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First Audiobook Now Available!

I know to most this is not overly exciting, but to me it is!

His Contract Bride is now officially an audiobook!

Contract for Audio


His Contract Bride is currently available at:

Well, for as excited as I am about this, The Officer and the Bostoner isn’t going to finish writing itself, so I’d better get back to it…

13 thoughts on “First Audiobook Now Available!”

  1. I just listened to the sample! I think it’s a good thing that the narrator doesn’t have a thick accent so everyone who purchases your audio book should understand her English (although I really am fond of English accents). I am so excited to buy the audiobook. I’ve never purchased an audiobook before. I can’t wait to be “lazy” and have a book read to me lol. Congrats!

  2. Loved the sample… Your reader did a great job. I’ll have to pick this up for my next solo road trip. (mike will not listen to a romance novel… Mysteries only when he’s in the car)

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