about three and a half hours from Branson, Missouri so I considered it a staycation compared to the 20+ hour drives we used to do.

If you’re not familiar with Branson, let me just say that it has a little bit of everything: live performances–comic, dramatic, musical; physical activities–miniature golf, real golf, rides on transformed military vessels; historic things–Titanic museum, waxworks museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not; and SO much more. You name it, it’s there.

I have to be 100% honest, I don’t go to Branson for the shows. I’ve seen a handful, and have left more often than not with mixed feelings. Instead, we usually do things around town–or just outside of it. Okay, I’ll shamelessly admit that I LOVE roller coasters and try to sway us to spend time at the amusement park…

This year, however, I found a show that we ALL left with absolutely no mixed feelings, regret or boredom.

With some encouragement from one of my readers, I convinced my husband that our one show this year should be Joseph at the Sight & Sound Theater. Best show ever!

Following the story of Joseph from the Bible, this show was amazing. The sight (and sound) was brilliant with heartfelt acting that nailed the emotion they were trying to convey, beautifully detailed sets, fun and easy to follow dialogue, amazing props (including live animals!), wonderful lighting, fun singing and dancing, and so much more. The performance lasted two and half hours, and much to my surprise all six of us who went were completely entranced–including my two young children.

It opens with Joseph’s dream of his brothers’ sheaves of hay bowing down to him and journeys all the way to being reunited with his brothers and father. Along the way, they covered the struggles Joseph had with his brothers, being sold into slavery, being elevated by Potiphar only to be brought down by his wife’s lie, his time in prison then being lifted to the second in command in all of Egypt to oversee the storage and distribution of grain during good times and drought. Nothing was neglected, and all were covered with powerful emotion and detail.

By far it was one of the best shows I’ve seen there and if you ever go, I’d suggest you give it chance.

Also, I have it on best authority that next year’s performance will be Jonah, a play I certainly don’t wish to miss.

If you’d like more information about the show or theater, all you could possibly want to know is here:


They do more than just the shows in Branson, MO they have a place in Lancaster, PA where they are showing Noah.

A huge thank you to the one who convinced me to come. We had a great time and have found the one show that we will certainly come back to see again!


8 thoughts on “Branson!”

  1. Glad you had a fun vacation and enjoyed the show. I too have heard wonderful things about the Sight and Sound shows, but have never seen one even though my in-laws live in Lancaster. We drive by the theatre all the time as it is right by the freeway. I didn’t know they had a theatre in Branson. Now I do.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation! If you like rollercoasters, you and your family should try out Kennywood in Pittsburgh! They have the old fashioned wooden coasters and a couple of the newer coasters. They are a great family place to spend some time. They also have a sister Water park. If you are members of AAA you can get tickets that are less than full price and get free tickets to the water park. My husband and I have been several times by ourselves and have taken our grown children a couple of times. Now they go separately…Loads of fun!


    1. I will SOOO have to look into Kennywood. I LOVE roller coasters–especially the wooden ones.

      My husband doesn’t like them as much as I do, so I actually have to take my 6 year old with me on the scary coasters. LOL

  3. Oh, I would have LOVED to see that show! My mom would have loved it, too. She used to go to Branson pretty often.

    I’m like you…it’s all about the roller coasters. 😉

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