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9th Day of Christmas–Accidental injuries, anyone?

The winner of yesterday’s signed paperback is: Lisa W!

12 Days of Christmas

Today’s random question for a chance to win a signed book from my backlist (and to get your name in the drawing for the Grand Prize) is:

Have you ever accidentally injured yourself around Christmastime? And don’t say you haven’t we all have, and now’s your chance to tell us all about it! (Disclaimer, you can share your mishap, but don’t expect an abundance of sympathy!)

I once heard a radio trivia question that asked what accounted for the highest percentage of trips to the emergency room around Christmastime. People guessed hanging up lights or being assaulted at the store. But the answer was clamshell packages. You know those packages you buy that have the item encased in a huge plastic bubble that you have to use a knife, a pair of scissors, and a razor blade to open? Yeah, those. Apparently lots of stitches happen around Christmastime due to these little jewels.

So when Bob and I shop for our kids, we’ll try to veto the other’s choice of toy by saying, “Beware of the clamshell packaging!”

To this end, and just because we didn’t find anything we really wanted that was packaged that way, we won’t have to help our boys open any clamshell packages this year. Therefore we thought we were out of the woods…

But we didn’t count on me being an idiot…

Last night I was outside in the frigid night’s air getting something out of my car (I can’t even remember now thanks to the events that happened next). In my hurry to close the door and get inside, I grabbed hold of the door–not the handle, nor just placing the flat of my hand on the outside of the door, but actually holding the edge. Then, with all my might, I slammed it. Of course it didn’t latch because my finger was wedged between the door and the metal frame of the door! Very carefully, I opened the door to reveal a mangle finger. As it would happen, I broke the middle bone in my index finger and I have no one to blame but myself.

So, what’s your story? When have you ever been the victim of yourself? 

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36 thoughts on “9th Day of Christmas–Accidental injuries, anyone?”

  1. ^^ not accidental injury not but the last two year i wasn’t well… first a stone in the kidney ( that hurts!!! and after the hospital i was released just on time for christmas ( only one night and so many painkiller that possible^^) i had a very specific diet….forget all christmas thing^^ but at least i was at home

    last year , “tendinite au talon d’achille” could have been an injury if i had done any sport the day before but no i just woke up and i couldn’t put my foot on the floor ^^;; several months to be able to walk again and still some sequel ( but no explanation as how it happened)

    Result this year i started my christmas shopping early october just to be sure^^ *touch some wood* this year so far ( and i hope it will stay that way) i just got a cold so far so good^^

    i want a real happy christmas! so i’m extra careful now^^

  2. Well, I haven’t had any injuries but probably will now that I said I haven’t. 🙂 I guess the worst I can say is that I just had an unexpected tooth extraction two days ago and I am in pain. In the midst of being in pain, I am trying to get ready for Christmas. I think I may end up slirping soup for Christmas this year as it is hard to eat. 🙂

  3. one year while putting up the ornaments on the tree I dropped one and it shattered. while picking up the pieces I manage to cut my finger cutting the nerve to the tip. it took I would sat close to 5 years before I had all the feeling back in that finger.

  4. I’m recovering right now from stomach flu and fever. Fortunately, not any injuries till now. I’m trying to be well for Christmas.

  5. The worst injury I have had is just strained muscle in my thigh once. That happened when I going up some steps and as I put my weight on the top step my foot slipped and I done the splits. My leg was black from my knee up for two weeks. Apart from that I have been very lucky. ( Touching wood now)
    Happy holidays.

    I already follow your f b page.

  6. Ok! I will not say or write this again. I was mad with my husband because he was working a LOT, so much we hadn’t have the time to buy a tree and it was almost christmas. (This was two years ago, on the 20th.) So I went alone and bought the biggest tree i could find. I wanted to mount the tree on my own. I don’t know how it happen but i ended in the floor with the tree on top of me. I got a huge bump in my head and my husband knows nothing of this. It was a HUGE tree. Lesson learn next time i wait for help. Lol

  7. Hmmm, not really sure which one to go with. I stepped on one of my son’s Legos when he was about 4 and sprained my ankle. Or there’s the time I locked the presents in the car accidentally and out of frustration punched the car and sprained my hand AND managed to make a teeny tiny spider crack get a whole lot bigger in my back window!

