Black Friday and Cyber Monday–A Tale and A Sale

A Black Friday Tale

As many of you know, I am a magnet for the weird… And Black Friday was no exception. My parents came in from out of state for Thanksgiving and my mom and I decided we should go reasonable Black Friday shopping. By reasonable, I mean we don’t wait in lines at midnight or try to be the first ones through any door. If we get our item, great, if not, it’s not the end of the world. Literally.

Well, my mom loves Drysdales and that was the one place she absolutely wanted to go. They opened their doors at 5am, which was perfect. Really, getting out and about by 5am was perfect and we decided that’d be our first store. We got to the parking lot about 4:55 and found one of the two empty spots (side note: I had NO idea that Drysdales, of all places would be packed at 5am–be serious, it’s DRYSDALES!–If you don’t know what it is, they sell, cowboy attire, and yes, since I live in Oklahoma, I should have expected this place to be packed, but I was still shocked.)

Anyway, we go in and my poor mother is pushed, shoved, molested, fondled and nearly clobbered half to death as she hunts for the purse and matching wallet she wants as well as all the other ladies in the store (I swear everyone with the XX chromosome pairing was over at that display grabbing for a purse and/or wallet); after she finds it, she says those blissful words, “Let’s go.”

Checkout was quick and painless, and we’d been in the store all of 10 minutes. As we’re walking back out to our car we find this:

I guess someone was in a hurry to get into the store!

Our best guess is that someone had slept in their car the night before, got uncomfortable with her bra on, so she took it off and in her haste she forgot to put it back on… Then slammed it in the car door as she ran across the parking lot to get inside and get to the purse display.

Now for the Cyber Monday Sale!

Since eBooks are what I’d consider to be digital content, I think it’s only fitting to have a Cyber Monday Sale… So for today (Sunday) tomorrow (Monday) and for however long after that it takes Amazon and Barnes & Noble to readjust the price, His Contract Bride will be marked down 80% to .99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Here are direct links:


Barnes & Noble

12 thoughts on “Black Friday and Cyber Monday–A Tale and A Sale”

  1. I laughed so hard about your mom being pushed, shoved, molested and fondled that I read it aloud to hubby. He just gave me a serious look and asked how I could laugh at your mother being abused. I’m sorry if it wasn’t suppose to be funny but well I’m still laughing.

  2. Don’t feel too bad Judy, I laughed out loud too.
    I didn’t even know what Drysdales was, so I am glad you mentioned that it was a western store. We have some big western stores here in AZ but not that one.
    I do not go out on Black Friday or late Thursday night. There is really never anything that worth it to me, but I am glad you survived.
    Loved the bra hanging out of the car, very interesting.

    1. LOL Thanks! I’m glad I survived, too. And while I don’t make it a habit of going out for Black Friday shopping, I’m glad I did or I’d have never had such a quaint story to tell.

  3. Rose I have now survived two black Fridays on the Retail side. And I will tell you there are 2 different types of customers on Black Friday. The insane ones that our out at all hours of the night, or get up at the crack of dawn to get THAT item. And there are normal shoppers who come in later on Friday to get the all day deals but feel bad for us retail workers. I’ll let you figure out which group you belong in. LOL

    1. I did feel bad for the workers. Especially the lady at Kohls who said she’d been there since 11 the night before and when she described how long the checkout line was by 1am, I nearly wept on her behalf. I’m glad you’ve survived the other side of the counter.

      1. I had no doubt you would feel bad for us workers. I lucked out and did not have to work the overnight shift. But my store was pretty dead during the night, too much competition from the big box stores.

    1. How funny the thou mention that your husband loves it. There’s a lady I know who cannot pass up a “good deal” no matter what. However, she won’t go out on Black Friday, instead she makes her husband brave the cold, the lines and the madness. But he enjoys it so I guess it works.

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