Coming up for air…

Some of you have noticed my silence these past six weeks. Well a lot, and I mean a lot, has happened:

  • I moved less than ten miles away–though this seems like it would be a quick and easy move, it was not. I have never had such  long and frustrating move in my life…and that includes moving across the country. On the plus side, I am now more in the country than ever, and when on Saturday morning at 2am I had to chase our dog around the yard wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of drawers, I didn’t even think about what I’d been doing until I came in to find my husband standing by the window laughing at me.
  • THE Program at my church that I’ve been going over with a little group of kids for the past two months finally happened–this included dozens of burning candles, some of which were being handled by 10-13 year olds, in our new sanctuary. Considering how our numbers fluctuated each week as to how many participants were going to be there and gaining one three days before, and another the night before, it went very well.
  • The candy acorns were a hit! Everyone ate them, as opposed to the snack one of the other mother’s sent! The Oreo turkey was a total fail. Kudos to anyone who can make a whole batch of those. They’re messy, involved and to a woman who is not great with careful food preparation (I’m a mix-it-all-together, type gal), they were too much for me.
  • I’ve officially signed up for the May 2013 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. This time it’ll be in Kansas City, Mo. If you’re close to there, please come see me. I got to meet a handful of readers last year in Chicago who came out to see me. I’ll admit it was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but hey, it’s a one time thing. I’m still looking into other places to go.

I hope you all had a terrific holiday and now that I can partially breathe again, I hope to post a little more often.

11 thoughts on “Coming up for air…”

  1. Rose, Why is it that the shorter distance you move the more crazy it seems to be. The last move my family did, we move less then 10 blocks and it was crazy.
    I may have to see if I could swing the convention in May. As big as reader as I am you would have thought I would know they had conventions for authors and reader but I did not know that until I “met” you. I’ll just have to see what happens at work.
    Totally understand craziness. I have just a couple more big things to get through then I can breath again. I thought being out of college would make this time less hetic but apparently not LOL. Between Black Friday, The Wedding (not mine) Program at Church, I feel like I’m just treading to stay above water. Glad you have a bit of a break now.

    1. It IS wonderful to live out in the country. We sort of “out” before, but now we definitely are.

      I ran a contest for fun holiday foods I could bring to my son’s Kindergarten Thanksgiving party. (An alien came down and took over my body in September, making me agree to be the homeroom mom. While it’s enjoyable at times, I’m not good with fun foods and stuff.) Anyway, when I ran this contest, someone suggested I make candy acorns. I tried it and they turned out really well.

  2. Kansas City? That might actually be plausible for me. I’ll have to get more details (which I’m sure are on the web somewhere), but much as I hate driving, that’s potentially plausible. Of course it is a busy month for us, but it’s worth looki into. Hope I can command meet you.

    1. I hope you can come, too!

      It’s May 1-5 in KC. I’ll be at the book signing on May 2, but of course I’ll be around (and if I know ahead of time someone is coming, I can make arrangements) all the other days.

      I hate to drive, too. I’m not much of a flier, either, but I will if I have to. Anyway, I’m driving about 4-5 hours to go because there isn’t a direct flight for me and I don’t want to fly to a major airport somewhere else and sit for four to five hours.

      1. For me it’s two and half hours one way. As I have school at night, I wouldn’t be able to come on May 2nd, but May 3rd and / or 4th are possible. I’m trying to go for perfect attendance at school, so I wouldn’t want to miss a day. I’ll have to look into it and see what I can do, because it would be cool to come and meet you.

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