The inspiration for the prologue revealed

Thanks all who commented and guessed. The winner is commenter #3, Linda with the pink square.

So many of you were right in a few different ways. My son WAS titled the Kindergarten Casanova late last year by his Kindergarten teacher and has had a real interesting background with being chased by girls who want to kiss him.

However, the idea for this scene came to mind while writing Her Imperfect Groom, when this all first started. Not only was he being chased by the girls but he actually didn’t like it at the time. (Now, at seven, he eats it up, and likes to remind us that the girls chased him around.) One day I remember a song by “Thompson Square titled Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” playing on our way to school, which elicited strangled gagging noises and a statement from him about how it was the yuckiest song ever! Because I’m Mom-of-the-Year material, I bought their CD and still try to play it once on the way to school for him!

Oh, and for the ones who might have suggested that I ever chased the boys…Never! That wasn’t me, I swear it!

Hav a good weekend, all!

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