Weekend Getaways?

Not the topic most of you would have liked to see today, but there’s always tomorrow, right?

This might seem like a strange request/question, but can anyone suggest a good place for two young, vibrant ladies to meet and spend a three-day weekend? My mom wanted to go with me to a certain readers’/writers’ conference but after looking more closely at the pictures, I quickly deduced that is not the place to take one’s mom! So…I’m thinking to meet her somewhere for a weekend, just the two of us, but I have no idea where to take her. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s some facts that might help:

  • We both live in the center of the US, one a bit more than the other, so any direction would be okay.
  • Coastal towns are all good and well, but neither of us are the lounge on the beach variety
  • Since it’s just a 3-day weekend, we’d certainly need to stay state-side.
  • She’s always had a fascination with the Northeast, but I’ve only been to NYC and upstate NY, so I have no idea what would be a better choice…

Any travelers out there have any suggestions for us?

30 thoughts on “Weekend Getaways?”

  1. Hi Rose –

    We live in New England and knowing what activities you and your are interested in would help giving you suggestions. If you love history and/or art Boston is the place to go. Even with the winter weather you can enjoy the Kennedy Library, go to museums, walk the Freedom Trail and go shopping at Faneuil Hall

    On the other hand if you enjoy quaint villages and scenic drives you should think about visiting Vermont and New Hampshire (and pick up some locally made maple sugar while your there!).

    If you instead are planning on visiting during the Spring, Summer or Fall be sure to come to my “neck of the woods” in Rhode Island where you can enjoy the beaches along the coast, go to Waterfire in Providence, and you won’t want to miss the wonderful array of restaurants all over the state! Where else can you go that EVERYTHING is just a short drive away! In fact if you drive more than 40 minutes you’ll be out of the state. If you come don’t forget to visit the mansions in Newport and if it’s summertime you may even see a Tall Ship in the Harbor.

    Wherever you decide for this trip I hope you have a wonderful time with you Mom!

    1. Thanks Jeanne,

      Those are some wonderful suggestions. I’ll have to see what she thinks. We weren’t planning to go until late spring or early summer. Right now is just too cold.

  2. Hi Rose, what a fun idea! What’s the matter with taking your mom to a convention? You don’t think your mom would enjoy sitting through lectures like Erotica 101 and groups that discuss things like pubic wigs? Well, to each his own… Sounds like a great mother/daughter weekend. (insert mass sarcasm) lol…

    Ok, now to the serious response: my mom, grandma, and I are taking a three day trip to southern Ohio to go antique-ing. The state has a great history with the river and the railroads… Great for antique shoppers. I found a great “path” in my Midwest Living magazine. I also plan to take a trip to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. They have a burned out castle you can tour! Anyway… I’d take a look at Midwest living magazine or their website. Most of the things they have to offer will be close enough for you.

    Hope you have a great time!

    1. I’ve sat though a sex through the ages seminar where pubic wigs were mentioned, however, I’ve never sat through an erotica 101 class…but not for lack of trying. LOL

      I map quested it and I live pretty close to that castle thing, and I’ve never heard of it before. I must beg you though to never tell my mother-in-law about the antiquing in Ohio, we’ll never see her again.

  3. LivingSocial website has some very good specials especially the Combsberry Inn in Md. Since I really do not get the opportunity to go anywhere I get alot of good daydreaming ideas from their escapes specials lol

    1. My husband and I were mugged (in a sense) in NYC the only time we ever went. So…I’m not sure my husband would be too excited if I told him I was going back, although I’d love to see a play on Broadway, and for as silly as it sounds, ride the subway, something I’ve never done.

    1. I saw your posting and thought perfect place. I went there as a teenager and liked it. Then I remembered that was 20 years ago and now I feel old.

  4. It depends when you are going but if it is in the spring I would suggest Branson, Missouri, as their is a lot to do and see and your mother would probably enjoy the entertainment to chose from…. and if you do come ….. come see Joesph at Sight and Sound Theater and I will get you tickets.. Linda Maples Branson, Missouri

    God doesn’t give you the people you want, He gives you the people you NEED – To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.


      1. I am assuming Tami is talking about Mackinac Island, MI. It’s pronounced how she spelled it. I would love to go there. It’s one of those places where cars aren’t allowed. I’ve read quite a few books that take place there and of course it was made very famous from the movie “Somewhere in Time”. Very old fashioned and beautiful. I really think you would LOVE it there.

