Winner Announced, followed by shameless pleading…

The winner of this past weekend’s hop is…Grapeapril75  (I’ll be emailing shortly).

Now I must shamelessly ask for two favors:

1. Does anyone have a burning desire to share their love story on a Sunday post? My guest next week is talking about love, and since February is the month of love, I thought it’d be great the end the month with a love story that isn’t mine! Heaven knows I’ve shared too much of my own love story on here, most of you can all recite it back by now. So if you have a great story to tell, please let me know. And don’t be afraid someone else has already taken  the spot, we can always add more days or extend the love past the end of February.

2. I need about 10 Average Janes to offer me some honest, unbiased opinions of a few projects I’m planning to do. I think these are good ideas, but I might need someone to talk some sense into me (and yes, it might take all 10 to do so!).

Enjoy your Wednesday!

25 thoughts on “Winner Announced, followed by shameless pleading…”

  1. Hi Rose! I don’t have my personal love story quite yet so I’m of no good there but I’d be happy to help with whatever else you need!

    And thank you so much for the book/swag box! I got home after 11 hours in the car to find that sitting in my kitchen waiting for me when I got home. They’re gorgeous and I can’t wait to start finding them all homes!!

    herding cats & burning soup

    Oooo and congrats to the winner!! That’s awesome 🙂

    1. Too run of the mill? No such thing! Everyone’s story is unique in its own way. Plus, we all don’t know the truth, you could embellish if you want. Should I just go ahead and schedule that for you? LOL

      1. This just came through on my phone! Really? You really want to do it? Not that you have a choice. You’ve just written publicly that you will and there is no way to delete the comments. Ha! (Thank you, by the way.)

  2. I would love to be one of your Average Janes. I don’t know if I have a “great” love story – it is to me – but I met my husband on a blind date (we are stilling trying to decide who was more blind – LOL) and were verbally engaged in 5 weeks. Three weeks later I got a ring and we were married the following year. We will be married 29 years in Sept.

    1. Hi Carol!!! My CBFF has found where all my real crazy resonates: my blog!

      I’ve never been on a blind date, and it’s probably for the best. You’d be a great Average Jane since you can tolerate my madness. I’ll email soon.

    1. LOL Someone else got me with, “Who are you calling average?” I meant that in the way that I was wanting input from regular, everyday ladies, not other authors, just readers.

  3. Love story eh. Well I met my husband while I we were both in Ireland. Though we are both from Minnesota and went to the same college (just missed each other) we didn’t meet till I studied abroad in Ireland. A group of us went there during my junior year of college and we brought two teachers along. One of the teachers had his son and daughter visit for spring break. His son (my now husband) was told not to get involved with the students and he didn’t think that would be a problem. But of course, things didn’t turn out that way. We met and started hanging out. He was only planning to stay I think 2 weeks and prolonged his stay twice so he ended up staying about a month and a half. On my 21st birthday he asked me out and we have been together since.

    I had to go back to Minnesota after that for my senior year of college and he went out to Cali to work, but we stayed together anyway. So for the first year of our relationship, we saw each other spastically and for probably only a total of 2 months. After I graduated I moved out to be with him and we got engaged a few months later. Now we are married and are going on a honeymoon very soon! Probably going to need to get one of your books cause I always seem to get one before going on a trip 🙂

    It’s always fun to tell people the story, does that count as a love story?

    1. I LOVE your story! It certainly counts as a great love story and I think it’s wonderful. Congrats on the recent marriage and enjoy your honeymoon! Truth be told, Bob and I never went on one.

      1. Well, it has been a year and a half since we got married so it’s a bit of a delayed honeymoon 🙂 We didn’t have enough time off to take it right after the wedding.

      2. Bob and I married in downtown on a Wednesday during finals week at our college. No time for a honeymoon. No money, either. we might have gone on a trip the following summer…but I was already knocked up by then so we really didn’t have money then. LOL

  4. You know my love story already. Getting close to the 29 year anniversary of our first and only date. 🙂 We did get an over night honeymoon the night of our wedding, which we ended up spending with my brother watching all the Pyscho movies. My mother came and picked him up around midnight. And all we did was sleep. We were EXHAUSTED! For our first anniversary we went to Niagra Falls, but we also took my 7 year old boys with us. Does that really count?

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