3rd Day of Christmas: Random Question

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12 Days of Christmas

Today’s random question for a chance to win a signed paperback of your choice from my backlist (and to get your name in the drawing for the Grand Prize) is:

What craze have you lived through that you wished with all of your heart would either hurry up and end or your kids, siblings, parents or whoever else you care about wouldn’t be sucked in?

I have one word for this: Furby.

Oh my lands. I hate those things. First, I don’t care what you say, to me, they look like gremlins. Second, they’re extremely annoying. My kids have had other annoying toys:harmonica, talking cars, pooping garbage trucks (yes, this is true, I couldn’t possibly make up Stinky, the gift of the year in 2010), transformers that didn’t transform, and a few years ago my three year old was given a snare drum. But nothing compares to the Furby. Nothing. These little monsters talk incessantly, usually saying things you don’t understand. And the words I can understand, generally aren’t nice: blah, blah, blah; Seriously; Uh yeah; me, me, me, me, me (side note, when my husband first heard the Furby chanting me, me, me, me, me, me, he asked if my mother had taught it to say that so it would remind us of her since my kids call her MiMi). Anyway, it’s not necessarily the words these creatures, say it’s the tone. Yes, Furbies have a tone. And it’s not always respectful.

Not only are they rather rude, but they’re impossible to shut up! With the harmonica or drum, all I had to do was take the toy away and ta da, the room was quiet. No such luck here. I met my parents a few hours away from my house where they gave these to my kids. I really didn’t know much about them when they showed them to me and I said, okay. Uh, five minutes later I was doing a web search on how to get it to go to sleep. I tried everything: patting it continuously; covering it’s eyes, clapping three times in front of it’s eyes, petting it, good grief my kids fell asleep before the thing did. About an hour into the car ride home, I had both Furbies on the floorboard by my feet…talking up a storm to each other. We got home and I had to separate them. One in one closet, one in another.

Needless to say, I’m ready for this craze to be over with and I’ve only had the things less than five hours! Thanks, Mom, awesome gift.

Once again, what craze have you survived that you wanted no part of?

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45 thoughts on “3rd Day of Christmas: Random Question”

    1. I agree 100%. It seems all ages are into this never dying fad. I was 12 (or so) when this came on and still all these years later, people are still crazy about this, showing no signs of moving on.

  1. Tamagotchis!!! Oh my goodness, they drive me insane. I was a teen when they came out and I had a younger brother and sister… So guess who was the babysitter?? Yep, me!! Now I have 3 kids of my own, two of which love their Tamagotchis and the other isn’t far off discovering how to use them. So guess who’s babysitting them?? That’s right, me again!! Oh and there’s a Tamagotchi movie (with the most annoying theme song ever) which my kids play on repeat and a computer game which I have to help them with cause it connects to their Tamagotchis. Lots of fun (not!!) lol

    1. Don’t kill me, I had a gigapet (similar to a tamagotchi, but I think when the tamagotchi died, it died, but with a gigapet you could just start with another one)!

      I begged and begged for one for like a month–or more. Then the novelty wore off after about two weeks. In fact, the thing was a pain in the behind if I remember right. I don’t know who was more relieved, me or my mom, when I gave the thing away to a friend of mine.

  2. Orbeez…they are teeny tiny round balls that you soak in water and they expand. You can do different things with them (they have these little containers that you put them in to make necklaces, a foot spa, etc). They are slimy and get EVERYWHERE.

    1. I think “way back” in the late 1990s, I drank a drink that had these little delights in them. Talk about nasty. I never saw them on necklaces, though, but I could picture them being in foot spas.

  3. I have to say a mega phone that changes your voice. Yes, I can take it away but it is the worst toy ever!!! Say one word with it and I want to smash it or throw it in the trash.

  4. Trampolines… The summer between 4th and 5th grade trampolines were a huge deal. All of the kids in my tiny town wanted one. My mom was the only parent crazy enough to buy one. I don’t know how many bloody noses, lips, bumps, bruises, and rug burns we all got that summer… I started 5th grade with my arm in a pink and purple striped cast. (I wanted black and the doctor refused… He got creative with the stripes… He was pleased, I was not. Anyway… My mom has been asking “are the kids old enough for a trampoline?” since they’ve been born… They never will be if I have anything to say about it. 🙂

    1. I’ve been asked the same thing! And the answer is NO. I now live on a hill so the fact that I don’t have a flat surface to put one helps to eliminate the possibility of having one just showing up without my OK first.

      I had one though when I was older (15 or so) and loved it. I felt kind of stupid outside jumping on it, being a teenager and all, but I do wish I’d kept it because jumping on those darn things really burn the calories!

  5. I’m rather incredibly unaware of so many things, so I’m not sure what most crazes are. I think maybe the best I can come up with is Titanic (I have come to hate that boat) or maybe Twilight. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never seen either. I don’t know why I hate the Titanic, but I never want to see the movie, part of my irrational dislike of DiCaprio (boy did I hate heartthrobs at one point), something I’m only recently getting over, and some sort of intense dislike of the previous Titanic movie combined.

