Giveaway Winners Announced!

There were THREE winners from the recipe giveaway:

Random.org: Alanna

Recipes I’m going to try my hand at: Melissa who sent in a link to Oreo Turkey Pops and Sandy who sent in a recipe for Fall Acorns.

Next Tuesday is the party, I’ll have to keep you all updated on just how this all turned out for me!

Thanks again to all who entered!

Here are some updates:

1. Jilted is coming slow but sureI’d like to be writing more on it than I have been, but it is coming along.

2. This week I plan to feature His Yankee Bride. If there’s anything about the book that you want to know, be sure to ask!

3. I recently gave my blog, newsletter header and website a minor “facelift” if you will. The new headers you see were designed by the very talented Anya Kelleye. http://www.anyakelleye.com/

6 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners Announced!”

  1. I made the “acorns” last week from looking at a picture. I went back today and actually looked at the recipe. To make it easier, I found that if you make sure there is a little peanut butter on the cookie, the Hershey Kiss sticks right to that. I also used a dab of peanut butter on the mini chocolate chip to affix it to the top of the cookie. They were a huge hit at our Life Kidz service, so I had to make more for my girls’ school classes, and again for Sunday morning! 🙂 Happy “baking”! That’s definitely my kind…cut and “paste”. 🙂

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