  5. I always had a fantasy with going to Maine, staying at a cottage along the coast, and checking out lighthouses. I will probably never do it, but I thought I’d throw the thought out there in case you wanted to use it.

    Some other ideas…

    If you want to shop, I hear Mall of America is a great experience.

    If you like zoos, I can vouch for the Omaha Zoo as being one of the best zoos in America. They also have an IMAX. The area also has a Fontenelle boardwalk, if you like going for a nature walk without going on a hiking trail. Mahoney State Park has bike trails. There’s a Durham Museum if you like the history of the railroads. If you want, you can stay at the house I’m trying to sell (20 minutes south of Omaha) for your trip. We have a couple of pieces of furniture still there, so it’s not completely empty. We also have all working appliances with a washer and dryer so you’d have everything you need.

    I happen to love North Dakota’s Medora and the Bad Lands. Medora is best in the summer (though) because they have an outdoor musical in the evenings. South Dakota’s Black Hills with Mount Rushmore and other attractions in Rapid City are another favorite of mine.

    I don’t know what Gatlinburg, TN has this time of year, but I also love that place.

    Wherever you go, I hope you have a great time!

    1. Oh, I love Gatlinburg! I’ve only been there once, but it was a lot of fun.

      Now that you’re closer, you’ll have to visit Mall of America and see if it’s all you heard it was cracked up to be! I went when I was 13 and of course all I wanted to do was ride the rides in the amusement park they have in the mall!

  6. Wait, what?! Where in Upstate New York have you been?! Depending on the time of year you’re going, I’d definitely recommend Lake George or Saratoga {I live close to both} or perhaps Vermont? Or Louisiana…I loved my week-long visit to Monroe a few years back.

    1. My husband and I went to Lake George…all for about 15 minutes. It was WAY too busy for us, so we went further up to Lake Paradox. One of the best trips we ever went on. Funny story (okay, not really, it wasn’t funny when it happened, but it’s somewhat amusing to me now, but just downright hilarious to those who witnessed it, I’m sure), we rented a canoe up there and wouldn’t you know they assigned up to the one on the top rack. It was July and very hot, so I set my lifejacket down on the beach to help my husband unload the canoe, and I someone let my side slip and it was so heavy, he lost his grip, too, and that stupid metal canoe fell right on my chest, giving me my first unofficial mammogram. Talk about painful.

      Another interesting piece of useless information. While we were there, my husband was reading over my first book (which elicited a few hysterical stories in itself) and I was jotting down the beginning of book two on a little pad of paper from a hotel.

      LOL on Monroe, Louisiana. Nothing against those who live there, but my mom lives close to there, so I don’t think she’d consider that a getaway.

  7. How about you and your mother having a relaxing spa weekend? You guys can get messages and sit in a steam room and just generaly relax.

  8. Carnival Cruise. One weekend, the hubs and I did the Math, and it would have cost us more to drive to the coast, stay 2 nights at a nice hotel, eat at sit down restaurants, and pay for parking than to go on a sail on friday back on monday cruise to ensenada…and it was worth it.

    Or you could go to vegas…

  9. Of course, if it’s after May 22, you could fly into Ontario, CA, stay at my house, and I’d chauffeur you both around So Cal…sky diving in Perris, or hot air balloon ride and wine-tasting in Temecula…the possibilities are endless 😉

  10. Hi Rose! During this time of the year, I always try to book a trip to a historical location because the crowds are smaller and it is easier to explore. My favorite historical place to visit is Cape May, NJ. However, I also did a trip in Virginia that was beautiful and there were a lot of activity options.

    1. I’ve never even heard of Cap May (does that make me a bad history person or what?). We went to Williamsburg, VA a few summers back (2010, I believe) and absolutely loved it. What a neat place to go.

  11. You can’t go wrong with a trip to TEXAS! Great B&B’s in the Hill Country (New Braunfels or Wimberly) with lots of shopping/antiques and great eating along with several good winerys. Or stay on the River Walk in San Antonio lots of shopping and history all in one place. The river taxi/tours are so much fun,esp. after dark when all the lights are on. Some of the best TexMex in the state. A quick drive from SA is San Marcos home of Texas State University and one of the best outlet malls ever! If you come in the spring you’ll get to see fields of bluebonnets and wildflowers.

    1. It’s ironic that you mention San Antonio. My brother-in-law is getting married this spring in TX and we were thinking to spend a three-day weekend in San Antonio (our family, not me and my mom). I’ve jotted down several of the things you mentioned, especially the water taxi. Thank you so much for the suggestions.

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