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Guest Post: A Love Story

Somehow, I managed to find yet another guest for this special feature, (and all readers and frequent commenters should beware, it might not be you today, but your day is coming!). Today, I have wrangled Angieleigh who runs the Once Upon A Book blog to come and share her love story. So enough of my words, and here are hers:

My husband and I’s love story may not necessarily be unique, but it’s a true testament to the power of the love we share and the love that God has for us both.

When I was eighteen I had a heck of a time finding a job and saw an ad in the paper for a job that sounded just perfect; earn lots of money, travel around the country, meet all sorts of new people…I was too naive to realize that it simply was too good to be true.

I ended up getting talked into the job traveling the country as a door to door magazine salesperson. To be honest, I was good at it because people could see how naively enthusiastic I was about my job. It truly was fun to meet people and see more of the country than I ever would have on my own.

Wayne* was my somewhat-boyfriend’s roommate. He was older – 26 to my 18 – and I didn’t really pay him much attention other than to talk about music – we’re both lovers of hair bands and everything 80’s – and whatever was on TV at the time. Tom and I didn’t work out, but we parted as friends. A few weeks later my roommate and her boyfriend locked me out of our hotel room and I had nowhere to go and didn’t feel like sleeping on the floor in the hallway. Wayne offered to let me stay in his room and that was that…we have been together since May 7th, 1996.

Though I truly believe in love at first sight, our relationship has been anything but easy; our road has had more mountains to climb over, more bumps than I ever dreamed possible. But I would not trade these eighteen years and two children for anything else in the world. Through trial and tribulation, countless separations and reconciliations, we have weathered the storms and come out even more in love than we ever thought possible. I have always known that God chose me to be this man’s wife for one huge reason – to save him from himself. My husband will tell you that the only reason he’s alive is because of me, and my pride will tell you that that is true.

In three years, on our twentieth wedding anniversary, we plan to renew the vows we made to each other. I simply cannot wait.

{*Name changed to protect my husband’s privacy}

Thanks so much for sharing your sweet story, Angieleigh! Be sure to visit her blog Once Upon A Book, there might be something of interest on the front page…

14 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Love Story”

  1. That was a wonderful story. It’s nice to see someone else out there fighting to stay together through all the rough times and coming out more in love than ever. I know sometimes it probably seemed so much easier to just give up, good for you for sticking it out. May God continue to bless you both.

  2. That is a beautiful story. My husband, the love of my life, passed away in 2001 at the age of 46 (lung cancer). Our lives weren’t always happy either, but he was a wonderful man and I know I will never find anyone else like him.

    It’s great when “love conquers all,” isn’t it?

    1. I am so, so sorry to hear that! I couldn’t imagine my life without my husband in it…and when I try I end up sobbing and he wonders why I do that to myself. Love is an amazing thing and I am so blessed not only to have my husband, but our two wonderful teen boys as well!

  3. Hi Angieleigh!

    I loved reading you’re very special love story. After being married for 43 years my husband and I are often asked by our friends who are divorced how we “lasted” for so long. Yes, there have been good times and bad but we always made time to talk things out and stop and remember that the bad times made our marriage even stronger.

    Ironically all our friends always had more than use and would always tell us about vacations they took and jewelry that was given/received and when asked what I had gotten for a “special” occasion we’re always surprised when I was so proud of my husband for having given me something practical like a broom or new vacuum cleaner! We always put the practical before the expensive so now that we’re in our 60’s the mortgage is paid and when times got tough because of the down turn in the economy we were already used to putting the essentials are a priority.

    We learned that it was what we shared as a couple that was important was really liking each other through good times and bad and working together you could overcome all odds.

    1. Congratulations on such a wonderful, lasting marriage! My husband usually tends to forget me on certain holidays…and my birthday, which he couldn’t tell you anything other than it’s in August…but I stopped being sad about it last year; at least I have HIM in the long run.

  4. I understand about those rocky times. My husband and I almost split a couple of times, too. But we’ve now been together for 30 years and our marriage is stronger than ever. Thank you so much for sharing your love story!

  5. this is a really educative and fascinating story.yea that’s a perfect example of a couple who where really interested in making their marriage a success. Saving a marriage is a collective responsibility of both the man and the woman. and knowing their respective responsibilities would help make the marriage even more resistant to divorce.

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