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Guest Post: A trip to the Special Olympics

A reader of mine, who is also a bit of a writer when time allows, recently skied (and medaled) in the Special Olympics. Not only is that impressive, but she was kind enough to write about her recent experience when I asked.  

I enjoyed myself at the special Olympics very much.  Sunday afternoon we checked in at the ski lodge and got out room assignments.  I was rooming with my parents even though I think I would have liked to room with a couple of other girls.  Sunday night was the opening ceremonies and we went into the town square which was only a block away from the lodge.  We stood outside and waited for our turn to parade around the square.  While we waited we noticed that just about every police car in New Hampshire drove by with their flashing lights.  The police are really into the Special Olympics especially the state troopers.  After we paraded around the square some people gave some speeches and then they snowmobiled the torch in and lit the torch.  We watched the fireworks shoot off symbolizing that the games have officially opened.

The next day Mom, Dad and I went down to the head coaches room for breakfast and had pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs and juice. After we talked amongst each other my parents and I went back to our room and went to the mountain.  The first day of the competition is usually mayhem and chaos because its so unorganized.  I down hill ski by the way.  The morning was a time trial and a competition in the afternoon.  They set up flags that we had to ski between as fast as we could.  I did good in the afternoon competition I got a bronze medal.  Then we got to free ski the rest of the day or what was left of it.  Most of that day was spent waiting around and you really can’t tell some of these people that they have to wait.

Tuesday’s competitions went more smoothly and were more organized.  My group of athletes were the first ones to go down for the morning and afternoon competitions.  The flags didn’t really change positions except maybe in the afternoon’s competition and that’s usually when they have less flags but they are spread out enough so that not to many people could screw up.  I got a fourth place ribbon in the morning and a bronze medal in the afternoon.  In the evenings on Sunday and Monday we sat around the head coach’s room and talked.  Mom brought the cribbage board and I played some cribbage with one of the coaches.  Then me and a friend versed him and my father with partners we beat them both nights. 🙂

When asked how long she’d been skiing, she said said she’d been skiing since she was very young and had been competing in the Special Olympics for about three years now.

Congrats, on your two bronzes! And thanks so much for sharing a bit about your recent experience.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: A trip to the Special Olympics”

  1. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your medals. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I have been wanting to get my boys into the Special Olympics but they aren’t very interested right now. Maybe one day when they get a little older.

    1. If they want to participate they have to be at least 8 or that’s how it is in NH I don’t know about where you live.

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