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Updates and in need of an idea…or 100

1. The first book I had contracted to make into an audiobook His Contract Bride is almost done. I spoke with the narrator today and she’s about two-thirds of the way through and is projected to finish the end of next week.

I’ve never done an audiobook before so I don’t know what all has to happen after that, but from what I understand, it won’t take long once she finishes it for it to be available. I’ve listened to four chapters (so far) and I’m really happy with it.


2. His Brother’s Bride is coming along nicely! I started this one last month right before Jilted came out and even with three–yes three–rounds of the flu and something that totally wiped me out yesterday and made me so incredibly sleepy that I went to bed in the afternoon and didn’t fully wake up until this morning, I have managed to make good headway on the book. I’m in that terrible spot where two-thirds of the book is written, and I’m wishing it was more like three-fourths. For me, the first quarter of a book just appears. It comes so very easy. Then, it slows down for a while until I’m about 40 percent of the way through, then it catches speed again only to come to a crashing halt after I’ve reached that two-thirds mark. Then it comes slow. This is the most excruciating part, too. When it happens earlier in the book, I can skip ahead and write another scene then try to fit them together. When it happens at the end, it isn’t so easy. That last fourth of a book is like a race to the finish, then I don’t feel like going back and bridging the gap. Besides, sometimes things happen between 67% and 75% that need to be taken care of at the end, and if I don’t know what they are, it only makes more work later. *Sigh* So in other words, I’m blogging about all of this so A) all of your eyes can glaze over and B) to take a little break.

It occurred to me that when I did the cover changes for this series back in January that some of you might not have seen or noticed the new covers. So for Mr. Henry Banks and his mysterious bride, here is the cover:

Red Beauty

3. I find myself in need of giving away more books. A few weeks ago, I’d mentioned giving away books to libraries–which I’m still taking requests for, by the way. But now, I have 100 more I have to part with. Last week, I got 100 copies of His Yankee Bride from the printer. I’d ordered these to give to retailers and booksellers. Unfortunately, somehow when they were printed, a thin, but noticeable, blue line came through half a line of the text. It’s not enough to kill the book, and it doesn’t make it unreadable by any means, but since I have an image to maintain cough, cough I’d rather not give these to stores to try to sell. So I am now trying to come up with ways to give them away and I’m open to suggestions. I’ve had a few already claimed (thank goodness), but I wanted to extend the invitation to all of you that if you’re involved with a book club that might like to read it or you have ideas for giveaways I could do, please let me know. I am probably the only author in the world who has a hard time coming up with ways to get rid of her books, but alas, here I am.

22 thoughts on “Updates and in need of an idea…or 100”

  1. Hi Rose!

    How about a “Get a book – Give 2 books away”. This way your readers could one of your books and then give two new or used books they have to their local library, senior center or women’s resource center in their home town.

    I don’t know about other areas of the country but in our community there have been many cut backs in services especially at our local library.

    You could even offer a special gift to the reader who encouraged the person she give a book to pass it on after they’ve read it, etc. It would be fun to have everyone who read the same copy of your book to autograph it or initial and date it as it was passed along and you could do something like have a picture taken of the signatures and the person who started the “chain” receive a “special” gift from you (i.e. swag, a future ARC, a back list book).
    We could donate the book you send and we could give it to our local library. You could also have a Library Contest where the library could give their patrons would have the option of having their name (or even just use initials) recorded for reading the book and the library could enter a contest where the “winning” library who had the most people read it in one month would win something from you. You might even be able to get other authors to join you doing this using back list books.

    Just some random thoughts and would love to see what other followers come up with!.

    1. I like your ideas, Jeanne! I might have better luck trying to convince my local libraries into helping with some of those though…

      Like you, close to me, libraries have had their funding sliced drastically. It’s really sad.

  2. I love listening to audiobooks, especially if it sounds like the voice that I would use if I were to read it aloud. I would want the narrator to use the same tones of voice and the same inflections as I would. Does that sound as creepy as it looks here? I try to imagine what a character’s voice would sound like as well…As for the extra books, hmm…I’m not quite sure what I would do…maybe a library contest, where the winner would make a donation to the local library…Anyway, keep up the awesome work and stay healthy!