  8. Winter is my family’s favorite time for extreme sporting competitions and it results in an injury or two: 10 years ago we all went to Colorodo for our annual December skiing and the goal was to ski the top 5 resorts in 5 days. My cousin and I have been skiing since we were small but that year we decided to snow board. Bad idea. On day one I had a major collision with a skier, had more spectacular falls than I could count, and hit myself in the back of the head with my own snowboard still attached to my own feet! My cousin hyper-extended her elbow and fractured her tail bone. We spent the rest of our trip sight seeing while everyone else skied. Another year, we were at home “sledding” on a sled secured to the back of a fourwheeler. I got thrown and on the way off the sled caught my knee and earned a gash straight to the knee cap. My cousin broke her arm. Writing it makes it seem weird… It was normal and fun at the time 🙂

  9. I was very pregnant (my baby came the 1st of February) and I was hanging wreaths on all my outside windows from inside the house. The bathroom window is over the tub so I was standing on the tub! I slipped off the tub and my foot hit the toliet. I screamed and water was spraying every where. My husband flew up the stairs! He was trying to help me, I was screaming for him to forget me stop the water. He got everything under control! My foot had the worst pain I had ever felt! I laid on the couch the rest of the day! I few days later I told my OB about the accident and he covenced me it was completely ok to get an X-ray. Sure enough I had broken 3 bones in my foot!

    1. When I was pregnant (both times, actually) I had mishaps. The first time, I was rear ended while at a stoplight and the second time I got out of the car while on the ice, slipped fell and hurt myself pretty bad. Frantic, I asked the doctor “What about the baby?!” His response, “Oh, he probably thought it was great fun sliding around in there like that.” Uh, yeah. Anyway, I’m glad you weren’t injured more than just the three broken bones in your foot, but still, I cannot imagine.

  10. Mine is not very original or clever (or active for that matter).. but I’ve burned myself pretty badly while cooking. Especially when there’s been oil involved.. OY. I don’t consider myself *too* accident prone, but I do cook quite a bit more during the holidays and more often than not, have ended up with a burn or three while making dinner or something fried that’s absolutely delicious. Gah. Burns #@#%^& hurt lol

  11. Thankfully, I don’t recall any Christmas related injuries besides an occasional scratch from those packages you mentioned. I have been sick at Christmas more times than I care to mention. My husband almost cut the tip of his finger off slicing our Christmas Roast one year, but refused to go get stitches.

    Sorry about your finger, hope it heals quickly and that it’s not causing you too much pain.

  12. I honestly can’t recall anything right now, but I did get a lovely big black eye right before Easter which was also a day away from my birthday. Those are just great and attractive pictures to look back on.

  13. Ouch! I hope your finger gets better soon! Not accidents for me (knock on wood) but years ago I had to have my gallbladder removed. I had to wait until the first week in January because my doctor wasn’t available!

    I have injured others…specifically my husband although not at Christmas time. A while back I went to get something out of the back of our SUV, went to close the door and didn’t realize that he was a bit too close and hit him in the head luckily nothing major.

  14. Hope your finger heals fast, that’s happened to me before but with the front door and it hurt so much. As for my accidental injury, I was playing tether ball during recess in grade 3 and when the ball came around I went to smack it and instead it hit my hand and caused my pinky finger to snap back. After crying in class for an hour due to the pain, my teacher finally sent me to the office who then sent me home. When I went to the doctors the x-ray showed that I had a hairline fracture and I ended up wearing a cast for I think a month. It was pretty painful.

  15. No major injuries for me except the normal slip on the ice and fall on your bottom. Then having to hobble around for days on end and just hope no one saw you slip and fall…again.

    1. A few years ago, I decided that as a means for exercising I should pick up roller blading again. For Christmas my husband bought me a pair and I cannot tell you how many times I lost my footing on one and had one foot shoot straight up in front of me while I fell right on my hind end in front of everyone on my street. While it shocked me and stung my bottom, I think it was my pride that was hurt far more.

  16. No Injuries for me but my brother Always gets hurt around Christmas.
    Mountain biking off a mountain, slicing his thumb instead of tomatoes, getting hurt from jumping off a dam well (30 metres) and getting an enima of note 😛
    Oops – maybe that one was TMI. sorry!

    we wait every year to see what will happen…

    1. Donette, there is no such thing as TMI around this blog. I share TMI, some of the other commenters share TMI and truth is we all like it! And now I found myself disturbingly interested in the story.

  17. Injuries. That’s tough. I know we’ve had accidents. For example, a couple of years ago our tree came tumbling down, because one of our kittens (nine months old) decided to climb to the top and pull it down.

    That probably doesn’t count, but it’s at least got the accidental part down.

  18. This tip is to avoid injuries involving clam packaging. I read somewhere that you can use a can opener, not sure if it works.

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