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6th Day of Christmas: Let’s Sing! Not really, but we can talk about songs, instead.

The winner of yesterday’s signed paperback is: Candice!

12 Days of Christmas

Today’s random question for a chance to win a signed book from my backlist (and to get your name in the drawing for the Grand Prize) is:

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Mine isn’t very traditional, I’m afraid. Nor is it exactly in line with how my family celebrates Christmas (other than that ornament I showed pictures of yesterday, we don’t do Santa at all around our house). But nonetheless, it’s a great song and is one of my all time favorites.

The song? Christmas Carol by Skip Ewing

I was playin Santa Claus downtown on Christmas Eve 
When a little girl of three or four climbed up onto my knee 
I could tell she had a Christmas Wish behind those eyes of blue 
So I asked her what’s your name, and what can Santa git for you 
She said my name is Christmas Carol, I was born on Christmas Day 
I dont know who my daddy is, and mommy’s gone away. 
All I want for Christmas is someone to take me home. 
Does anybody want a Christmas Carol of their own 

Well all I could say was “Santa will do the best he could” 
And I set her down and told her “now to remember to be good” 
She said I will then walked away, turned and waved goodbye
And Im glad she wasent close enough to see ole Santa Cry 

She said my name is Christmas Carol, I was born on Christmas Day 
I dont know who my daddy is, and mommy’s gone away. 
All I want for Christmas is someone to take me home. 
Does anybody want a Christmas Carol of their own. 

Early Christmas morning I got up and dialed the phone 
I made a few arrangements at the County Children’s home 
And they told me it would be alright to pick her up today 
Now my little Christmas Carol wont ever have to say 

My name is Christmas Carol, I was born on Christmas Day 
I dont know who my daddy is, and mommy’s gone away. 
All I want for Christmas is someone to take me home. 
Does anybody want a Christmas Carol of their own. 

Well Merry Christmas Carol, I love you, Welcome Home.

The first time I heard this on the radio I was 18, had been married only a few weeks and was driving home from my in-laws on Christmas Eve when it came on the radio. At the time I’d been working doing secretarial work at the county child welfare office for barely enough money to live on while in college and though I’d only been at the job right at two months, I’d seen far more than my share of the harder sides of life. I’d grown up in two fractured families that had merged before I was born and while all of my siblings were only halves, my two parents had remained married and for the most part very stable. What I’d witnessed in those two months was vastly different than what I’d grown up seeing in my sheltered world: What so many of those children wanted was just someone to love them. Someone to take them home not because they were obligated to, but because they wanted to.

These days when I hear it, I have bittersweet feelings. It still makes me sad to think of those who felt unloved and alone come through, but it also makes me grin to think about those other Christmas Carols who found the Santa (and Mrs. Claus, of course) who loved them and took them home. It’s also a gentle reminder to me that no matter how much my own boys quarrel and do things I might never understand, I’ll love them forever in a way that nobody could possibly comprehend.

All right that’s my sap for the season. What’s your favorite song, traditional or not? Sentimental or humorous? Makes you want to stand on a table and dance or close your eyes and reminisce about a loved one. Whatever it might be, we want to know!

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53 thoughts on “6th Day of Christmas: Let’s Sing! Not really, but we can talk about songs, instead.”

  1. My favorite Christmas Carol is a spanish speaking one that is called Burrito Sabanero. I love this song as it reminds me of growing up in a hispanic home. I am so excited that my children have now learned this song and love it as much as I did. It is a piece of my hispanic heritage that I love to have passed on to my children.

  2. I love going to church and singing all the Christmas hymns 🙂 Lots of Jingle Bells being sing in our house this year bc somehow the boys learned the alternate version with Jingle Bells, Batman Smells so they think it’s hilarious…lol

    1. LOL The year before last my kids learned the versions about something in the air and Granny’s underwear. It was March before they finally abandoned it… (Not to scare you or anything. LOL)

  3. Rowe, you must put a disclaimer at the beginning of posts that will make me cry! After EneMan I was totally blind-sided! I was sure when you said “non-traditional” it was going to be something silly that Bob made up to sing to you in the mornings…Wow. What a sappy (that’s sad/happy) song!

    My favorite seasonal song is “let it snow”… It gets stuck in my head everytime I’m in a store and I will sing it for days afterward. I just can’t get rid of it once it’s in there.

  4. My favorite christmas song is “baby its cold ouside” especially when it is sing by michael bublé and jennifer hudson

    1. Yes!! My husband Bob and I sing this all the time (and we’re so much better singers than the two you named *grin*). We’ll start signing it if there’s even a slight chill in the air.

      Sorry, if I just ruined this for you!

