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Exclusive Excerpt of His Brother’s Bride

I’m just going to lay my cards on the table and tell you all that I have NO idea when His Brother’s Bride will be available. It could be late tonight or tomorrow sometime, or sadly it could be Friday. I won’t even entertain the thought that it would be after that, but I guess it’s always possible.

The thing is, I don’t know when it will be up at the eBookstore you prefer and the reason is: everyone’s on their own schedule.

Two years ago when I started (I cannot believe it’s been two years, but that’s beside the point) B&N got books up lightning fast and Amazon took a full day, or more. These days, I’ve seen Amazon have books up in less than two hours (no kidding) and B&N can take anywhere from four hours to four days. I’ve made schedules for how to make this all happen within a four-hour window, and that worked for about two books, but not anymore.

Because every store’s system and process is different, it makes it VERY hard to pinpoint a day and make a promise that I can actually keep. It also makes it hard to send out a notification to 500 people saying it’s up here and it’s up there, but not here and here, so I won’t do that any longer and we’ll all play the waiting game together.

This time, however, I am being proactive and uploading to B&N tonight and the other places tomorrow morning in hopes that everyone “gets it together” around the same time and allowing for an announcement late tomorrow night, early Friday. *fingers crossed*

Until then, there are three options to get your weekly Banks fix:

1. Stare longingly at the beautiful cover the talented Lily Smith whipped up for me when I gave her nothing to go on except that I don’t want to see any full faces on the covers and lots of dress…

Red Beauty

2. Come join me for another live chat tomorrow night at 8EST/7CST on my website. After we got sidetracked last time with time travel characters who have to check to make sure their male parts made the time warp with them, whose husband manscapes, and the advice my very own mother passed down to me in the event I marry a man with no chest hair, I think we need a topic so we stay on track and don’t all have nightmares later. The topic will be…the Banks men. So think of what you love (or don’t…) about your favorite Mr. Banks and come share.

3. You can read and re-read the following exclusive excerpt over and over. I say this is exclusive because this week there are several other blogs that are graciously featuring this book will be sharing one passage, but this particular one you’ll only find here!

So without any further ado, here goes:

July 1819

Watson Estate

I’m ready to get married.”

Pardon me?” Henry Banks said, matching the same blunt tone the young lady with the sophisticated bun standing outside his door had used.

She sighed and shoved a folded piece of parchment into his hands.

Henry’s pale blue eyes widened as he scanned the foreign lines. When had he lost his ability to read? It had to have been in the last five minutes, because he knewhis twin brother Elijah hadn’t signed a betrothal contract during their brief time in America. Not that it was an official contract written up by a solicitor, but it had all the important details about a marriage that was to take place between the two parties who had signed below. One of whom was definitely Elijah. Under Elijah’s name were the names and markings of two witnesses. It might not be as “official” as most he’d seen, but with Elijah’s signature and those of two witnesses, it was official enough.

The creature with pink lips and alabaster skin who’d shown up on his doorstep cleared her throat.

He met her hazel eyes. “Yes?”

I’ll only require a few days before the wedding,” she said, flashing him a sweet smile that matched her all-too-sweet Southern United States accent. “As you already know, I’m a simple miss. I require nothing fancy.”

Henry nearly snorted. He remembered meeting this chit during his travels; she was anything but a simple miss. Every time he’d seen her, she’d been dressed in the height of fashion and her hair had been styled in a different arrangement, complete with some of the fanciest combs he’d ever seen. Either she’d fallen from grace in the worst way possible or the woman he’d met before had a twin. There was no way the lady he’d met could be termed as a simple miss. “Ah, so a small wedding with only family in attendance will suffice,” he said, more for the amusement of saying it than out of being serious.

Something flickered in her eyes and her smile as sweet as her accent returned. “Yes, I think that should do nicely.”

Henry sighed and shook his head. “I hate to be the one to tell you this, madam, but there won’t be a wedding—”

Yes, there will be,” she interrupted, jabbing her index finger at the paper he held. “It says so right there.”

Henry’s chest constricted at the desperation he heard in her voice. She’d come halfway across the world with the intention of getting married—she’d be crushed to find her groom was already married. But what could he do about it? “Won’t you come inside?” he invited, gesturing inside the little cottage on the edge of Watson Estate that his oldest brother, Alex, allowed him to stay in, while visiting the country. Technically, the cottage belonged to his mother, since she was the dowager; but she much preferred to stay in the main house and neither Alex nor Caroline had a problem with that, leaving it available for Henry to occupy.

His uninvited guest pressed her lips together. “No. Ladies do not go into the homes of gentlemen they’re not married to.”

He blinked at her. Her starchy tone and the uneasy look in her eyes spoke much louder than her voice had. She might want to marry, but she surely seemed to be uneasy at the idea of what she’d be expected to do after she was married. Fortunately for her, that wouldn’t be a problem she’d need to concern herself with in the near future.

About that—” he idly tapped the paper she’d given him against his thigh— “would you be interested in marriage to another?”

Her eyes narrowed on him. “Are you interested in a scandal, Mr. Banks?”

Her challenge brought him up short. “No,” he said carefully.

That’s what I thought,” she said, her sweet smile resuming its former place on her lips.

Henry’s mind raced. His family might not wish for her to bring a scandal to their doorstep, but unless his scientifically-inclined brother, Alex, was able to discover a way to travel back in time within the next few days, a scandal was exactly what would come to them. A thought popped into his mind. It wouldn’t work long term, but it might work just long enough to accomplish his goal and avoid scandal.

He heaved a heavy sigh then stepped onto his porch. “What would you think if I were to court you a while first?”


If that wasn’t enough and you’re interested in reading the other excerpt, follow this link and head over to Once Upon a Book to read another short excerpt.




9 thoughts on “Exclusive Excerpt of His Brother’s Bride”

  1. Oh, I HAVE to read this book. I’m so excited about going on vacation in May and reading more of your books while lounging on the beach. It’s going to be a Rose Gordon and Ruth Ann Nordin vacation. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Rose. I actually put it on the blog today. (I thought today was Friday). And I had quite an adventure coming home tonight–made me appreciate Jay Galloway, the hero of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” and the guy he’s based on even more!

      2. I thought today was Wednesday for some reason, I guess between the two of us we might have a Thursday, right?

        Jay’s really strong, isn’t he?

      3. Yep–I guess we have a Thursday, It’s been a long week, so I was rushing to get to Friday, I guess. Jay’s strong and his character does stuff I don’t expect and I’m sitting there at the computer saying “Wow!”

  2. I am so excited to read this…it is not your fault that “the power’s that be” have their own pages that are not shared with the rest of us and especially you- the author!! We love your books and can wait for them to share with the rest of us! We will sigh and wait with you!!! 😉 Thanks for the gift you share with all of us!

    1. Thanks for understanding. Some things just can’t be helped.

      It is my pleasure to share my stories. While I enjoy them (okay, I admit it, I’ve actually enjoy my own books), it’s even better when someone else says they liked it, too.

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