Bucket List

Many people all over the world have a bucket list, a list of things they’d like to do before they kick the bucket. And I, dear readers, am one with a list.

I have about 100 things I’d like to do before I die.

Some are what most would consider just “everyday” things: buy a house, get married, have children–but to me they weren’t just everyday things that happen to everyone. I know people in their 50s who’ve never owned their own home or married. I know many people who’ve never had children (some by choice, others just because it wasn’t in the cards for them).

Some things on my list would make my poor mother’s heart race: photograph a tornado, fly an ultralight, see (not touch, but see) a shark in the ocean, touch an alligator, spot a predatory animal out in the wild.

Then there are a few things that would only matter to me and would make most everyone else roll their eyes: Learn the Gettysburg Address, visit the major battlefields of the Civil War, face a fear, wear a historical costume in public, watch a lunar eclipse, learn to dance, read the entire Bible, ride a train, ride a subway, take a helicopter ride, travel out of the USA and Canada.

There are many, many more. At 26, I think I’ve done a little less than half: I’ve married, had children, bought a house, spotted a shark in the ocean, was chased by a predatory animal (I’m counting the cougar on this one), finished writing a book, watched a lunar eclipse, worn a historical costume in public, traveled out of the USA and Canada, touched an alligator, met an author, learned to sew, learned to fly fish, started a family tradition, and several others–typically the easier ones.

One thing on my bucket list, however, was to learn something new every single day for an entire year. I put this off at first because I thought there was no way I’d ever accomplish this. Then, when I’d learn something new one day, I’d say, “This is it, this is what I’m starting with.” But then the next day, I’d forget about my quest.

So not so long ago, I decided it was hardcore time to start learning these facts and have stuck to it.

At first I thought I’d hate it and wondered why on earth I’d added such an arid thing to my list. But now I’ve had a total change of heart and it’s one of my favorite things on my list.  Some of the things I’ve learned have spurred reactions that ranged from “Oh, I had no idea the little shop in town I thought was a tavern is actually a tap dance studio” to “Well, that explains why I don’t like…” to “Wow, I’m a real idiot!” to “Now that I know the reason behind it, that’s not really such a bad word!”

So ladies and gents, what’s on your bucket list?

10 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. Why to meet you, of course!

    I would like to finish writing a book, just to actually finish it and not for publishing, that would be a bonus.
    I would love to eat a Maine lobster in Maine, just because.
    While I don’t have a desire to go to all the civil war battlefields there are a ton of historical places on the East Coast that I would love to go to. Thankfully, I have been to a few.

    A lot of my “dreams” I have already done and I don’t have a very long list of things I feel I have to do, just a few of the above mentioned are things that would be fun to do.

    1. I’m so honored to have made your list! LOL

      There’s TONS of historical stuff on the East Coast. Jamestowne and Williamsburg are really, really great places (in my opinion).

      I think keeping the list “fun” is crucial, or else it just seems like a giant to do list–and who wants any more of those?

  2. There are a lot of places I would love to visit around the world; research the genealogy of my family as well as my husband’s and learn to play the violin (to name a few).

    1. I got huge into genealogy a few years ago. Unfortunately, it’s hard to unearth much. I attempted the violin…it was bad. Sadly, I’m not a very good musician. I’ve tried. Really I have, but I’m still awful.

  3. Bungee Jumping – done
    Skydiving – done
    Visit 6 contentents – 3 down 3 to go
    Write a book (non fiction) – not even close
    swim with dolphins
    see all 50 states – 25 down
    Get Married – still looking for the right guy
    Have kids – see above
    Read one book a day for an entire year – On track so far for this year so I should be able to cross this one off soon
    Go Parasaling – done
    Go Handgliding
    Have dinner at the Stanley Hotel – Done
    See a show on Broadway – done
    Be on TV – Done

    I figure I’ve done good to get the big thrills out of the way why I’m still young and then work on the others as I get the chance.

    1. Aren’t there seven continents? Don’t care for freezing half to death? LOL

      I swam with dolphins (and rode one) in May. Very neat.

      I have see the 48 continental states and I’ve been to 42 of the 48. I have a HUGE fear of flying over the ocean, so I won’t even include Alaska and Hawaii. (I guess I could drive to Alaska and face a fear and fly to Hawaii and see all fifty, but I’m not brave enough to make that an ambition yet. LOL).

      1. I never would have taken you for one who has a fear of flying of any kind. Flights over the ocean are actually calmer, less turbulent then flights over land in my experience. You could always take a curise to Hawaii and Alaska you know if you don’t want to fly.
        Yes I know there are 7 Continents but as you said I don’t really care to freeze either.
        You swam with dolphins and didn’t make a blog post about it?

      2. Oh, I have my fears. I just try to keep them hidden. I really don’t like flying over land, either, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

        I did swim with dolphins. Honestly I didn’t think anyone would care…not that I think people are really that interested in some of the things I do post about. LOL

  4. Visit Stonehenge
    Visit the Mayan ruins in Mexico
    Visit a castle outside of Canada (I have been to Casaloma in Toronto)
    Somehow get over my fear of spiders (although I am scared of doing this because I feel like it will involve encountering more spiders 😐 )
    Get Married
    Have at least two kids
    Sponsor a child in a poor country
    Experience what it is like to be in a hot air balloon
    Learn how to make a nice tasting trifle (all of them so far have turned out horrible and it is supposedly really easy to make LOL… I can make a really nice meat and vegtable lasagna but not trifle!)
    Volunteer more regularly
    Take part in a marathon
    Climb the CN Tower
    Graduate University with honors
    Become a CFP (Certified Financial Planner)
    Get my foot in the door at a Bank (I am aiming for BMO or Scotia Bank, but any would be okay)
    Become an author
    Speak in a British accent for a day just for fun
    Learn how to make clothes (improve my sewing skills)
    Spend less on fast food
    Attend a show by the National Ballet ex. The Nutcracker or Alice in Wonderland
    Host a wine and cheese party with friends where we all dress up like classy grown adults
    Meet an author I like in person
    Appreciate people and things in my life more (I feel like I take things for granted sometimes)
    Be more independent
    Visit my nanny (maternal grandmother) more often
    Visit P.E.I (Prince Edward Island) again
    and much more! LOL

    1. I love your list!

      My husband did a marathon, I about died just thinking about it.

      I had to laugh about the hot air balloon ride. I have that on my extended list, too. My husband thought I was nuts, but I’m glad to know at least one other person in the world thinks it’d be fun!

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