    With Twilighht it’s more a matter of everyone seems crazy, would they pleae stop that and my siblings had rather intense opinions (especially my baby sister who can’t stand anything Twilight). I got to where I just wished it would go away and people would stop referencing it.

    1. I was 11 and in 6th grade when Titanic hit theaters. I think everyone in my class saw it over Christmas break that year, lucky me, I got to see it twice…once on Christmas Eve, and once on Christmas Day. Then, for the entire rest of the school year, everyone (but me) acted out the movie over and over at recess. All the girls would fight over who got to play Rose and the boys would fight over who was Jack for the particular reenactment.

      To say I wasn’t popular in school would be an understatement, I was that kid nobody wanted to eat lunch with and always picked last when the class was made to divide into teams–and usually the teacher had to assign me to a team, not because I was bad at everything, just because I was an outcast. Anyway, it was during those miserable months that someone actually talked to me, and her words were as follows, “You’re so lucky, you always get to be Rose.” She didn’t mean that figuratively, like in their game, but because of my name. And that’s when I started hating the titanic. LOL (Sorry, TMI)

      These days, my son who is seven, has pelted me with endless questions about Titanic. I think it’s because this year was the 100th anniversary of it so there’s been a lot of hype. I answer his questions and continue to deny his request to see the movie, tell him maybe when he’s an adult.

      I never did Twilight. Never read the books, never saw the movie. Heck, someone had to explain to me who Edward and Jacob were. Talk about being unaware.

      1. I have never watched the movie and don’t plan to, but our younger son got into studying the titanic so we have a nice coffee table book and we had the movie on the Bob Ballard (I think that’s the name) finding it.

      2. Like all things entertainment, that movie isn’t for everyone. It has some really good parts, but overall I think most people love it or hate it. Kind of like something else I know!

  6. Unfortunately, My mom, niece and I did the Beanie Baby thing. Now we didn’t go around paying hundreds of dollars for those things but we did get excited when we found a particularly “rare” one. We did and do know people who spent way too much money on those things thinking they would be worth so much money and now they are worth nothing. Thankfully, the ones I kept were played with quite well by my boys.
    As for now, My boys are into so many things and I really don’t have a problem with it. It’s a way to interact with my twins that I don’t normally have. The older 3 have way too many Hot Wheels, Pokemon and whatever else they are into mostly because of me. My husband always says to me, “just because they like something doesn’t mean that they have to have everyone ever made.”

    1. I remember Beanie Babies. I never collected them though, but I know of BOYS who did, claiming they’d be worth a fortune some day. And didn’t you have to keep the TY tag on it, too, or it’d be worthless? Crazy!

  7. Anyone remember trolls? I had a lot of them but not as many as my sister. Think of how many books I could buy on Amazon with all the money spent on those things!

    1. Hear, hear! I didn’t even know what those stupid things were until my parents bought my dog a sock monkey dog toy and my kids a sock monkey cookie jar. The thing is HIDEOUS!

  8. I lived through one that I found very sad. The Cabbage Patch Dolls. I remember how people fought trying to get them. It made me wonder what it must feel like to be an orphan, a living child, that no one wanted to adopt but people would die trying to adopt a doll.

  9. I remember (not too fondly) the boy band craze of the late 90s. There will *ALWAYS* be more boy bands out there. but for some reason in the late 90s.. there was more than was wanted. (IMHO) 😀 Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 degrees, BBMak, Boyzone, Hanson (MMMmmbop). I was a teenager in the late 90s, so I was the *key* demographic that the music was aimed at. I’m pretty sure I annoyed my parents with my musical tastes at the time. I went to one big concert.. which had my ears ringing for days. I’ve never seen so many screaming, crying girls in my life.. which freaked the hell out of me. I’m not keen on really big concerts nowadays. 🙂

    1. I remember that craze, too! I was more of a tween or early teen during the time so I didn’t go to the concerts, but I remember NSYNC, 98degres, Backstreet boys and Hanson very well. I was a strange child though and never listened to their music…at the time I was lovin’ the oldies. But my goodness how the girls at my school would fawn over those guys. That’s the thing about boy bands, they’re hot for a few years, then fade away. But there’s always another to replace them. Same with teen sensations. I remember when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera first came on the scene.

  10. I would have to say that the most annoying thing-and it “goes on and on” all year not just at Christmas- is The Song That Never Ends. Imagine an eight hour drive with four kids singing it all the way…….

    1. Lambchops! We used to sing that song on the bus ride home until the poor bus driver couldn’t take it anymore and yelled for us to stop or we’d all get citations. Good times.

  11. Hi Rose!

    The craze that I had to live through was when I was in High School during the 1960’s when the hairstyles were bouffants and beehives and I still have the old black and white photographs to prove how bad I looked! At the time I was under 5 feet tall and weighed about 89 pounds and these popular hairdo’s just made me look ridiculous and even younger than I actually was. In the High School yearbook I looked like the phrase – pick the picture of the one that “doesn’t belong!”.

