Updates & Opinions

I have two updates and as usual a few questions for opinions!

His Jilted Bride and NaNoWriMo

Last year, I used Her Imperfect Groom as my project for November. My goal was not the typical 50K words, but actually a grueling 90K. I did survive, however, and even “finished” the book. But come December 1, I started making cuts, and took out somewhere around 35K words. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of wasted time and ideas, as well as a heck of a lot of re-writing. After that, I swore I’d never do such a stupid thing ever again.

But here it is November first, and I am so far behind schedule on Jilted I could almost cry. Almost. (I’m not a crier, so really that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea.)

After much internal debate and deep pondering–that took place in roughly five minutes–I’ve decided to give it another go and make His Jilted Bride my project. Currently, I have a pathetic 14,628 words written, most of which was actually written in August or September when I was making edits on Yankee. October was supposed to be my big writing month, but instead of writing, I found myself attending to my personal life so much I think I wrote a grand 3,000 words the entire month–not counting blog posts, of course.

So this year, I will be making His Jilted Bride my project, but instead of a word count, I’m planning to do a scene a day. That should help keep me motivated, focused and not overwhelmed.

And if I need any other motivation, I can always think of a certain scene I plan to write based on a conversation I had with a reader on Facebook about spiders…

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

Changes for this blog:

I haven’t done any “A Day in the Life…” posts recently, though several I’ve done could fall into that…such as tipping over my husband’s kayak, riding in the MS 150, and even being chased by a wild animal. I have not forgotten about those, and I’ll continue to write them up occasionally.

Character Interviews…probably not for a while. Long, long ago (March-May 2011) I did these almost exclusively. Then I did a few more last fall as the Groom Series came out, but haven’t done any I don’t think this year. I still might do one every now and then, but to be honest, I’m just not able to do them like I once did. I think I was able to write them each day back then because the books were already written and I knew the characters’ motives and actions in the book. So it was fun to lead up to the release of a story that way. These days, I don’t have five books in queue ready to be released, or even one most times, so writing the interviews is far more difficult when even I don’t know how it all ends yet.

I’m still doing the “What’s in a Novel” posts. I know there’s a percentage of you who read these who are aspiring authors or who just find the information interesting, so I’ll keep it up, but I do realize not everyone finds this stuff fascinating, so as previously, I’ll try to space them out.

Something new I plan to try is book features. On my post about what readers want to know about authors, several mentioned what inspired the books. A simple answer is my own life. A lot of my own life is in my books, and I haven’t been afraid to admit to that craziness. However, for the next few months, I’ll try to feature one book every week (or two) and explain my inspiration behind the plot, characters, what I drew from real life experience on, what went wrong, what went right, and my own opinions on the book.

A Few Opinion Questions

  1. Gift Baskets–I was recently given the opportunity to donate a few gift baskets to a reader’s event to use in their raffle. I’m really excited about the idea, however, as you all know, I’m a little weird so my ideas might not really be what people would want. The standard that goes into these are obviously the author’s books in paperback form. There is also usually a theme associated. There doesn’t have to be, but there can be. I have in mind a few ideas for themes: tea and biscuits (the afternoon fare for Regency ladies); embroidered gloves, fan and shawl (Regency ladies evening accessories);  quill, ink and pot, and fancy paper (Regency writing pieces). I’d considered trying to find a theme that reflects the books included, but I was totally stumped on that. I don’t know if either of my series have a common tie that binds all the books together–except Gateway in the first series and there’s no way he’d go in a raffle basket, were he real (no, he’d be coming home with me…).

    For you as a reader, would any of that be an influence for buying a raffle ticket and entering to win? What items would make you enter?
  2. Book Inspiration Blog Posts–Anyone have any preference on this? Go in order they were written, chronological order, at random?
  3. Any other blog topics or features you’d like to see?

10 thoughts on “Updates & Opinions”

  1. Ah giftbaskets! 😀 I’ll bite.. (But I’m a little weird myself so take it for what it’s worth ) .. I would totally go for something like the aforementioned quill, pen, pot.. although, for the less artfully inclined, I might throw in a calligraphy pen that already comes equipped with ink.. just in case. ( I did try to write with a quill once, more ink ended up on my hands than on the paper alas) I love practical, pretty things I can use. So gift baskets that might contain soaps, candles, stationery, bookmarks or bookplates would be baskets I’d be more likely to bid on.

    I do like treats.. but if the majority of the basket were to have things I’d never eat.. then I most likely wouldn’t go for it.

    I really like the idea of the shawl, gloves and the fan.. or along the same token.. you could do like a vanity basket. Handheld mirror, pretty barrettes or various hair clips, combs or some sort of a brush.

    Since I’m new to the blog, I haven’t read much of the book inspiration posts.. but chronological order never goes out of style. 🙂 But random is totally swell too.

    1. I’d thought about combs, a hairbrush and a hand mirror, but wasn’t sure if anyone (other than my grandmother) displayed, or used, such pieces any longer.

      I’m trying to be practical with what I include, and as you said, sometimes treats just go to waste.

      Thanks for your input!

      1. Me Gloat. Never. Although I will have to remember to read the book in full daylight with my hair up. I really don’t need to repeat my last experience with spiders in a book I was reading.

  2. Those gift baskets do sound nice. I too like the one you described with gloves, fan, etc. I also like ones with things in it that I will use. I always tend to win the gift baskets with stuff in it that I would never use and wind up giving the stuff away in it. I always like the basket raffles where you can pick the basket.

    As for the blog, you know I enjoy reading most anything you post about. Your “Day in the Life” posts are usually pretty funny and I love when you post Bob’s helpful critique’s of your books. But you can only do those when you write a new book, so I guess you better get to writing. I will try not to disturb you with too many distracting emails.

    1. See, I know there are some people who’ll put their ticket in to win anything. And that’s great, but I’d like to entice people, hopefully the right kind, to want to win mine. Not only do I need things that will be useful, but also things that are a good indication of what the books will be about so they’re not “oh, it’s historical romance”.

      Yep, I’d better be writing something soon!

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