Happenings, His Yankee Bride

His Yankee Bride is now available as an Audiobook!

For those interested, my second audiobook, His Yankee Bride, became available a few days ago!
Yankee audio

At nineteen John Banks decides to board a ship bound for America—oblivious of who he’ll find when he arrives.

Having grown up on a large indigo plantation, the expressive and possibly overdramatic, Carolina Ellis can hardly wait to see what the gentlemen of Charleston will be like. But alas, they were not what she’d been hoping for. Ball after ball and dance after dance, Carolina is disappointed time and again.

Then she sees him…

Boston and Philadelphia held no appeal to John, so on a suggestion from a friend, he headed south to the booming town of Charleston, South Carolina. Not meaning to become the center of attention, John becomes exactly that when he walks right into the largest social event of the year dressed like nothing more than a poor drifter.

So what is a penniless man to do when in such a situation? The only thing he can do: rely on his sense of humor to extinguish the tension.

Immediately, Carolina takes a shine to this unusual man and his equally unusual humor and is determined she will do whatever it takes to marry him—Southern aristocracy be damned.

This book has the same talented narrator: Michelle Anne Johnson and you can listen to a sample here!

5 thoughts on “His Yankee Bride is now available as an Audiobook!”

    1. Lauralynn, I’m so glad you enjoyed listening to Contract. Actually, I go through ACX and post the title up to accept auditions. I’ve also spent some time just looking through narrators and listening to snippets to see if their voice reminded me of one of my heroines. This particular lady audition for Contract, and I loved her instantly. Then when she expressed interested in doing Yankee, I offered her the rest of the books in the series. I like that there will be some consistency and she’s awesome to work with.

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