    Fortunately by my Senior year long straight hair finally became the style especially since even with a perm my hair wouldn’t curl or be “fluffy”!

    The best thing about the “long straight” style is I could put my hair up in pig tails and go skiing during the winter and being able to get in at the child’s rate!

    My revenge came when I went to college in Arizona and put caution to the wind and had a friend cut my hair very, very short (in faIct she used a razor blade to cut it). No more worrying abut styling and hair spray! I decided I could care less if everyone else looked like a “hippy” (because they were) because I decided I’d rather just be myself!

    I guess you could say it was similar to a “pixie” cut and I kept it until my husband begged me to grow my hair long again after he saw a picture of me from my Senior year in High School.

    Once I had children it went back to my old favorite and over the years I still love short hair best – in fact the shorter the better! I decided that where style goes I like my own the best!

    1. I can’t even get my hair to stay in a beehive! Thanks to the heat we receive each summer here in the south, I keep my hair a little past shoulder length so I can put it up!

      By the way, I hate the pixie cut!

  12. Twilight. I read the first chapter and watch the first 10 min of the first movie and gave up. That is 20 min of my life I will never ever get back.

    1. I just go to the word vampire in the description and knew it wasn’t for me.

      Nothing against the book or movie, but paranormal isn’t my thing. I don’t understand it nor do have an interest in understanding it.

  13. Rose you’re killing me with these questions because for I cannot, for the life of me, just read and enjoy the posts. There’s a beast inside me that compels me to respond to your questions and if I don’t the beast will not let me sleep. So here they are: the “This too shall pass” list of crazes in which I was crazy enough to participate and too wimpy to say ENOUGH!!!

    1980: Mary Kay Cosmetics “free facial” parties — I would attend one, spend $ I didn’t have, book a party so I could get more free stuff, and then never use the stuff because I don’t wear makeup.

    1983: Cabbage Patch Kids. Never wanted one but everyone else did, and my hubby was working at K-Mart and each employee was allowed to “save” one, so he got me one. Victor Bailey. He wanted to make sure our first “baby” had blue eyes. Victor Bailey now resides in my granddaughter’s bedroom.

    Late 80s: Princess House Crystal. Again, out of friendship and obligation, I attended the parties, spent money I didn’t have, and booked my own parties to get freebies of crystal that was too good to use everyday, so they stayed in their boxes until we moved away and all the Princess Crystal went to Good Will…

    Early 90s: Tupperware. Nuff said.

    1993: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After seeing on the news how many young children were getting hurt from reenacting TMNT scenes, I gave my son and his friends whom I babysat the choice: Watch the shows or play with the action figures, but not both. They opted for the action figures. My son kept getting disgusted with me for never remembering who was whom, so he helped me: Red Raphael, BLueeonardo, Michaelangelorange, and PurpleDonatello. In 1994, for my Art History final for which I didn’t study, I got the full 10 points on an essay question asking which of the four was not a contemporary of the other three and to support my answer…I said Donatello, because the other three were green ninja turtles, whereas Donatello was a little more brown than green, indicating he was a little older than the rest.

    1996: Beanie Babies. I was the bad mom — I waited until two or three days after a new one was available before going to the Hallmark store to get it, while the good moms waited outside the night before in their long johns and winter wear just to be able to say “my daughter has one of the first 50 sold at Rita’s Hallmark.” I had to get two of each, since I had two daughters…one set is sealed in a tupperware in the backyard storage shed, the other was given away to orphans in Nairobi in 2006.

    1998: Pokemon. The less said the better.

    1999: Pokemon The Movie. I took 2 personal days off and wrote sub plans so I could stand in line for four hours to get tickets on day one and on day too take my son and his classmates (six of them) out of school and watched the movie with them on opening day. Because I felt guilty for spending so much money on the girls with the beanie babies.

    2000: Adidas hooded waterproof jackets. Every athlete in town had one, and my kids were athletes…all the local stores were sold out but my hero of a husband found them in Sacramento, eight hours away, on one of his business trips.

    2004 to Present: various gadgets and gizmos. This. too. shall. pass.

    1. I got into Farmville for about a month or so. I was setting alarms to remember to go harvest and replant…and to know when my gas would be full again. One day I was like, what am I doing??? That was the last time I went out to the farm.

      My mom used to go to those tupperware parties in the early 90s and would come home with all sorts of crap, some of which she decided I needed to have for my very own when I became an adult!

      Too funny on the Ninja Turtles. My boys have just discovered them and my husband loves talking to them about the show. I just shake my head and remember my brother’s fascination.

      Never did beanie babies. I think my mom would have been all about helping me collect them all, but I was too boyish to want those things.

      I knew a guy who loved Pokemon so much, he brought this Gameboy to school–and formal school functions–so he could play it. We used to tell him it was like an illness and he needed an intervention.

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