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Mother’s Day treats–A few pall mall pictures included!

Here in the US, last Sunday was Mother’s Day and with such a high profile holiday comes lots of attention, and well, gifts.

This year, I got quite a variety…

From my oldest son…
From my youngest, a gift that’s just as prickly as his mama… (I do believe he had a little “direction” from his father on this one.)

The day’s activities consisted of me reading a knock-out book while my husband cooked brunch. Then we went on a hike, ordered unusual shakes from Sonic Drive-In then while I went back to my book, Bob set up a pall mall course in our backyard.

(Before anyone asks, there is NO pink mallet.Supposedly, when I bought the set, I got the set of six, not eight, so there is no pink mallet. However, it was the first thing I mentioned too as we walked outside and before I could even finish my sentence, Bob informed me, there was no pink mallet. Now, whether this is all true and I did in fact buy the smaller set or I did have the set with the pink and purple and he discarded them, we’ll never know as all tags and pictures were gone from the bag the set came in…)



Bob got the red, it was the closest thing to pink we had…
Notice you don’t see a green ball in the picture? That’s because I’m waaaay ahead. I had two really good shots right off. This lead did not last long, however. Second, notice how my children’s clothing does not match? Yeah, they get their sense of style from their mama!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Once again, I’m just as ordinary as anyone!

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day treats–A few pall mall pictures included!”

    1. Thanks–on both accounts.

      In person, I am prickly. I’ll admit that. I’m VERY socially awkward and come off as cold. I don’t mean to, but I know that I do.

    1. It’s just another name for croquet. Croquet is what the French called it and pall mall, pallie mallie, or some other combination is what the English called it. But it’s the same game with the same rules.

  1. Love the gifts they are so cute. I’m glad you had a good day playing croquet. And if you are bored you could just paint one of the balls and mallets pink.

  2. You have a cutie for a husband! Now I know where the inspiration for all those great guys you write about are coming from!

    It sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day. I’m glad! And I love that you played pall mall together! 😀

    1. Thank you, Linda. I’m sure Bob will be flattered. LOL But truth be told, I get a lot of my heroes’ endearing (and sometimes their annoying) traits from him. He’s a wonderful husband.

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