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SWAG Part 2: Bookplates (And a few reader questions)

Yesterday I showed bookmarks, today I have bookplates!

Scandalous sisters PC front 200x300
Scandalous Sisters PC back 200x300

Grooms PC front 200x300

Grooms PC back 200x300

Brothers PC Front 200x300

Brothers PC back 200x300

Officers PC front 200x300

Officers PC back 200x300

For the sake of me not sending out so many emails to clog your inbox, I’m going to answer a few reader questions in this post.

1. What does “swag” stand for?

“Something we all get” If you ever go to a readers’ conference or book fair or even sometimes your own library, there are items that you’ll get in your registration bag or just to pick up. This can be anything from pens to chip clips, lip balm to USB drives, business cards to signed book covers, chewing gum to bandage dispensers. Just a hodgepodge of items that the author has his/her name put on to help you remember their name/books.

2. Who designed the bookmarks and postcards?

Anya Kelleye. I meant to post that yesterday, but I got distracted (sorry, Anya!). Anyway, she has done several projects for me including the bookmarks and bookplates.

3. Is it necessary to read the two previous books in the series to read His Jilted Bride?

Not at all. The two previous books take place nearly 30 years earlier and are the stories of the hero’s mother and father and aunt and uncle, respectively. If you want to see Elijah (or his twin Henry who is the hero in His Brother’s Bride) in previous books, I’d recommend Her Sudden Groom which is about his eldest brother, in which he plays a very minor role toward the end, and in Her Imperfect Groom where they both play another small roll in the first third. Nothing that is crucial to the plot of Jilted takes place in any of the other books.

4. Will you be signing books at RT this year?

Yes. I will be signing during the Indie Expo on May 2, from 4-6pm. I’ll also have two “meet & greets” in Club RT at 1pm on Wednesday and 2pm on Thursday. Come see me and divest me of some swag! In addition to this, I have pressured a good friend of mine Ruth Ann Nordin to come to dinner with me and with us, we’d love to have some readers join us for that dinner! So if you’ll let one of us know that you plan to be there and would like to dine with us, we can get you more details.

5. What is your progress with The Officer and the Bostoner, young lady? (That was EXACTLY how that was written to me and it was not from my mom!)

Very, very good. I am hoping to finish the first draft today, actually. I have one more chapter and the epilogue. It shouldn’t take long, then I have to spend the afternoon and Sunday to sort swag before I can start my prelim edits on Monday morning.

6. When will The Officer and the Bostoner be out?

July. I still have to do several rounds of edits, THEN send it to the professional, then make changes and have it go to proofing. At the same time, I can’t just focus on this book with RT coming, a 70 mile bike ride for diabetes and a ton of end-of-the-year field trips that I have to chaperone. Oh, and for some crazy reason, I agreed to take a group of tweens and teens from my church camping the weekend before RT. So…it’ll be a bit. I want it done right. Also, I’m hoping while this one is being worked on with edits, I can start writing the next. If they can both be done being written before July, and I can work on the final installment, then I’ll be able to put them out closer together. (Keep in mind, this its just all in theory, I’ve learned never to make promises!)

And for our last question…

7.  At the end of Liberty for Paul it’s mentioned that Sam (Paul’s brother) will no longer be able to sire children, what exactly happened to his parts?

Uh…well, I really left this open to the reader’s interpretation and what they wanted to happen to him. How much do they hate him and what do they think he deserves. In my mind, I imagined the privilege was gone. As in, he wasn’t like Marcus where he’d had an accident and could still perform but not sire children; but rather his ability to even have any type of sexual activity was squished right along with his…er…wedding tackle. Realistically, back then, I don’t think he’d have survived if the accident had been so bad it had actually divested him of his lust musket (yes, I put lust on purpose–that man doesn’t know the meaning of love) or if not immediately, but later. They have the means such a misfortune now, but not back then. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t hurt in such a way that destroyed the nerves underneath that allow him to rise to the occasion and that perhaps his whirligigs didn’t get damaged to a point that it was necessary for them to be removed. Really though, it’s up to you. How badly do you want to imagine he got injured?

20 thoughts on “SWAG Part 2: Bookplates (And a few reader questions)”

  1. Im so jealous of those who can make it ro RT. Especially knowing that my two fav indi author are having dinner with readers.

    1. I am totally enjoying it, thanks!

      I though to go to Arizona Dreamin’ but I have a 70 mile bike ride/fundraiser for diabetes that weekend. BUT, my swag (and books) will be there!

  2. Hi Rose!

    Someday I hope to be able to make it to RT but unfortunately not this year because it would be wonderful to meet you and the other author’s whose books I love to read!

    Yeah, I’m so glad that The Officer and the Bostoner will be available in July! I can’t wait to sit on the sea wall at Narragansett Beach here in Rhode Island reading it and I bet it will be a big hit on Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod as well. New Englanders do so love books set in their “neck of the woods”!

    Rose, The only bad thing about you showing off all your beautiful bookmarks is that it reminded me of all the ones I didn’t have! Darn! I’d better get a chance to make it to RT soon!

    1. Jeanne,

      I had no idea people out that way even thought about what it was like in this part of the country. LOL

      Perhaps another year we can meet at RT or another convention! The first time I met a reader was kind of awkward, but really, I kind of like it now!

  3. You know I am so excited about RT. Of course you may want nothing to do with me by the time of the dinner.
    As for that last question, I think I always assumed he was paralyzed or something, of course not knowing much about medical matters, I suppose being paralyzed might not affect that part of the anatomy.

    1. Considering the dinner is on the second day, that might take some doing on your part. Besides, if I can write a character like Lady O and have her show up (or mentioned) seven books, I think I can handle you!

      Not all me who are paralyzed lose the ability. I couldn’t believe the question, but thought well, if someone bothered to ask, others might want to know, too!

  4. I always wondered what Swag was — I thought it was some kind of author thing I’m supposed to understand, but didn’t. I love the bookplates.

    So The Officer and the Bostoner comes out in July–good month. My birthday is July 8th, Jay Galloway’s is 7/11, and the real-life Jay Galloway’s annual 29th birthday is “not the 19th and not the 20th. lol

    1. Not to worry, I didn’t know what it was for a long time, either.

      It’s just give away stuff with your name or the name of your book(s) on it.

      The real-life Jay sounds truly funny!

      1. Rose, the real life Jay is a riot. I gave him a copy of my short stories to read since he’s not a computer guy, and wrote a note that said “If you don’t like them, don’t tell me…LOL…and don’t say they’re “interesting.” (when my late husband said something was intersting, it meant he didn’t like it, but he didn’t want to hurt the person’s feelings ). So the next day when I talked to real life Jay, the first thing he says is “interesting!”

      2. LOL

        When I was growing up, when my mom cooked something I didn’t like, I’d say, “Uh, it was tasty.” Same thing, right?

        But hey, at least he read it!

  5. She does great work! I give so little instruction…then get picky, but she just zips up something new and never grumbles (at least not to me, you might know something I don’t…)

    I’m still considering RNC, but I don’t know, the timing is really bad for me.

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