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In case you missed it…

A few of my updates and a few reader questions/concerns:

1. Live Chat is a go!

WHEN: March 5, 2013 @ 8-9pm EST (This is a come and go, so come late, leave early, it’s up to you!)

WHERE: On my website. Follow this link.

TOPIC: Open! Bring any questions you might have–I’ll answer what I can!

A huge thanks to those who helped me text this yesterday, it worked great. There was one minor issue, but we got it worked out. So…now I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes on Monday night and pray I don’t hear the crickets chirp while I’m in there alone. Also, if this is a success, I’ll make this a regular thing (once a month?), which means I’ll probably need to come up with some sort of graphic for it!

2. There are 10 copies of His Yankee Bride up to win.

One of the ladies over at Romancing the Book has agreed to take ten printer-tainted copies of my book to give away. If you’d like to find out how to enter to win, please visit their site. I think one way is to leave a comment, which is easy. And since there are very few who’ve entered yet anyway, your chances are great!

Here’s the link:

3. Still accepting requests to send books to libraries.

I can also send books and swag to blogs as giveaways or book clubs. Just let me know.

4. Are your ebooks lendable?

Absolutely. All of my books are lending enabled in the bookstores that allow for lending such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are of course subject to the “rules” that those bookstores put on books such as how many “loans” can be made of the same book and the duration. But ALL of my books are lending enabled so feel free to share them with a friend.

5. Where else will you be signing books this year, I can’t make it to Kansas City.

This is hard because I don’t know. I will try to update here when new dates come up, but frankly, book signings are hard. They’re hard to schedule and they’re hard to convince people to host. I mainly rely on them at conferences that I attend as they already have everything set up for it all I have to do is sign my name to the list and order books. Right now, I know I am going to RT in May (Kansas City), and there are a few other conferences that I’m considering, but I haven’t registered yet.

1 thought on “In case you missed it…”

  1. Looking foward to the chat next Tuesday.

    We just need to have a book conference or something in Colorado so I can make it. If I wasn’t taking so much time off in March I might have been able to go to Kansas City. I’ll have to look to see where it will be next year and maybe plan that in. Going to a whole conference of authors and readers I think could be a fun experience.

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