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Audiobooks at a Standstill

I’m at a standstill with these audiobooks. I’d found a voice that I really, really liked, but she got very sick toward the end of last year and since then I’ve been looking again.

However, I wanted to ask for some feedback from you all in regards to audiobooks and have put this into a poll format so you can give your feedback without exposing your identity!

First, I’m curious what your take is on a British accent or no? While the books are based in England, are you thinking of them that way when you read them? So do they need a British accent on the recording or is that too distracting?

Second, which book should I start with? When I first started looking, I thought to start with the first book of my newest series because A. it was one of my newest books, and B. chronologically, it’s the best place to start: the beginning. However, it has been my worst overall performer in regards to ebook sales and interest, so is it really the best one to start with? My other options are starting way back with book 1 (which, I’m not sure is the best idea from a business strategy because that book is free, so why pay $15-20 for the audio version). I could go with Sudden and do the entire Groom Series as my first set of audiobooks since that series is complete. I could go with Contract like I’d originally planned and go in chronological order. OR I could start with Jilted. While all of the others I’ve mentioned are books 1 in a series, to me it feels like this newest series is a two-part series where books 1 and 3 could be “like” first books. Of course I’m open to other suggestions, too!

Finally…Female or Male voice, or does it matter?

In other news…my son won the prize yesterday at his school (out of the entire school, not just his classroom) for his “unique” costume! I was so excited for him as neither of my kids have ever won up there before (I swear it’s rigged as the same kids always win).

16 thoughts on “Audiobooks at a Standstill”

  1. I only have 2 audiobooks both are part of a trilogy. The story has a lot of different characters from England, France and the US. The books are read by a woman and I think she is pretty good at doing male voices and the various accents. I am not sure how good a man would do woman voices/accents. Just my 2 cents…

    Great news about your son and well deserved!


    1. That’s kind of my thing, too, a woman can go deep to do a man’s voice and it’ll sound okay, but a man would have to be very talented to do a female voice.

      That being said, I’ve actually heard a really good male narrator just earlier today so I’m not ruling them out!

      1. I actually prefer male voices unless the main character is a woman who is speaking in first person. LOL.

        I’ve actually heard a lot of male readers do wonderful female voices. I prefer men doing female voices than vice versa. 🙂

      2. I could only imagine a man doing a lady’s first-person POV. Long ago, I read this book called 32AA (it was the main character’s bra size) and in the book, she had many hilarious mishaps, several of them involving her small chest. I couldn’t imagine a male pulling that off with a straight face.

  2. I don’t ever listen to audio books, so I guess it don’t matter but the thought of an English voice sounds unique.

    I’m assuming the son who won had the autographed shirt not the clothes pins, right?

    Congrats to him and his proud parents.

  3. I love that he won the contest–that’s awesome! That was so creative on your part. Ok, reading the polls, I chuckled about the voices because of the choices: male, female, either or other. I am wondering–what constitutes “Other”? LOL. I immediately thought of Darth Vader doing the reading. 😉

    1. I love Darth’s voice! How cool would that be??? LOL

      “Regina Harris would never–” whoosh– “forget the day she fell victim–” whoosh– “to that all-consuming emotion–” whoosh– “known as love.” Whoosh.

      He was so excited that he’d won that I couldn’t bring myself to scold him for jumping up on my bed (where I was trying to sleep off the nausea of the flu) to tell me all about it.

  4. Okay, the choices for gender were female, male, other, and either. “Other” got 8.33% of the votes. I’m REALLY curious about what the “other” would be. LOL

    Oh, I just saw that Heather was wondering the same thing. 🙂

    1. I wish these things would show everyone the “other” choices. But alas, only I’m privy to them… So, do I torture you and let you wonder until it keeps you up at night or do I play nice and tell you that someone suggested that I find two people who can read together and each do their own parts?

      Decisions, decisions…

  5. I don’t really listen to audio books. Its too slow, but I’ll still give my 2 cents. A british voice would be awesome, and I think a female voice would be better but thats just me.

    1. A lot of people listen to them in their car during a long road trip or shhh at work when they can’t read the actual book.

      I guess I’m a pretty slow reader because I thought audiobooks moved pretty quickly. LOL

      1. I honestly have to be really into a book to want to slow down much to listen to it while drivinvg somewhere. Rose you have to remembef I read about 3 times as fast as people speak. I did read Jilted in about 2 and half hours. Your not slow I’m just abnormally fast. which is a blessing and a curse lol.

  6. I agree with Lauralynn. I prefer male voices. But what I suggest is that you browse through audiobooks of popular Regencies by well-known authors and see whether a man or woman does the voice and if there’s a British accent. There might be a preferred way of doing this among audiobook listeners, and if they are used to listening to the books a certain way, having it different might throw them off. I know having the Kindle Fire read in a female voice when I am used to the male voice of the Kindle 2 somehow lessens the enjoyment of the book. I think humans are creatures of habit and once you get used to something being a certain way, it’s jarring to get out of it.

    As for which book to do, I suggest Sudden. From a marketing viewpoint, I think it’s your strongest book to attract a new set of readers to your other books. 1. It sets the stage for the characters for the other books in that series. 2. I think it’s a stronger book than the Earl book because it wasn’t written first. While I know Earl starts the whole thing, I think your voice is stronger in Sudden. The only drawback would be that everyone would know the identity of Madison’s husband right away. 3. It was the USA bestselling book. However, I would make Earl the second choice.

    I didn’t vote in the poll so none of my answers will be reflected there.

    1. I have to agree with your reasons for Sudden, and that’s why I threw it up there as an option. Before, I thought I’d go with Contract since it’s the first in my most recent series, it chronologically does start it all, and it was my eighth book, it had to be better than my first. LOL

      My thoughts reflect yours in that Sudden is a better written book than Intentions and when someone is going to have to pay 15-20 for an audiobook (I don’t price these, by the way, price is based on how long the story is), I don’t want them to write me off due solely to my inexperience.

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