Any Secondary Character you’d like to see again?

A confession: I am TERRIBLE at blogging. I could blame my hiatus on forgetting to “schedule” my blog posts to come up automatically or even say I’d purposely left my announcement of His Yankee Bride up just to make sure everyone saw it; but the truth is, for two weeks I couldn’t think of a single thing to blog about!

But now I have something. Kind of.

Okay, with a group of author friends, we’ve decided to put together a very diverse Christmas anthology. Some of us are historical romance and others are historical adventure or sci-fi. Our common trait is that we’re all historical and there should be about 5-7 stories in this, so if one doesn’t do it for you, maybe another will.

So now I need to decide who to write about!

Long, long ago, I’d thought to write Elizabeth (Andrew’s mother) a story. I’ve also had requests to write about other secondary characters. So I thought I’d run a poll to find out which secondary character(s) you’d like to see get their story. Please keep in mind, this will be less than a 30K short story so there won’t be any bedsport, nor any major conflict. Just a simple, sweet falling in love story.

Please keep in mind Lady O has intentionally been left off the poll because while there are some people who want to see her happily married, I cannot redeem her in only 30,000 words. Add another zero onto that and it might be possible. Also, Gabriel and Marjorie have also been left off because I’d like to keep this focused in England where the majority of my books are. Anyone else is fair game.

Thank you for voting!

27 thoughts on “Any Secondary Character you’d like to see again?”

  1. I would be up for any of the above. I’m also hoping that leaving off Gabriel and Marjorie means they will get a full length story at some point.

      1. well you never answered my question about Marjorie and Gabriel so I was hoping maybe you were keeping secrets. Im glad my indifference helps although I did vote for Henreitta just cause I thought maybe a second chance to find her hero would be good.

      2. I was really surprised to see such an interest in Henrietta. I really thought Elizabeth would win without any competition since we really didn’t see much of Henrietta (or Lucy).

  2. This was a tough one. Lucy would be interesting because of her having the illegitimate child, but I went for Elizabeth. I tried to think of any other secondary characters and couldn’t really think of any that you could really write about. Since we all know how boring Henrietta was for you in your first writing of Secondhand, I would hate to put you through the task of trying to liven her up. Elizabeth could be fun because you could bring in Andrew and Benjamin for a bit part. Someone would need to give their approval of the guy, right? Whether Elizabeth wants it or not.

    Glad to see you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. You know I am always full of ideas for you to blog about if you ever want any more of my suggestions. LOL. I’d still like to read a post about people’s reaction when they find out what you do. Of course any story from your everyday life seems to entertain quite a few of us as well and you could always ask our opinion on things because you know how we all like to give you our opinions. Heck you could just have a question of the day and you know we will all answer that and go way off topic. See, lots of ideas.

    1. I never even thought about Lucy until about two months ago when someone asked when her book was coming. I was like, “Uh…” Really I hadn’t thought about it before. She really could be a good one with her illiterate illegitimate, but I don’t know if I could make that into a short story, though… But it’s possible.

      I’ve done something sort of like a question of the day. When I ask my random questions, but I always feel silly doing that.

      Always open to suggestions. And yeah, I know I still need to write a post about how people reacted when they found out I’m in the porn industry.

      1. What!?!?! You work in the porn industry! 😉 Some people i tell you. i second the call for a post about peoples reaction to what you do.

  3. I’d like to see Elizabeth’s story since I always felt sorry for her with her husband who was with her one time (so she could have Andrew) and that was it. I’d like to see her with a good man.

    And what in the world…? I am typing this and seeing something about the porn industry in the comments above mine. LOL I never know what I’ll find on this blog. Okay. I read through the comments. Write anything beyond a kiss and you get accused of writing porn. I’m surprised how many people have kids without having sex. (That’s all I’ll say on the topic.)

    1. See, I feel bad for Elizabeth, too. Not just because she only slept with her husband once, but just how he treated her. It didn’t even stop after he abandoned her. The games he played with her where Andrew was the pawn and he’d insisted Andrew come stay with him only to torture Elizabeth for something she had no control over. Just sickening. I have a feeling she had a hard and lonely life until Andrew (and then Benjamin) married and started spawning. Well, and she did seem to enjoy spending time with Liberty, which is great because she was exactly what Liberty needed. But for all those years in between… I highly doubt they were enjoyable.

      I had to laugh about your comments regarding the porn industry and never knowing what you’ll find on my blog. I think that’s great! I like having people in suspense of never knowing what they’ll find.

      As for the anything more than kissing=porn, you know it. I chaperoned a trip to the fair last week and while we were walking through the birthing center that had all the new animal mothers with their baby sheep, pigs or whatever, this little boy asked where the bird was who delivered the baby goat was. The teacher and I exchanged a look and I about lost it. The stork? Really? That poor kid is going to be very, very confused in a few years.

