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The MOTHER of all things SCANDALOUS (well, just three daughters…)!

Red Beauty

I always knew the mother of the three scandalous sisters: Brooke, Madison and Liberty was forward, stubborn, determined, and all for breaking any rule she could. Now I know just how much!

Two weeks ago, I announced that the calm Regina and blunt Edward, cast of, His Contract Bride had won the Silken Sands Self-Published Star Award (which is a readers choice award).

Well…leave it to Carolina the heroine of His Yankee Bride and her forward approach to everything (and not backing down for anything) to be a finalist in the Colorado’s Romance Writers Award of Excellence! This is one of the few contests that’s open to any published book, no matter who the publisher. I scanned the list and only recognized three or four finalists out of the 45+ in all categories that weren’t with a traditional publishing house. So, even if I don’t win my category (winners are announced June 8), for me, just being a finalist in such a well-known contest with some of these other very prominent names is very humbling and exciting all at the same time!

So in honor of that…I think another chance to win a signed copy or two of His Yankee Bride is in order.

This time, instead of leaving comments (which you’re welcome to do, if you’d like) if you will share on Facebook about my current sale at Amazon for Jilted being at $.99 (yes, this was supposed to end on Monday but despite my efforts to change the price back, it’s stuck… So feel free to take advantage and buy a copy for yourself, a friend, etc.) Please go to this page and share the top post about this sale. I can only keep track of shares done from my original post, if you share it directly off of Amazon I have no way of knowing seeing who you are and adding you to the list of entries.

I’ll randomly pick one winner for every 30 shares the status gets between now and Friday at 6pm CST so feel free to ask others to share the status, too, if you want to increase the number of prizes.

12 thoughts on “The MOTHER of all things SCANDALOUS (well, just three daughters…)!”

    1. I won’t know if I win until that night…I’ve considered going, but I don’t know. It feels weird to travel somewhere to attend an awards dinner when you don’t win because they still call you up in front of everyone and I hate being on stage.

  1. Congratulations, Rose! I just finished listening to His Contract Bride (loved it!), and I have His Yankee Bride. I’m also in the middle of reading Her Reluctant Groom. I’m really enjoying them all. I read the first two Scandalous Sisters books a while back, and now I’m sort of understanding how the families all fit together. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Rose for His Contract Bride had won the Silken Sands Self-Published Star Award and His Yankee Bride being a a finalist in the Colorado’s Romance Writers Award of Excellence! I loved both books and the recognition is well deserved!

    Since I’ve already read His Yankee Bride don’t enter me in the contest but I wanted to share with you the recognition you worked so hard for!

  3. Of course it would be the one book of yours I haven’t read yet. I finished Jilted yesterday and His Brother’s Bride today. I officially have a top three by you, now.

    1) To Win His Wayward Wife
    2) His Brother’s Bride (apparently Robbie knew how to pick the exact wrong woman to abuse, because I love both Madison and Laura . . . and their men)
    3) His Jilted Bride – I love this book a lot. Normally a book this good would be at the top of my list, but the others beat it out. Elijah and Henry are awesome and I loved the family house party conversations.

    I will start reading His Yankee Bride tomorrow. All things considered, I bet it will be pretty amazing.

    1. Marlena, I think your one and two are similar to A LOT of people’s one and twos. Still after two years and all these books Madison and Benjamin take top rank and it seems Henry and Laura are hot on their heels.

      Thanks for sharing your favorites.

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