    1. It took me a long, long time to find someone who I thought had the “right” voice for this. But I guess what I feel is the right voice might not be what others think is the right voice. I’d never been one for audiobooks before, but I’ve listened to about 10 chapters so far and I’m hooked!

      About two weeks ago, I did a huge “let’s put books in libraries” post and had a pretty good response. I might have to resurrect that.

      Will try my hardest to remain healthy. It doesn’t help when I have two school aged kids who have to touch EVERYTHING.

  3. I’ve checked into making an audiobook. It was way too expensive for me to even consider it. 😦

    I’m too scatterbrained to think about how to give away books. LOL. Email me if you want me to get the address of my library. I still haven’t given them any of my books. LOL.

    I’m not sure in what part of my book I have the most trouble when I’m writing. Actually, I think it’s the first quarter or third.

    I love that cover!

    1. They are expensive! I have 10 full-length books to think about… In all honestly, I probably won’t do them all and the second one will depend on how well the first one performs.

      LOL Not to worry. It wasn’t even until recently that I started putting them in my own library.

      I’ve had a few books where the most difficult part was the start. Usually, if it’s too difficult, I figure it’s not the book I should be writing and set it aside for a while. It’s hard to start a book where you don’t feel a pull to either the hero and hero (or worse, both).

  4. Sorry, I don’t have any good ideas for give aways. I would say give books to your most rabid fans but I know that is not quite what you are going for LOL. I do like the book chain idea that Jeanne has. So I’m just going to repeat that idea 🙂

  5. I don’t have any ideas for giveaways but I’ve a request for you. Would you do more giveaways of your ebooks (interntionally) in the future? Please, please, please. Though I didn’t win anything here till now (it’s very very upsetting 😦 you know), I would like to know if you mail your ebooks directy to the winner’s email id because otherwise I will never be able to read your books. I read the 20% online sample of your “His Jilted Bride” from Smashwords. It is as good as your other books. I must admit that I’m very curious about the heroine of “His Brother’s Bride” because as far as you told here she seeks revenge from someone in the Banks family and that makes it more interesting.

    1. I can certainly do more International ebooks… I’ve done gifted books via Smashwords for International giveaways due to currency conversion issues. I’ll have to see what I can come up with. (Writing contests is really hard for me. LOL)

  6. Maybe it sounds absurd but actually I don’t have any bank account till now. I use Smashwords just for reading online sample and downloading free .pdf. Whenever any author gives Smashwords Coupon Code for their book, I can’t make use of it. Hope that I’m not bothering you 😦

    1. I’ve “bought” books using SW coupons before and didn’t have to have an account. You just put the book in the cart, then enter the code, and as long as it’s for 100% off, there isn’t any sort of check out process other than downloading the book. No need to have any kind of bank account or credit card!

      1. Thank you a lot for letting me know. I’ll try it in the future when required. I found out right now that Amazon needs card details too after installing in my PC “Kindle for PC” software. So, Kindle Free books are offlimits too in my case.

  7. I am addicted to blog hops and book tours. It’s amazing that I accomplish anything else. I have been involved in ones where the author gives a book away at each blog on the tour. Not sure how much work this would require to arrange.

  8. This is going to sound so weird to you….I was sick all week last week, mostly just slept. At some point I remember I was writing/reading dialouge and realized it wasn’t something of my own, it was one of your books. I swear, I was reading over your shoulder as you were writing. Being sick has put me behind on EVERYTHING, like just 135 e-mails in my IN box! Congrats on losing the weight! Amy Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 20:12:47 +0000 To:

    1. Oh dear. I hope you’re feeling better.

      Did you get MY email? The one that was in response to your wanting to come on and share your love experience. If not, let me know and I’ll resend it.

  9. I “got out” all your books again and placed them on my Favorites Shelf on Norman (my Kindle Fire- My husband named it and calls him-it- “the other man in our lives”). It has been like a homecoming re-reading them and catching up! Thanks for hours of entertainment and mini vacations.

    1. First, let me say how honored I am that my books are keeping company on your favorites shelf.

      Second, I had to laugh about your naming your Kindle Norman. I named my Kenny (not very original, I know), but everyone thought I was nuts for naming it at all. I’m so glad to know it’s not just me know names their devices.

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