      1. There is a review on amazon of a book by the cleanest Christian romance author i have ever read talking about how dirty and disgusting the book was and how she blushed the whole time reading it. Makes me wonder if she ever got around to reading Song of Solomon in her Bible.

      2. In Yankee, John and Carolina talk about his past and how he can’t go back and be a vicar, and yet she’s trying to make sense of it because the Bible is full of people making mistakes and being forgiven; and John agrees, but says people don’t want to believe that. I put that in there because I’m so tired of reading reviews or comments about how sex in books is just unnecessary brain rot and on and on. Frankly, the Bible is full of sex–and not just Song of Solomon. In Genesis alone, there’s a rape, there’s a man who marries two women (which was custom back then) and we’re told several times which one he laid with that night, a man who sleeps with his wife’s maidservant at his wife’s request, two daughters who each sleep with their father, a man who marries his brother’s widow and refuses to impregnate her so he pulls out and spills himself on the floor, a woman who tricks her father-in-law into sleeping with her by pretending she’s a prostitute… And this is just the first book of the Bible. Later in the Bible one of the Major Profits marries a prostitute, a prostitute is caught in the act, a woman who’d been divorced five times and was living with a man not her husband meets Jesus. On and on. The point is, I know it’s there and it’s all throughout the Bible, which is why I personally feel no shame in writing it in books as long as it coincides with my beliefs.

      3. You mean they weren’t just laying next to each other in the Bible? Oh man, my whole world is shattered now. LOL. The Bible is certainly full of very scandalous stories isn’t it? and yet, God still loves us.

  4. I voted for Lucy. I would love to see Elizabeth’s story, but really, I don’t think her story can be told without bedsport. Her backstory so far makes it clear that she has no use for what happens in bed and can’t understand why her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law’s sisters enjoy the activity so much. I just think it would be selling her full story short to write a sweet, falling-in-love story without covering that aspect as well.

    With what’s been written about Elizabeth so far, and because she’s really an unconventional lady, I think she’s too complex for a short story.

    I’d stick with Lucy, or even Henrietta, even though Elizabeth is winning in the poll. Lucy and Henrietta were much more simple characters who could easily be covered in a short story.

    And I do have to weigh in on the porn bit. ; ) While there is much scandalous stuff in the Bible, as you so accurately say, I think the difference comes in with the fact that none of these describe in detail what happens, and I think that’s the distinction. Just as an example, the daughters who get impregnated by their father, Lot… we’re not told the details of the encounter, how they felt, what they did (other than get him drunk), how HE felt, what he did, yada, yada. With the exception of Song of Solomon, which can be somewhat vague for those not-in-the-know because of the poetic language, none of the scandalous encounters in the Bible are described graphically.

    Not that I think your books are porn, mind you. I’ve read them all, and you’re one of the few authors whose books I buy, rather than getting from the library. Just saying why I think there’s a distinction between the Bible and romance books, and why some might characterize romance books as porn while not lumping the Bible as such.

    1. Cindy, You are RIGHT ON about Elizabeth and the need for her to enjoy a certain part of a relationship (kind of like Madison in a way). It didn’t take very long (not even the first chapter in) to realize her story wouldn’t work for a short. Well, maybe it could if there wasn’t a lot of conflict between her and her beau to keep them apart. But as you mention, with her lack of understanding why Brooke, Madison and Liberty enjoy their husband’s attentions so much, her story has to go there.

      You are absolutely right (again) regarding the Bible and non-descriptive sex. I know that, and so does everyone else (I hope). There are of course flowery comparisons in Song of Solomon, but like you said, you have to decode them. Other than that (and the semi-graphic description of Onan and his conscious decision not to impregnate his brother’s widow), there is no real description and I know and understand that. The two commenters here who are so anxious to have me explain what people say to my job, really just want to know how those at my church respond–which is the real reason I why I brought the Bible into it.

      Anyway, I didn’t mean to come off as bitter or upset, because I’m really not and I hope I didn’t seem that way, but if I did, I certainly apologize. I’m the kind who when asked what I do for a living will proudly respond with, “I’m an adult entertainer and I can be bought for less than five dollars a day.” That’s just me. Take me or leave me.

      (By the way, I am totally flattered you buy my books and not check them out from the library. I’ve been trying to get some of my eBooks into libraries but have no clue on if any of them are available that way yet or not.)

      1. I’m glad you agree that there’s just too much to Elizabeth to cover in less than a full book. ; ) So I do hope to see her full book some day. Hint, hint.

        No, you didn’t come across as bitter or upset at all. I don’t know the history of the “porn comment,” but just replied based on what was here.

