His Yankee Bride is Now Available

His Yankee Bride, the story of the parents of those three scandalous hoydens from my first series, is now available. There are a few elements I plan to explain in a week or so–just whenever I can magically pull time from thin air!

Not so long ago, I was at a writers’ conference where I was told the key to a good character is to know their past. All of it. What they like to do. What they don’t like to do. Who their friends are. How were they treated by their parents. On and on. It was even suggested to know the parents and vaguely have an idea of how they came together and a bit of their past as it shapes how they lived and treated the hero or heroine of the present book. So taking this in mind, I knew several things about John and Carolina that never made it in any of their daughters’ books and perhaps if you’ve ever wondered why this is this way or why didn’t they do that, you just might get your answers!

Anyway, without any further ado, here are links:

All Romance eBooks


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Barnes & Noble


Have a great weekend, all!

8 thoughts on “His Yankee Bride is Now Available”

  1. I purchased my copy as soon as I read the email this morning. Then I had to choose between church or to read “His Yankee Bride.” It was tempting but I did go to church. Now to curl up and read John and Carolina’s story.

    1. Oh my, Angela. I once had a lady tell me she had to keep fighting the temptation to keep her Bible App opened at church and not read one of my books. Like you, she was good and stayed on the narrow path. I hope you enjoy it!

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