An addendum or two

The other day after I wrote that huge post about what else goes into writing other than just writing, I was emailed with a few things I needed to add:

  • Jump through hoops–There is one particular retailer who is always changing the game. They no longer accept one thing and require something different. Or, on a whim they will reduce your amount of visibility on their site and figuring out how to get it back is a mystery more complex than a rubix cube. This place will also send emails to its authors and require documentation for this, that and the other, or require you change something about your listing, usually giving you a very small window of time to do this or they will freeze or deactivate your account. I’ve received approximately eight of these lovely emails.
  • Uncomplicate the overly complex issue that really is easy, but you can’t see it–Making my books available in paper is the bane of my existence. For the longest time I didn’t comprehend how to format the text. Then when I sat down and thought about it for a minute instead of just trying to follow someone else’s directions, a simple solution came to mind. One that now takes me about 10 minutes to format a completed book in a way that looks to be what I’d consider attractive. As for the full, wraparound cover. Grr. This will lead me to have my first gray hair, I’m sure of it. After working on it for hours on end for about two weeks, the easiest solution suddenly appeared. This uncomplicating things is something I’m sure everyone in every job faces.
  • Being pestered by relatives–My mom wrote me a tongue-in-cheek email (at least I think it was…) after reading the last post and said that I’d forget to add “being pestered by your mother” to the list. So now it’s officially on the list!


Another addendum…

About a month ago I wrote about my MS 150 bike ride. A friend of mine read it and complained that I left off the best part. I told her I did so intentionally because nobody would want to hear about that. But alas, she has convinced me via threatening not to help me with an upcoming project if I do not post it, so here it is and you can decide for yourself if the original post was better for not having this added to it:

After we’d finished all those miles, we were stinky, sweaty, tired, and just plain wore out. Because as luck would have it for us, just as we crossed the finish line the bus that left Oklahoma City to go back to Tulsa at 3:30 was loading and about to pull out, leaving us to wait until the 5 O’clock bus. We ate. We stretched. We sat and rested. We took pictures in front of the sign. Then someone suggested we go take a shower!

Perfect. There was this truck that was the showers. It’s hard to explain other than to so that the back of the truck was built with 12 shower heads (six for the men, six for the women), a couple of drains, some overhead lights and had the ability to be hooked up to a water source to be instant, portable showers.

We’d only brought one of each item: shampoo, soap, conditioner, so sweet woman that I am, I let my husband go first. I can’t deny being on the tandem that the person in the front might have done a bit more work, he needed it. So I let him go first. Then it was my turn. Tired and barely able to tolerate my own stench, I peeled my sticky clothes off my skin and turned the handle for the shower. Immediately water sprays, then suddenly stops while simultaneously the overhead lights go off. A second later, the truck starts to rock and all I can think is,  “Oh no, they’re tearing down the showers!” I scrambled madly to find something–anything–to cover up with before they pulled that curtain that separated me from the rest of the world, and kept screaming as loud as I could that someone was still in there!

Fortunately someone heard me and turned the lights and water back on, but I was totally terrified there for a minute that I was about to put on an unintentional peep show!

17 thoughts on “An addendum or two”

  1. Karen, I do lots of pestering too, so it’s nice to know we aren’t alone in it.

    Rose, only that shower thing would happen to you. I am glad you finally decided to share. Thanks for the good laugh today.

    1. us Pesterers (If you can use it in a sentence its a word right) will just have to stick together then LOL. I bugged Rose with one question 3 or 4 times before she finally answered it (reluctantly I think) But I think its fair since she will not let me live down something I may have thought about one of her heros when I first read about him.

      1. Actually, Karen you are not the only person who hasn’t liked a future hero when they’re first mentioned in an earlier book only to like them later–you’ve just been the most vocal about it. Lol

        I’ve had people say they didn’t like Patrick/Drake based on his role in Reluctant. I’ve also had people think Alex would be a bore or openly say they had no idea how I could possibly make Benjamin likable.

        Then of course there is Liberty and many people don’t like her right off, some of which don’t change their mind after reading the book, either lol.

        That wasn’t why I didn’t answer the question I just didn’t want to give anything away!

      2. Karen, are you the one who didn’t like my favorite, Wallace?

        I am pretty sure I liked all the heroes before they had their own books. I even liked Benjamin. I am one of those readers who is always thinking that there has to be some underlying reason for why they are doing something. I even had to give Olivia a chance after intentions but, as you know, she just never redeemed herself.

  2. Sarah, yes I was the one who did not like Wallace when he was first introduced in Her Reluctant Groom. But he is now one of my favorite heros so I have learned and moved past my original mistaken opinion of him.
    I too always knew there was a bigger reason for Gateways action then what was presented and was looking foward to when that mystery would be unraviled.
    Rose, I know you have yoru share of heros and heroians that people have strong opinons about. Although I would say the difference between Gateway and Wallace was that you did your best to keep Gateway a surprise before To Win His Wayward Wife came out, where as all the other heros we know who they are before we pick up the book.

      1. I didn’t know the hero was Gateway before I read the book even after all your blog post and character interviews but neither was a surprised when it was Gateway. I was like oh good we get to find out more about his real motivation for his actions in Earl.

  3. I wouldn’t want you feeling left out on the peep-show thing so here goes my experience of mortification: Last Monday I donned a blue blouse, cream lacy skirt, cream tights and my cowboy boots. All morning my coworkers were telling me how cute I looked and I couldn’t help but agree. So as I was basking in my “cuteness” I am walking down the hall to take the mail to the box when all of a sudden I hear two co-workers whispering (one a guy and the other a girl) how best to tell me that I had tucked my skirt into my bright blue panties. Talk about mortification – I literally get sick thinking about it.

  4. Starting your own personal peep show in the shower? ………So all that talk about being an Adult entertainer suddenly takes on new meaning…………things that will make your church congregation go hmmmmmmmmmm!

    1. Actually a few members of my church congregation were there about to witness the show firsthand!

      Honestly, I’d have felt bad for anyone who had to witness such a scary sight.

  5. Oh, print formatting, right now, is the bane of my existence. It would be a breeze if it weren’t for those pesky page numbers. I’ve published three books in print and formatted two more for someone else, so you would think it would be easy now. My last print book still isn’t ready because of those stupid page numbers!

    That shower incident is hilarious…now that it’s over! I thought being stuck in the elevator the other day was bad. I think the shower tops it. LOL

    1. The key is section breaks. They are your best friend. I type in Open Office because it’s very closely related two Word and I understand it (plus, for regular ebooks, I need no special formatting except the occasional bold, italics and page breaks), but for print since I need page numbers and headers I abandon OpenOffice and use Pages–I’m a Mac user, I admit it.

      With section breaks you can have the page count continue from the previous section (you just do not do this with the section that is chapter one), with that one, you insert the page number at the bottom and check the box for “begin at _____”.

      If you need some help, I’d be glad to help if I can. Now that I have it figured out, I could probably do it in my sleep. It’s that initial “getting it”.

      Yeah the shower was bad. And it would have been bad for all those around me had the guy not heard me screaming!!

      1. I do use section breaks, but for some reason, this time they’re not working correctly. I think maybe I need to keep the “link to previous” on everything but the first pages of the sections. I need to look at the “begin at ____”. I’ve never used that one before, but I know where it is. I’ll try that. Thanks!

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