Guest Post: Is your crush the one?

Today, I have the privilege of hosting a lady named Lisa Jones who runs a website about dating and finding a good guy. She has graciously shared some of her best tips to recognize when you’ve found “the one”.

Having a crush is a normal part of life. We’ve had crushes when we were so much younger, and adulthood hasn’t stopped us from feeling that way towards certain people. Some of us have been lucky enough to actually hook up with our crushes. In most cases, however, these hookups with crushes turn out to be short-lived because, to put it honestly, they simply are not “the one”. Then again, how are you supposed to know that your crush is “the one”? While there is no clear-cut guide about this, there are a few signs that at least point to the possibility that your crush is indeed the one for you.


1. You don’t mind the flaws. More often than not, we put our crushes on a pedestal because they are perfect as far as we’re concerned. Of course, we all know that no one’s perfect. Sooner or later you’ll notice certain flaws in your crush. However, if you still feel that way towards that person DESPITE all those flaws, then your crush has a very strong chance of actually being the one.


2. You are comfortable with each other. Based on experience, being around a crush can lead to certain awkward moments. With your crush, however, you feel comfortable and secure when you make small talk, as if you both have known each other forever.


3. The thought and sight of your crush make you smile. This is actually a common thing for a person who is attracted to someone, but some crushes just make you smile even more, especially when they’re actually smiling back at you.


4. You confide in each other. Assuming that your crush is already a friend, you often find yourself telling that person things that you would never tell your other buddies. If your crush does the same with you, then you already have something special between the two of you.


5. You do thoughtful things for each other for no reason. In any relationship, it’s the little things that really matter. Calling to ask how one is doing, offering to walk the other home, or running some errands to help the other out are positive signs that you could actually be made for each other. Throw in some flowers, chocolates, or any small present that you give each other even when there’s no occasion, and it’s safe to say that there is indeed something special going on between the two of you.


6. You always have time for each other. You both lead lives of your own, but when either of you has extra time to hang out, one will certainly drop whatever is in the calendar and proceed to spend time with the other.


7. You have plenty of things in common. Most crushes that turn into relationships often end unceremoniously once both parties discover that they have absolutely nothing in common. However, if your crush enjoys musicals and loves to read books of a certain author like you do, then your chances of staying together, should you eventually become a couple, are so much greater.


About the author: Lisa Jones is the Editor of the blog getagoodguy.com (http://getagoodguy.com), offering frequently updated dating advice for women. (http://getagoodguy.com/internet-dating-advice-for-women/)


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