  5. Well, I am sure you just won my mom over by posting that you don’t do Santa. We grew up in a Santa-less house and my boys are being raised in a somewhat Santa-less house. It’s hard when they are in public school and it’s what all the other kids talk about. I just try and make sure that they don’t spoil it for some other kid.
    I have never heard that song you mentioned, but I don’t listen to Christmas music on the radio, unless the station we listen to happens to play a song every once in a while.
    There are so many good songs out there and this year I have heard some really good ones on the station we listen to. But one of my favorites I learned in my high school choir . It is called the Candlelight Carol and is simply beautiful. We sang it every year at our Christmas concert. I went to a public high school and every year we had a Christmas concert on a Sunday with all sorts of religious songs. It was awesome. Anyway I won’t write out the whole song but the first verse on the Candlelight Carol is this:

    How do you capture the wind on the water?
    How do you count all the stars in the sky?
    How can you measure the love of a mother?
    or how can you write down a baby’s first cry?

    Candlelight, angel light, fire light and star glow
    Shine on his cradle til breaking of dawn
    Gloria gloria in excelsis deo
    Angels are singing
    The Christ child is born.

    I have sung this song as a lullaby to all my boys when they were babies and also to numerous other little ones before I had my own kids.

    1. Well, I’m glad I won her over. We never “believed” in Santa. I think my mom put out a few Santa decorations, but not a lot and I don’t remember her doing so until I was much older. I just don’t do it at all. At the same time, it doesn’t bother me to go into someone else’s house who does do it. I just remind my kids that everyone celebrates differently and it’s okay (and of course tell them not to say anything about Santa lest they ruin it for someone else).

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. My favoirtie Christmas song is Sliver Bells song my Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. My dad and I use to sing it together every Christmas. I am also found of Mele Kalikimaka by Bing Crosby as well It just makes me smile.

    1. Silver Bells…Silver Bells…Silver Bells…Soon it will be Christmas Day….

      My mom used to have a tape with Regis and Kathy Lee Gifford singing Christmas songs and one of them was Silver Bells. As Kathy Lee was sing about busy streets and packages, Regis was slipping in sly remarks, like “watch your wallets” and something about shop lifting. To a kid, it was totally hilarious, to my mom, she was a bit put out that he’d ruined a perfectly good song!

  7. As Far as Traditional Songs go I love Hark the Hearld Angel Sing. Its been my favorite Christmas hymn for as long as I can remember. Non traditinoal I love It’s About the Cross by Go Fish, I just heard it a couple years ago but I love it. Helps me keep things in perspective. And since I work in retail I do get a kick out of The Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser. I listened to that to help motivate me right before Black Friday

    1. It would be a lot of fun to go out on a sleigh, would’t it? I tell my husband all the time I was born in the wrong era. A century earlier and it would have been a real possibility. I guess even now it is, just not very common and usually no by your own means.

  8. Another newer song that I love is Faith Hill’s “A Baby Changes Everything.” If you’ve never heard it, it is absolutely beautiful.

      1. You should go to You Tube or Pandora and see if you can listen to it…it brings tears to my eyes each time!!

  9. Deck the Halls, I remember singing it in 3rd grade to our parents. Also like Santa is coming to Town. We sing it to the parents at the prek Christmas party. I love seeing them act out the words.

  10. Now I need a tissue because of your sap. Lol. Anyway, I love two very different songs the first is “Peace on earth – The little drummer boy” by Bing Crosby and David Bowie. The second is ” I want a Hippopatamas for Christmas. Just because it makes me chuckle.

  11. My favorite Christmas song is “Rock’in Around the Christmas Tree” ..every time i hear it, it puts me in a good mood and then I remember the scene from the movie “Home Alone” where they have this song playing

  12. It is not a traditional song but is one of my favorites…”Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls and as fr as traditional “All I want for Christmas is you” the Mariah Carey version.

  13. I don’t know what my favorite is, but two that stick out are “I’m Dreaming of a Pink-Purple Polka Dot Christmas” and “Christmas Don’t Be Late”. The latter is as sung by Jaci Valasquez with Alvin and the Chipmunks. It’s hilarious, because Alvin is trying to get Theodore to help him hit on Jaci in Spanish and he keeps insulting her instead, because according to Simon, Theodore failed Spanish. It’s awesome!

    1. I haven’t heard Christmas Don’t Be Late in years!

      And I’ve never heard of I’m Dreaming of a Pink-Purple Polka Dot Christmas ever. Yet another trip to YouTube!

  14. Favorite non-secular song is a tie between Silent Night and Away in a Manager. Secular song is a tie between I want a hippopotimus for Christmas and I’m gettin nothin for Christmas.

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