        I do know that in Christian/church circles, there is controversy over books that describe sex. I consider myself pretty fundamental, actually, but obviously I enjoy books with sex in them. It just seems more realistic to me, encompassing the whole relationship, rather than “fading off into the sunset.” But I do respect that some people think that needs to be kept private. So they can read their innocent romance books, and I can read my more adult ones. I’m good with that. For others, reading the more adult versions can lead them into unhealthy obsession with sex or leading them into porn use. I’m okay with people realizing that too, and avoiding such books. Ultimately, I think that people need to choose what’s right for them. Meanwhile, I keep my reading tastes in that area to myself. Some people can be judgmental, ya know? : )

        My local library doesn’t have any of your eBooks available. I just looked. But then I live in a very rural area with a network of small libraries. I have read most of Julia Quinn’s books that way, getting Kindle versions from my library, and they have a couple of Eloise James’s books. It’s becoming more common to have Kindle editions available from libraries, and I *love it.* It gives me a chance to explore an author before I decide if I want to invest my hard-earned money on buying the Kindle edition. I keep all my adult romance books in Kindle versions. I don’t care to have them around for my teenage daughter to explore in a paperback version. ; )

      2. I do think Elizabeth needs a long story that isn’t G rated, however, I have no idea how well that would sell because let’s face it, she’s no younger than 50. My target audience reaches that high, of course, but it also stretches down to the low 20s who might be against reading about an older woman having sex. Not ruling it out though. She deserves a story and ever since I gave her such a large role in Liberty for Paul, I’ve wanted to give her a story, I just don’t know how people would react. But then again, as one of my readers so bluntly put it, “What has a book bearing the author name of Rose Gordon ever fallen into the cookie cutter mold?” So I guess it’s possible. I’ve had people with pasts, non-virgin heroines, autistic heroes, gone back in time to write about PARENTS not forward to write about children, I have a hero whose death was told about before his romance was written, I’ve had a hero with sexual disfunction issues, on and on. So I guess I could try it…

        With the exception of my first book which really didn’t need an intimate scene, per say, it could have taken place off-screen, almost all of the others have been written into the book because they help the book/plot/romance: getting over a fear, breaking down the last barrier between them, a hero or heroine’s fear, something. I don’t like to use them as filler because as weird as it sounds, for me, it’s really hard to write an intimate scene. I usually get red in the face when I re-read it and I squirm a lot when I write them. But if they didn’t need to be a part of the book, I probably would do without. In my first book, part of it needed to be there–the parts before they were married–but after they married, other than consummating their marriage, I don’t know if it really needed to be included. Depends on how you look at it.

        I live near a fairly large city and use their library through my library’s network and they have very, very few eBooks. For that matter, they have very few fiction paperbacks when you consider how large their system is. I was actually really disappointed. Because my ebooks aren’t in libraries, I’ve left my first book priced at free for that very reason you mentioned. It helps people decide if they want to spend their hard earned money on the others. Admittedly, it’s not my best book by far, but it’s probably the best one to start with.

      3. Cindy, you sound a lot like me in your posts. LOL.

        Rose, you know I am just going to keep bugging you about people’s reactions. I don’t know why , but I am really curious about it. Maybe because I have had to change my mind on how I would react to it in the last couple of years or maybe I am just way too nosy.

        I love my local elibrary and the fact that I don’t have to actually go to the library to checkout the books. They seem to have quite a variety and are constantly adding even the newest books. It has saved me so much money of course I have read some books from there that I want to own now too. I know you can request them to add books to their elibrary but I cannot for the life of me find out where that option is on their website.

  5. People might not buy Elizabeth’s story because she’s at least 50? Man. I’m pushing 40 pretty hard, and I find it mortally depressing to think there’s no sex after 50. If you write her story, I’ll buy it.

    And, whether they make you blush or not, I love the sex scenes in your books. I don’t like profanity, and your scenes are descriptive and hot without profanity. : )

    1. You crack me up, Cindy! I’m in my mid-twenties and I can only imagine how people will react when they read about a 50-something couple gettin’ it on.

      I’m glad you like my scenes. I try to be as tasteful as I can with them (but I don’t think I always succeed), and refuse to use anything too profane. More on this in today’s post, I think.

  6. I know you said that Lady Olivia needs to be left out, but I cannot see that happening. From the moment she into the nut house I saw a story. Maybe not a love-match happy ending story. More in the ways that there she is being put in her place. Being a spoiled brat now she has nothing to call her own, no one to fawn over. But what if she did in fact have an equally crazy suitor there. A match made in hell! I love your books. Love the mushy-ness of it all. The plots and of course the erotica aspect of it. (I love historical romance for that reason) Your books, however, are stories I can relate to. And I only stumbled upon this site because I went to your FB page to send you a note about Lady O.

    1. I’ve had a few who want Lady O to get a story. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I will certainly keep thinking about it though.

      I’m glad you enjoy my books! Thanks for taking time to let me know. It was certainly appreciated.

      1. I too would like to see more on Olivia. I’m sure if you did find a story that worked for her it would work brilliantly, but even if you don’t it would be interesting to see more about her if/when you get a chance to include her.

      2. I’m still thinking on this one. There have been several who wanted to see her story. It astonishes me each time someone else chimes in on this one.

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