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Is this just weird or what?

Perhaps this would have been better titled: Am I just weird, or what? LOL

This year, I was actually LOOKING FORWARD to the time change!


It’s a simple story, really…

Last year we bought a new-to-us car that instead of having a digital clock above the radio, it has an analog clock on the dashboard (strange, I know).

When the time change happened and we “fell back”, my clock suddenly became an hour ahead. Try as I might, I couldn’t fix it.

I touched here and pressed there. I spun this and twisted that. I pushed… I pulled… Nothing.

I got out the USB that contained a PDF of our owner’s manual. I couldn’t find it. I found out how to reset the mileage after the oil was changed and how to unlock the doors (this is a different story for a different day…actually more like 100 stories as I didn’t know how to unlock the car from the inside without opening a door…). I even learned how to turn of the sensor that made the lights “glow” in the dark.

But I couldn’t figure out how to change the clock.

So I went to YouTube.

All sorts of videos on how to change the headlamp or a trick involving the tire jack. But NOTHING about the clock.

For months I had to drive around and remember that I wasn’t running late, the clock was off.

Bob would get in the car and say, “Wow, that was a long movie.” Or “I didn’t realize the pastor had preached that long.” Of course, I’d chuckle–and never tell him how many times I’d done that, or that the clock was fast.

But it was darned annoying and as much as I missed my hour of sleep yesterday morning. I got in my car to take my kids to school today with the peace of mind that I was RIGHT ON TIME.

Does this make me weird or what?

I hope all of you who observe the time change are adjusting well. I know I am. I was finally able to go to sleep last night and sleep well knowing that my clock would be right on time when I went to leave today!

14 thoughts on “Is this just weird or what?”

  1. I’m glad we don’t have to mess with our clocks here in Arizona. No time change. Just have to remember it changes for our families in the Midwest. And every now and then dad forgets and scares the willies out of me by calling really early on my birthday (he would be 2 hours later than us.)

    I don’t think you are weird, this time, Rose. The automobile time pieces have been the bain of many car owners existences through time, or at least this car owner. Who is thankful that I don’t have to deal with changing them anymore.

  2. I usually don’t care for when we lose the hour, because goodness knows I need more hours in the day. I would prefer about 10 extra hours in my day, actually. I do, however, welcome the fact that Spring is definitely on its way here. I am thoroughly sick of the dark days, the cold, and the stupid freakin’ snow. Ugh. I understand the frustration with the car clock. I had a similar problem with a clock in my previous vehicle; we always knew when it was daylight savings, because that was the only time that the clock was correct! 🙂

    1. LOL that’s how I felt. I had another car that the clock was an hour off for six months out of the year, but it was because I was too lazy to mess with it. But for some reason, the fact that I couldn’t get it to change, made it even worse.

      I could use those extra 10 hours, too…

  3. That’s a great story. I’ve gone through not knowing how to change the clock in my car as well. You could always call the service department at a dealership of your make of car. They should be able to help you….for the future of course.

    1. *face palm* Oh my lands! I have no idea what I didn’t think of that. My only fear would be they wouldn’t tell me just so they could charge me for a service appointment. And believe me, if it drove me crazy enough, I’d probably take my car down.

  4. Rose I totally understand how u must feel. For about two years now my car clock has been off an hour or two all depending on daylight savings. I was told to replace the clock which apparently is the only way to correct the time would cost 125.00. Ridiculous I said there is no way I am paying for a new clock. And so now I am currently one hour ahead. Lol.

    1. I love it, LeeAnn!

      In our Vibe the digits on the clock and radio tuner just vanished one day, followed a few months later by the CD player (and of course I have one of my favorites stuck in there!). I was told I needed to replace the entire system, that apparently there was a short. My feeling is, the radio still works, you might have to go by feel on the dial from one of the presets–I cannot tell you how many “click” I’ve moved the dial in either direction to find the right station from a preset–but it still plays! So all is well.

    1. I was unpleasantly surprised this Sunday when my husband’s phone did the time change and the alarm came at what I thought should be 5, not yet 6. I could only imagine the frustration you faced! A day early. Goodness.

  5. You are so funny. 🙂 The clock in my car is so easy to change, it’s almost unbelievable. LOL.

    I’m apparently one of the few people who likes daylight savings time. I’m hearing lots of ranting and grumbling on the internet. But I love the extra daylight in the evenings.

    1. The only thing I don’t like is driving home from taking my kids to school in the morning, the sun is SO bring and right in my face. Otherwise, I don’t mind the extra daylight at night!

  6. Rose I have never changed my time on my Kindle, even though I know how to. So I’ve always had to subtract an hour to figure out what time it is. And its not because I don’t know how to change the time I just never got around to it.

    1. I think when you *can* change it, it doesn’t bother you as much as when you *can’t*.I had another car for a few years that I could, I was just too lazy, but as soon as I got a car where I couldn’t, it drove me bonkers.

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