Bob, Edits from Bob, Just for Fun

Life would be boring without husbands…

…and so would the third round of editing a book.

Or at least that’s my feelings.

Today, I’ll post the typos and comical thoughts Bob had on His Brother’s Bride when he read it after the second draft to offer a man’s perspective.

But first, I have to go back Jilted. There was a comment he made that was totally hysterical (to me) that I didn’t post because I didn’t want to ruin anything for anyone. It’s been more than two months now so I don’t think I’m in as much danger of spoiling anything for those who follow me here.

At the end of the second chapter, after Amelia has woken up from her drug-induced sleep only to return home and be told by her brother that she’ll have to marry Lord Friar, post haste, my husband left a comment saying, “The moral of this story is: Don’t drink the fruity punch!”

With no further ado, here are his thoughts on my upcoming book:

  • Compost is good for gardening… (Honestly, I don’t understand this one as the word I’d put was compose instead of composed.)
  • At times like this, I think you say ‘at times’ too much.
  • With his mustache? (This was totally off the way, and an inside joke, I’m afraid. We have a friend who has a really thick, bushy mustache that I always refer to as a broom because of all of its bristles. So when I said, “Henry swept her from the top of her head to the hem of her wide skirt…” his mind went to brooms. Strange man.)
  • Oh, the dramatics.
  • This might the a bit much…
  • She didn’t want to go into the house earlier, and now she’s sleeping in his bed? Fickle woman.
  • Why is she questioning this? Didn’t she just watch him make it? (Yes, dear, and if you’d keep reading, you’ll notice he asks her the same question!)
  • She did not!
  • Mrs. Gordon, you’s all sorts of nasty today. (Uh, yeah, when reading the sentence, you’d think he had more delicate sensibilities than Lady O pretends to have. Good grief, we haven’t gotten to the scandalizing parts yet.)
  • This sounds more like a liver disease than a flower to me.
  • Oh, so funny, darling. Only you.
  • Dog poo? (Oops, I had two “do’s” in a sentence. I swear, I’d be a wreck without his good sense and careful eye…)
  • Spotted, huh. Did he have leprosy? (No, actually, acne.)
  • Men don’t lose their breath when they’re excited by what they see, they get a– (That’ll be enough of that, Mr. Gordon!)
  • Funny sentence structure.
  • Isn’t this a little excessive. Demand they marry because they dance more than twice at a ball? (Sadly, no, it was very realistic.)
  • Henry has my sympathy, you’re chilly, too, sometimes. (Thanks, dear.)
  • This is too vague. I think you need to be more descriptive in such a scene. (In case you’re curious, it was an intimate scene. Honestly, I get awkward as it is with those, I couldn’t imagine being more descriptive.)

For as crazy as Bob makes me at times, he never fails to amuse me with what he thinks are important changes to my books. Admittedly, I have taken several of his suggestions over the year (mainly on correcting typos), and I always look forward to his thoughts. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

19 thoughts on “Life would be boring without husbands…”

  1. So this is the first time I have had the chance to read the book before seeing his comments and some of them I couks guess the scene but others I have no idea but I still love readinfg them. I think you guys make a great team.

  2. Sometimes I envy you. At least Bob enjoys reading about sex. My husband gets weirded out by it. I won’t even let him read my books anymore.

    Love the “dog poo” catch. Isn’t it annoying how an extra word can pop up like that?

    1. I used to use a word processor that would catch double words, this one doesn’t…

      Oh, you wouldn’t believe the comments Bob leaves on my intimate scenes, most of them are totally inappropriate though. He’s a good sort. I certainly found a keeper.

    1. I am VERY lucky and I know it. Bob has read every one of my books, and one of them he even read twice.

      He won’t read any other romances, though. LOL Just mine.

  3. Thanks for the funny post. I only wish my hubby was as supportive. He wants me to write his favorite genre, not my “mushy stuff” (only he doesn’t call it “stuff”)…Bob sounds like he’s got a cool sense of humor. Lucky you!! 🙂 By the way, I finally got to use my Teavana gift card–the Citrus Lavander Sage blend is wonderful! Yum! 🙂

  4. Husbands are wonderful…it is so nice that he is supportive and is willing to share in your “passion.” Too often guys only pay lip service to their wife’s interests!

    1. Bob is very supportive of me. He always has been…even when I went off on a few ventures that were awful (selling real estate and making bath salts, to name but two). He is certainly a rare find and I’m very fortunate to have found him.

  5. That’s funny, Rose. Yeah, I loved my d/h, too (he didn’t help with editing–he did not like anything to do with grammar or spelling. He liked math/science/computer stuff. He would have loved e-books!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. My husband isn’t huge on grammar, either. He reads more to offer a male perspective on my heroes and if he finds a typo, he’ll mark it. He’s really not my editor.

  6. Always love getting Bob’s perspective! It makes reading the book more fun…if that’s possible (looking for his inserts).

  7. FINALLY, got to finish this book! What a tear-jerker… Anyway, had to come back and re-read Bob’s comments. 🙂

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