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Good morning, my name is Rose and sometimes I do moronic things…

I don’t intend to do stupid things, but sometimes a little bit of stupid catches up with all of us. Particularly me!

I often tell my husband that I need a clone, and perhaps between the two of us we’d manage to have one functioning brain. But as it is, there’s just one of me and yesterday I wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

I have three, yes three Facebook identities. There is the one I created when I first started out as an author. It was just a simple page. At the time, Facebook allowed me to use my page as if it were a person. I could comment on statuses with it. Like other pages. Whatever. I never used it that way, but the option was there. Then, they did some tweaking like they always do and suddenly the only way I could access my page was if I created a persona profile for Rose Gordon. So I did. And from my Rose Gordon the human being profile account, I have a sub account as the page (it sounds confusing, but it’s not actually it is, especially for me, apparently).  Then of course there is my private page where at the end of the day, I can log on and just be me without fear that I’ll say something that will offend people and be ripped to shreds all over the Internet.

Anyway, for my Rose Gordon author page or any “page” out there, administrators of varying levels can be added. This is great because it allow someone to help update my book covers that are on display or fix anything I inadvertently destroy.

Well, I went to add someone to help me better organize the page and make it more user-friendly and just as I finished adding her, I suddenly couldn’t find my page anymore.

I panicked. Yes, I panicked over something as ridiculous as a Facebook page. I have somehow managed to get 490 or so “likes”, which for a person like men, that’s rare and a great feat.

So I typed the page name into the search bar… It was still there, but I couldn’t access it from my profile page.

Then suddenly  I couldn’t do anything on Facebook. My account was locked and I was made to create a new password. When I did, once again, I couldn’t access the back end of my page.

I was so confused that I sent out a half-baked email to several of my author friends, claiming I’d been hacked and kicked off my own page!

Apparently, that was not the case. Facebook kept a log of who’d been the one to remove me as an administrator and the IP address and closest city said it was me! If that’s not convincing enough, there was even a little note in the email I received from FB saying that someone using YOUR OWN DEVICE has deleted you as an admin.

I had no idea it was possible to delete yourself (the creator of the page) from the administrator role, but apparently you can, and in the process of adding her, I deleted myself.

Talk about a humbling moment. Believe me, I’ve had many, many humbling moments in my life, but never quite as shocking as that one. LOL

Fortunately, I had added her before I kicked myself off so she was able to add me back–but not after I had to like my own page. Yes, I had to actually “like” my own page.

In other news, I hit the 26,000 word mark in The Officer and the Bostoner last night and I have another surprise or three that I’ll be announcing in the next week or so!

12 thoughts on “Good morning, my name is Rose and sometimes I do moronic things…”

  1. Oh my goodness Rose. LOL I’ve had my own FB moments. I did something a while back and every time I commented on the blog’s FB page it used my personal account. And then I’d be chatting with a friend on my own FB account and it would say I was herding cats & burning soup commenting. I don’t know what on earth I did to manage that but it took me forever to undo.

    Good to know you can de-admin yourself. I had no idea! Glad you’d already added her in!!


  2. Facebook changes things all the time, too, which doesn’t help. I’m surprised it’s that easy to remove yourself as administrator of your page when WP makes it so difficult to remove a blog that has a paid subscription on it.

    Glad you got it all straightened out. I would have panicked, too.

    1. Facebook does make changes all the time. I agree about WordPress. I had a blog with them that I’d paid for and I couldn’t get rid of the thing no matter what I did. It was annoying but compared to accidentally deleting yourself from your own Facebook fan page I guess I’d rather have the security that WordPress offers.

  3. Facebook makes things really difficult sometimes. I know an author who had a Facebook identity and wanted to add a page. But what he did was change his regular account TO the page and he lost all his friends, etc. I’ve never created a page. I have two FB identities, one personal, and one for my author pen name. I really messed up one time and said something on my regular account that I meant to say on my author account. I ALMOST had a big problem. LOL

    1. That would be AWFUL! I’m sure that if I’d made the person before the page, I’d have done the same stupid thing.

      I have often wondered why I didn’t do like you did and just use a page and have people friend me. It’d be far less complicated, to be sure.

      Oh, and I’ve done it both ways where I’ve nearly posted something on Rose’s identity that wasn’t meant to be there or something on my other identity that should have gone for Rose. It’s tough sometimes. LOL

  4. Congrats. on the 26,000 word mark, Rose. I do moronic things all the time, especially in the last 4 months. Now that I’m back at work, I can do them even more and with more energy because I drink coffee in the morning (not decaf).

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